08 Feb 2016 More New Promotional Products Coming

We’d like to show you the latest information about our products with all of you. Recently, more new promotional products coming at HotRef, which are practical and functional for our daily use. Most of them can be customized with company logo for personalization as corporate gifts for employees under any business occasions.

promotional products from HotRef.com

Mobile Tech

Mobile tech is perfect audio device connected to bluetooth. They can be used to speak, talk, listen to music, answer a call and more function they can work. All of them can be personalized with company logo for personalization.

Mobile Tech from HotRef.com

Left Top: Arcona Bluetooth Speaker  Right Top: Echo Bluetooth Neckband with Earbuds and Speaker

Left Bottom: ifidelity Noise Reduction Warp Bluetooth Headphones  Right Bottom: Gamazoid Bluetooth Speaker & Power Bank


Practical tumblers can be used under most occasions. There are a lot of types for you to choose from, such as acrylic bottles, branded drinkware, ceramic, mugs and tumblers, sport bottles and stainless bottles. They can be customized with company logo for personalized corporate gifts.

Tumbler from HotRef.com

Left Top: Beacon Tumbler 15oz  Right Top: Hugo Copper Vacuum Insulated Tumbler 20oz

Left Bottom: Enamel Ceramic Mug 17oz  Right Bottom: Argo Vacuum Tumbler 18oz


You need to get everything prepared for travel before starting off. Travel bag for some cleaning supplies, shoe bag for putting shoes, travels clothes hangers for hanging clothes out, and duffel for holding some dress. They are must-haves during travel and can be personalized with company logo as corporate gifts.

Travel from HotRef.com

Left Top: BRIGHTtravels Slim Utility Travel Bag  Right Top: BRIGHTtravels Shoe Bag

Left Bottom: BRIGHTtravels Clothes Hangers Travel Set  Right Bottom: Highway Emergency Set


Flashlight is functional and practical tool for darkness. It plays an important part when electricity blacks out. As practical as it is, we often use it in our daily life. They can be imprinted with company logo as business gifts.

Flashlight from HotRef.com

Left Top: Jolt Flashlight with Micro Cable Lanyard Right Top: Flare CREE XPE 3W LED Flashlight

Left Bottom: Flare Telescopic LED Magnetic Flashlight Middle: High Sierra 3W CREE XPE LED Flashlight Right Bottom: High Sierra IPX-4 CREE R3 Flashlight

Iphone 6 Case

Iphone 6 case plays an important role in protecting your cell phone from collision. They will be great promotional products and corporate gifts for any business events. Customize them with company logo that can be sent as corporate gifts for employees.

iPhone 6 case from HotRef.com


iPhone 6 Plus case from HotRef.com

Hope these new promotional products will be perfect for any of your business events.

– Amanda

05 Feb 2016 Introducing Chinese Wedding Favors

Chinese new year is coming soon! A majority of couples will plan their wedding in this festive Chinese Spring Festival. Lots of special Chinese Wedding Favors are needed to decorate your Chinese inspired wedding. The following wedding favors introduced to you are sure to make your wedding in a tone of red color, which looks a little jubilant.

Chinese Wedding Favors from HotRef.com

Cake Topper

Cute Asian Couple in Traditional Wedding Attire Cake Topper integrates more Chinese culture characters. made of hand painted porcelain. A cake top has a traditional characters! Presently the Bride and Groom Cake Toppers are available with skin tones and hair colors only as shown. Perfect for Asian themed wedding.

Cute Asian Couple In Traditional Wedding Attire Cake Topper from HotRef.com

Complete your next upcoming wedding, anniversary, shower, or other special event with this traditional script brushed silver Asian double happiness cake topper! Make your very special day an unforgettable one and this is perfect for that! Give your guests something elegant to remember your very special day by!

Traditional Script Brushed Silver Asian Double Happiness Cake Top from HotRef.com

Fortune Cookie

Dazzle your guests with the style of these silver fortune cookie place card holders! Each metal place card holder comes in the shape of a fortune cookie. A delightful addition to Asian wedding like Chinese wedding, birthday, or anniversary!

Silver Fortune Cookie Place Card Holders from HotRef.com

Favor Box

Our pretty takeout containers make a great favor box for an Asian themed wedding or if you just want a twist on the ordinary! You can put some candy, chocolate and some small treats for a give-away gift. It is very unique favor box for Chinese wedding.

Asian Take Out White Favor Boxes from HotRef.com

Celebrate all of life’s events with these practical Asian take out boxes! Each box comes in white with a wire handle, perfect for little trinkets of all kinds. Put the finishing touch on gatherings for the girls, showers, birthdays, and so much more!

Asian Take Out Boxes from HotRef.com

Favor Spoon

Warm the hearts of your guests with these Asian spoons! Each Asian styled large white spoon comes in porcelain. Perfect for celebrating upcoming Asian themed weddings, birthdays, and all other special occasions!

Asian Wedding Favor Spoons from HotRef.com

“Double Happiness” Wedding Favors

“Double Happiness” means some good things take place. This “Double Happiness” Place Card Holder features ancient Chinese symbol and is gilded with a gold finish that is sure to brighten up guest table in your wedding. It can also be given as thank you gift for guests to take away home as a memorable keepsake for years to come. The stunning gold photo holder is perfect for Chinese themed wedding, bridal shower, anniversary and more grand occasions.

Add a few Chinese favors to your Chinese style events with our “Double Happiness” Bottle Opener. The elegant wine favors are adorable additions to your happy wedding and are sure to bring precious memory to your guests every time they open the favorite drinks.  They are perfect ancient double happiness party favors for Chinese wedding.

Happiness is easy to share with your friends and family, especially when you do so by way of a practical and memorable gift. The “Double Happiness” Shuang Xi Bottle Stopper is a perfect addition for all Asian inspired celebrations, like weddings, baby showers, and more.

Hand Fan

Hand fan originates from Asian countries, which are widely used as wedding gifts in Chinese inspired parties. They can also perfectly match any beach or summer themed wedding, bridal shower, baby shower, birthday and more Asian events.

Hand Fan from HotRef.com

Left Top: Colored Silk Fans  Right Top: Asian White Paper Fans

Left Bottom: Sandalwood Hand Fan Favors Right Bottom: Cherry Blossom Hand Fans

Happy planning on your Chinese wedding.

– Amanda

03 Feb 2016 New Metallic Gold Party Supplies from Eventblossom

Searching for gold party supplies to adorn your special event? We have newly uploaded some Metallic Gold Party Supplies at HotRef. These gold supplies are sure to become the focal talk of your events and will be shiny all the night in that special day. They are suitably used to any gold themed wedding, bridal shower, birthday party, baby shower, sweet 15/16 birthday party and 50th anniversary.

Metallic Gold Party Supplies from HotRef.com

Metallic Gold Napkins

Napkins are generally severed as party supplies in banquet. However, most of them are in blank without pattern or words. The special Metallic Gold Napkins showed you as follows are with printed words or patterns for baby shower, birthday, anniversary wedding, bridal shower and more  gold events.

Metallic Gold Napkins from HotRef.com

Left Top: Metallic Gold BABY Napkins Right Top: Metallic Gold LOVE IS SWEET Napkins

Left Bottom: Metallic Gold BIRTHDAY Napkins Right Bottom: Metallic Gold DOTS Napkins

Metallic Gold Party Cups 

Place our Metallic Gold Party Cups at buffet tables for self-service. The cups are available in various colors and assorts style types for your choice. They can be sure to perfectly match your different themed wedding, bridal shower, anniversary, baby shower, birthday and more grand events. Add these Metallic Foil Straws for a more formal and beautiful look.

Metallic Gold Party Cups from HotRef.com

Left Top: White & Gold Polka Dot Party Cups With Lids Right Top: Gold BABY Shower Party Cups

Left Bottom: Gold HAPPY BIRTHDAY Party Cups Right Bottom: Gold CHEERS Party Cups

Gold Party Balloons 

We can often see the balloons in a lot occasions. They play an important part in creating a cheerful atmosphere in the events. Have you met such kind of balloons that printed with words or patters in gold for your special themed party? They can highlight your event theme no matter it is a love wedding, bridal shower, baby shower, birthday party or anniversary.

Metallic Gold Balloons from HotRef.com

Left Top: White & Gold MR & MRS Party Balloons Right Top: Gold BIRTHDAY Party Balloons

Left Bottom: Gold BABY SHOWER Balloons Right Bottom: Gold HEART Party Balloons

Gold Buffet Bags

Make your buffet table full with our gold buffet bags. Fill them with homemade dessert treats, candies, nuts, chocolates and more yummy bites for guests to enjoy themselves. There are stylish and practical buffet bags available in style type and colors for you to choose from. Perfect party supplies for baby shower and birthday party.

  • For Birthday

  • For Baby Shower


Hope these gold party supplies will make your event shiny all the night.

– Amanda




01 Feb 2016 Introducing New Promotional Products

It’s time to share our latest promotional products with all of you. These new promotional products uploaded on our site are energy bars, computer backpack, lunch cooler and pen. They are all practical necessities closing to our life that can be handed out as business gifts. They also can be customized with company logo for personalization.

New Promotional Products from HotRef.com


Power can also be called energy bar. It’s a must-have for cellphone and computer when you are on the way to travel or business. They are functional corporate gifts and promotional products for employees that can be customized with company logo for personalization. Some of new powers is made of natural bamboo material.

Power from HotRef.com

Left Top: Bamboo Cherokee Power Bank  Right Top:Circuit Charger

Left Bottom: UL Certified Amp Charger  Right Bottom: Escape Tool 4000mAh Powerbank

Computer Backpack

Gather odds and ends together and put them into computer backpack. Elleven, Field & Co. and other famous brand backpack are popular among customers. These useful backpacks can be used for work, study and business. They will stay with you wherever you are travelling, working or having meeting. New year trend is light weight computer backpack from elleven brand.

Computer Backpack from HotRef.com

Left Top: Field & Co.™ Ranger Compu-Backpack  Right Top: Cascade Black Compu-Backpack

Left Bottom: elleven™ Lunar Lightweight Compu-Backpack  Right Bottom: Executive 1680d 15.6″ Computer Backpack

Arctic Zone Lunch Cooler

We’ve received a large numbers of orders from customers placing lunch cooler with us. Why they become so popular? They can keep food fresh and will not easily go bad. Cook delicious food and put yummy bites in when you are going to have a trip or BBQ party.

Lunch Cooler from HotRef.com

Left Top: Arctic Zone® Ice Wall Black Lunch Cooler Right Top: Arctic Zone® Zipperless Lunch Pack with Tray

Left Bottom: Arctic Zone® Exapndable Lunch Set With Containers  Right Bottom: Arctic Zone® Expandable Mega Munchsak

Ballpoint Pen

Pen is widely used in our life for daily work, office essentials, meeting record and more. Ballpoint pen set can be given as business gift or corporate gift for others. Guests who received the pens are sure to take full use of them when at work or on study. Cross, case logic and elleven are perfect pens in famous brand.

Pen from HotRef.com

Left Top: Cross® Tech 3+ Satin Black Multi Function Stylus Right Top: elleven™ Triple Grip Stylus Pen Set

Left Bottom: Colonnade Pro Ballpoint Stylus Right Bottom: Case Logic® Fiber Roller Ball Stylus

More new promotional products will be updated on our HotRef.com. Welcome to keep eye on our latest information!

– Amanda

29 Jan 2016 New English Garden Personalized Wedding Favors

Plan a wedding or bridal shower? English garden is a new wedding theme for you to select from. We’d like to show you English Garden Personalized Wedding Favors today. They can be customized with cameo design and floral design, names, event date and more details. These charming personalized favors can be perfectly match your garden themed wedding or garden party bridal shower.

English Garden Personalized Wedding Favors from HotRef.com

All personalized favors have the same features and facts:

– Two designs available and shown below: cameo design and floral design.

– Available personalized with name and event date.

– Due to personalization, please allow 7 business days for processing.

Cameo Design

 Cameo Design from HotRef.com

Floral Design

Floral Design from HotRef.com

Personalized Bottle Stopper with Epoxy Dome – English Garden

Add a perfect touch of elegance to your event table with Personalized Bottle Stopper. Whether for English garden wedding or bridal shower, it is sure to become the focal talk in the special event.

Features and facts:

– It measures 4.5″ h x 2.25″ w.

– Minimum order of 24.

English Garden Personalized Bottle Stopper with Epoxy Dome from HotRef.com

 Personalized Strawberry Jam – English Garden

Make your guests feel sweet with Personalized Strawberry Jam. Great favors to serve at English garden wedding and bridal shower. They are sure to be a elegant party decor when you place it on the buffet table for self-help.

Features and facts:

– 1.6 oz. jar of gourmet strawberry preserves with personalized label Jar measures 2″ high and 1.6″ in diameter with gold screw-on lid.

– Made in the USA in small batches from the brightest red strawberries.

– Sold in sets of 12.

– Minimum order of 2 sets (24).

Personalized Strawberry Jam - English Garden from HotRef.com


English Garden Personalized Silver Round Candy Tin

With personalized silver round candy tin from the English Garden collection, you can fill favorite sweet treats in and make your sweet party favors for a garden themed wedding or garden party bridal shower.

Features and facts:

– Tin measures 0.75″ h x 2″ in diameter.

– Sold in set of 12; minimum of 2 sets (24) required with personalization.

– Candy not included.

English Garden Personalized Silver Round Candy Tin from HotRef.com

English Garden Personalized Clover Honey

English Garden themed personalized clover honey favors match the sweet love to last forever. Handing the honey out as party gifts  for guests to take home that makes them easily remember your wedding or garden party bridal shower.

Features and facts:

– Jar measures 2″ high and 1.75″ in diameter.

– Grade A honey made in USA. Pure and natural with no additives, preservatives or residues.

– Sold in sets of 12; minimum order of two sets (24).

English Garden Personalized Clover Honey from HotRef.com

Personalized Black Matchboxes – English Garden

Keep the English Garden Theme Personalized Black Matchboxes handy around the house for your guests at an English garden wedding or garden themed bridal shower.

Features and facts:

– Each matchbox contains approximately 20 match sticks.

– Measures 2.25″ l x 1.38″ w x 0.37″ d.

– Sold in sets of 50.

Personalized Black Matchboxes (Set of 50) - English Garden from HotRef.com

Personalized Silver Bottle Opener with Epoxy Dome – English Garden

Looking for party favors to decorate your English garden themed wedding? Personalized Silver Bottle Opener with Epoxy Dome is the right favor that won’t disappoint you. These great party favors can be perfect give-away gifts for English garden wedding and bridal shower.

Features and facts:

– Opener measures 3.75″ h x 1.25″ w.

– Minimum order of 24.

Personalized Silver Bottle Opener with Epoxy Dome - English Garden from HotRef.com

Get idea for your English garden planning? More new English garden favors will come soon, welcome to keep attention to HotRef if you are interested.

– Amanda

25 Jan 2016 Introducing Power Promotional Products

Cell phone, iPad, and laptop need power!   Power is practical electronic product used in our daily life when you are at home, working and travelling.  Power bank, travel adapter, car charger and travel outlet are perfect and functional promotional products and corporate gifts for employees as business gifts in any business events.

Power Promotional Products at HotRef.com

Power Bank

Power bank can also be called energy bar, they are applied to cell phone, computer and ipad. It is good partner and companion when you are on the way to work and travel. Amp Charger and Joule Slim Power Bank are two popular power banks for business events. We are not only available for these two energy bars, but also have more power bank available.

Amp Charger from HotRef.com

Joule Slim Power Bank from HotRef.com

Travel Adapter

Travel adapter is a must-have that should be prepared before journey begins. ETL Certified USB AC Adapter is close friend along with you in the journey. Here we have more travel adapters for your choice.

ETL Certified USB AC Adapter from HotRef.com

Car Charger

You may be troubled with where can charger for the cell phone when you are in the car. Thunderbolt Dual USB Car Charger will help you get rid of the issue and provide you with convenience whenever and wherever you drive the car. More car chargers for you.

Thunderbolt Dual USB Car Charger from HotRef.com

Travel Outlet

Powertech Travel Outlet makes a perfect item for regular travelers to take with. This item can be purchased blank or custom imprinted with company logo as advertisement for personalization.

Powertech Travel Outlet from HotRef.com

Welcome to view more business products at our HotRef.com.

– Amanda

22 Jan 2016 Introducing Perfect Pair Party Favors
Some of life’s most enduring things come in pairs!  Perfect pair pear favors are perfect as wedding favors for new couples in love, and also ideally suited as baby shower favors for those special twins, too! 

Perfectly Pair Pear Party Favros from HotRef.com

“The Perfect Pair” Scented Pear Soap

“The Perfect Pair” Scented Pear Soap is great party favors for spring wedding, bridal shower, or spa party. It will be a perfect reminder of your special wedding after the party’s over for every guest.

“The Perfect Pair” Ceramic Pear Salt & Pepper Shaker

Our “The Perfect Pair” Ceramic Pear Salt & Pepper Shaker is a perfect pear pair gift for your garden themed wedding or bridal shower. The pair shaker set makes a pear shape and includes a top half of pear-green, ceramic pear which is a salt shaker, and the bottom half which is a pepper shaker.

“The Perfect Pair” Pear Shaped Porcelain Spoon Rest 

Keep your spoon clean with this “The Perfect Pair” Pear Spoon Rest. Elegantly design with pear shaped that will add flair to any party events. Made from quality porcelain. Whether for wedding, bridal or baby shower, they are perfect party favor that wonderfully implies twins in pair. They are also stunning keepsake gifts for guests or friends.

“Perfect Pair” Shot Glasses in Designer Favor Gift Box 

Whether for spring wedding or baby shower, our “Perfect Pair” Shot Glasses are practicality and elegance wrapped into one, and perfect for commemorating a day of love and romance. Each set contains 2 shot glasses in an intricately decorated showcase box representative of all it’s meant to celebrate.

Enjoy these practical party favors.  Happy planning on your spring events!

– Amanda

18 Jan 2016 Introducing Valentine’s Day Party Favors

Here comes the Valentine’s Day soon! It’s a sweet day for two beloved one, of course, for both married and unmarried. Lovers will make a date that day and exchange their Valentine’s Day gifts with each other. Have you got any ideas on what gifts for her or what gifts for him? HotRef will think more ideas and provide our top seller Valentine’s Day gifts for you. Hope you can find what favorite gifts for him and for her. Today we introduce Valentine’s Day party favors for company party, kids’ party, or any celebration parties with love.  We have love, rose and heart designs and they are special for Valentine’s Day party.

Introducing Valentine's Day Party Favors from HotRef.com

Heart Party Favors

Speak loudly that you will love him or her forever with these Heart Party Favors. Heart related favor is the most direct way to show your love and they are the most popular favors during these days. Today, we will put more value on following items and we have more heart shaped favors. Welcome to pay attention to our HotRef for more information.

Heart Party Favors from HotRef.com

Left Top: “Love Beyond Measure” Heart-Shaped Measuring Spoons Right Top: Chrome Key Chain with Crystal Heart

Left Bottom: Exquisite Heart Shaped Curio Box Right Bottom: “Tea Time” Heart Tea Infuser

Rose Party Favors

Rose Party Favors symbolize for true love. Girls who receives a bunch of flowers will be surprised and moved. She may promise you to be your girlfriend since you create a big surprise for her. Rose Party Favors are designed in rose and they are sure to make a good impression if you send these as gifts.

Rose Party Favors from HotRef.com

Left Top: “Love in Bloom” Heart Rose Jewelry & Trinket Box  Right Top: Choice Crystal Long Stem Rose

Left Bottom: Realistic rose design compact mirror Right Bottom: Angel Designed Candle Holder

Love Party Favors

Share your sweet love with guests and let know you are fall in love with each other with Love Party Favors. They are designed in the letter of “L, O,V,E”, that’s the English word “LOVE”. How romantic these love party favors are if you hand them out as party gifts, and can also be Valentine’s Day gifts. Next, let’s show you gold love favors and silver love party favors.

Love Party Favors from HotRef.com

Left Top: Gold Love Wedding Cake Topper  Right Top: Gold Love Glass Coasters

Left Bottom: LOVE Gold Place Card Holder Right Bottom: Love Antique Gold Bottle Opener

We also have silver love party favors, they are widely used in any love themed wedding, bridal shower, engagement party. It’s also a good idea to give them as party gifts for guests to take home or Valentine’s Day gifts for her and for him.

Love Party Favors from HotRef.com

Left Top: Love Design Chrome Bottle Stopper Right Top: LOVE Silver Place Card Holder / Photo Holder with Matching Place Cards

Left Bottom: LOVE Chrome Pourer/Bottle Stopper  Right Bottom: Love Chrome Silver Bottle Opener

Hope you to have a sweet Valentine’s Day!

– Amanda

15 Jan 2016 New Wedding and Party Favors From KateAspen

We have recently updated a lot of new favors from KateAspen. They are tropical wedding favors and love & heart party favors. Tropical wedding favors include pineapple and palm tree favors that are perfect for any tropical wedding and bridal shower in summer time; love & heart party favors are elegantly designed in heart shape that is great for any love themed wedding, bridal shower, engagement party and more romantic events.

Tropical Wedding

Pineapple and palm tree are planted in hot summer day. Thus, these pineapple and palm tree party favors are perfect for any beach inspired events, like beach themed wedding, bridal shower, birthday party, baby shower and more tropical events in summer.

Tropical Wedding Party Favors from HotRef.com

Left Top: Gold Pineapple Bottle Opener Right Top: “Palm Breeze” Chrome Palm Tree Bottle Opener

Left Bottom: Pineapple Textured Gold Candle Votive Holder Right Bottom: Gold Pineapple Place Card Holder

  • Pineapple

Pineapple is our favorite fruit in summer. Satisfy your customer’s needs with our new updated pineapple party favors. Gold Pineapple Bottle Opener can be used to celebrate tropical themed wedding, anniversary, 50th birthday or class reunion.

Gold Pineapple Bottle Opener from HotRef.com

Gold Pineapple Place Card Holder has a pineapple shape and makes your guests easily find their seats. It’s a polite way to welcome your guests with this place card holder. Perfect for any fruit themed wedding and more gold events.

Gold Pineapple Place Card Holder from HotRef.com

  • Palm Tree

Palm is generally planted in spring and summer. It is supposed that palm tree favors are welcomed for spring and summer events. Palm Tree Breeze Gold Bottle Opener can make your event really memorable for a tropical, beach, or destination wedding or anniversary. We also have silver matching palm tree with “Palm Breeze” Chrome Palm Tree Bottle Opener.

Palm Tree Breeze Gold Bottle Opener from HotRef.com

Adorn your tropical events with this Pineapple Textured Gold Candle Votive Holder placed on tables as centerpiece to make your party look shiny. Perfect as party favors for tropical themed wedding, anniversary, birthday, conference and more events.

Pineapple Textured Gold Candle Votive Holder from HotRef.com

Love and Heart Favors

Speak loudly how much you love your beloved one with our Love & Heart Party Favors. They are designed with fashionable heart shape style and can highlight any of your love themed wedding. These heart related party favors are great for love themed wedding, bridal shower, engagement party and more romantic occasions.

Love and Heart Favors from HotRef.com

Left Top: Copper Love Bottle Opener  Right Top: Cheers to a Great Combination Gold Wine Set

Left Bottom: Love Gold Place Card Holder  Right Bottom: Copper Heart Bottle Stopper

  • Love Party Favors

Show your forever love with your other half to all the coming guests with Copper LOVE Bottle Opener. This love opener can extend the theme of your industrial or minimalist wedding or wedding shower to your recipients. They are on backorder until 2016/1/26.

Copper LOVE Bottle Opener from HotRef.com

Set your guest’s table with this LOVE Gold Place Card Holder. The place card holder is made of resin with gold finish and classic “LOVE” letter design features a heart in place of the “O”. Ideal for love wedding and engagement party.

LOVE Gold Place Card Holder from HotRef.com

We also have another matching LOVE Silver Place Card Holder / Photo Holder with Matching Place Cards. They can be both used in any love themed wedding and engagement party.

LOVE Silver Place Card Holder / Photo Holder with Matching Place Cards from HotRef.com

  • Heart Party Favors

Using Heart shape related favors to decorate your party is the most direct way to share your love with your guests. Copper Heart Bottle Stopper is a great give-away gift or thank you gift for guests as a perfect reminder to keep your love wedding stay in memory.

Copper Heart Bottle Stopper from HotRef.com

Looking for a heart favors to match your love themed events? This Cheers to a Great Combination Gold Wine Set will never disappoint you. Each wine set comes equipped with an open-heart design bottle stopper and matching corkscrew in a shiny gold finish. We also have another “Cheers to a Great Combination” Wine Set to match the gold one. Both of them are on backorder until 2016/1/26.

Cheers to a Great Combination Gold Wine Set from HotRef.com

More new favors are coming soon. Welcome to keep an eye on our latest information at HotRef.com.

– Amanda

11 Jan 2016 2016 Design Trends For Promotional Products

HotRef experts have tried our best to provide you with products and designs. We keep close watch on the trends and follow the most popular fashion and design blogs to give you the latest trends for 2016. With the arrival of 2016, natural materials, reflective materials, geometric patterns inspired our new products on both design and materials.

Natural Materials

Natural materials including wood, cotton and jute make customers feel warm and relaxed. They are sure to speak highly of the simple functionality and durability that the natural materials provide.

Natural Materials for 2016 Design Trends from HotRef.com

Left Top: Native Wooden Bluetooth Speaker  Right Top: Alternative® Jute Shopper Tote

Left Bottom: Mojave Wooden Bluetooth Headphones  Right Bottom: Classic Cotton All-Purpose Convention Tote

  • Cotton Tote

Cotton tote needs to be mentioned when talk about natural materials. They are so practical promotional products that can be given as corporate gifts to employees when annual meeting is held. It’s good to take full advantage of them for both travel and work. Classic Cotton All-Purpose Convention Tote is is made of 100% natural cotton offering incentive to your clients, employees, and much more.

Classic Cotton All-Purpose Convention Tote from HotRef.com

  • Jute

Jute is another natural material favored by most customers. Jute made products are similar to burlap products. They are great for any rustic themed corporate party and can be sent as rustic corporate gifts to others. Guests who receive these gifts are fond of their durability and practicability. Alternative® Jute Shopper Tote is made of is constructed of a soft yet sturdy 70% jute and 30% cotton blend. Great corporate gifts and promotional products for any business events.

Alternative® Jute Shopper Tote from HotRef.com


  • Wood

Mojave Wooden Bluetooth Headphones produce a clear natural sound, with a built in music control on the earpiece. It is made from real wood and includes a micro USB charging cable. Bluetooth working range is 10 meters (33 feet).

Mojave Wooden Bluetooth Headphones from HotRef.com

The sound of Native Wooden Bluetooth Speaker is as natural as the woods its derived from. It features two three Watt audio channels for premium quality sound and a built in music control on the speaker. The perfect speaker for at the house or on the go. Perfect for any business events.

Native Wooden Bluetooth Speaker from HotRef.com

Reflective Materials

From safety vest to duffel,  reflective materials add an eye-catching glimmer that really showcases a brand. Reflective material spoken highly by customers due to the practicality and functionality. These materials are widely used to be made into promotional products for any business events.

Reflective Materials for 2016 Design Trends from HotRef.com

Left Top: 9pc Highway Gift Set  Right Top: Safety Works Hi-Viz Lime Green Class 2 Safety Vest

Left Bottom: New Balance® Minimus 20″ Duffel  Right Bottom: Reflective Running Band

Geometric Patterns

Geometric patterns are always used to produce ballpoint, tumbler, business tote and more. HotRef has this trend covered in 2016. These unique designs provide a memorable tactile and visual experience across a range of products. You must be wondered at what these products are. Next, let’s show you these geometric patterns products.

Geometric Patterns for 2016 Design Trends from HotRef.com

Left Top: Geometric Zippered Business Tote Right Top: Geometric Vacuum Tumbler 15oz

Left Bottom: Geometric BPA Free Sport Bottle 28oz  Right Bottom: Balmain® Geometric Ballpoint

Welcome to view more our promotional products at HotRef.

– Amanda