23 Oct 2014 Winter Wedding Ideas
Autumn is almost over, it is the best time for new couple to make preparation for their winter themed wedding. Here we provide you with some winter wedding ideas and furnish a batch of Winter Wedding Party Favors with you.
Winter Wedding Party Favors from hotref.com

Winter Wonderland Wedding Accessory

To make your wedding more appropriate, Winter Wonderland Wedding Accessory is needed to embellish your event. For example, server set for cutting wedding cakes, pen set for signing guests’ names, toasting flutes for cheers with guests. They are not only delicate instruments, but perfect and elegant table decorations in your event.
Wedding Accessory from hotref.com

Winter Wonderland Wedding Favors

Winter Wonderland Wedding Favors play a very important part in your wedding party. They can not only be a table decorations, but sometimes can be sent as give away keepsakes. Such as votive candle, bookmark, key chain and luggage tag are all perfect favors for your choices.
Winter Wedding Favors from hotref.com

Winter Finery Collection

Make your wedding more elegant look and increase more joyful atmosphere by beautifying your event with theseWinter Finery Collections. Imagine that a flower girl carries with a basket with hand cut snowflake design, constantly pick up some petals and cast to the bride. What a beautiful picture!
Winter Finery Collection from hotref.com

Winter Wedding Favors

Your guests will know your wedding theme as soon as they catch sight of these snowflake design Winter Wedding Favors. They are sure to leave a deep impression to guests because these snowflake shaped favors will be saw everywhere in your wedding ceremony, from frame holder to bottle stopper. They are perfect favors for wedding, bridal shower and more wedding ceremonies.
Winter Wedding Favors from hotref.com

Winter Wedding Favor Box

Dress your gifts up by packing them with these Winter Wedding Favor Boxes. Feel free to fill them with jelly beans, chocolates, or other tiny trinkets. They are perfect favors for wedding and bridal shower as well as birthday and baby shower celebrations.
Winter Wedding Favor Box from hotref.com
21 Oct 2014 New Products of Fair Isle Winter Collection From Leeds
Winter is coming, it will be so sweet to bring warmth together with a splash of color to your loved ones’ wonderland. We just release a bunch of New Products of Fair Isle Winter Collection From Leeds to help your prepare your holiday in this wonderful season. Inspired by comfy and warm knit sweaters that you’ll see in both the mountains and on the street, these items accented with classic Fair Isle knitting pattern are sure to be appealing.
New Products of Fair Isle Winter Collection From Leeds

Fair Isle Gift Set

Including Fair Isle 25oz Insulated Bottle & 8.5oz Mug Set and Fair Isle Wine Tote with Opener, this gift set are both nicely packaged in gift bag detailed with Fair Isle knitting pattern. No matter you are taking them to a friend or hand them to your clients as for being supportive, they are sure to classy and appealing.
Fair Isle Gift Set

Fair Isle Ballpoint and Journalbook

The Fair Isle Ballpoint and Fair Isle JournalBook are sold separately, but they definitely make a brilliant pair in your stationary. The ballpoint pen is available in three bright colors including silver, red and blue, and a gray gift bay with same knitting patter is included. Make them a great promotional item or add a smart match to your stationary.
Fair Isle Ballpoint and JournalBook
Fair Isle Cotton Cinch
This Fair Isle Cotton Cinch is made of cotton canvas. No body can deny that the white Fair Isle Knitting Pattern goes perfect well with navy. Providing a soft and natural hand feel. Carry as a sling or backpack, whatever you like, this navy cinch makes a handy and trendy bag to carry to the street, gym, and the office.
Fair Isle Cotton Cinch
Fair Isle Cotton Tote
Just the perfect tote in the season, this Fair Isle Cotton Tote will be your favorite bag this winter. Highlighted with trendy pattern and color, this tote bag is handy to carry to the street and supermarket. If you are planning a promotion, this cotton tote are guaranteed to please.
Fair Isle Cotton Tote

Fair Isle Blanket

As cold winter always is, there are always people who love to explore this wonderland. This Fair Isle Blanket will keep you and your loved ones warm when enjoying the wonderland. This blanket also a great choice in season for winter promotions. A warm reminder of your brands, the blanket will proved to be a persuasive talker.
Fair Isle Blanket
16 Oct 2014 Personalized Blue Owl MOD Party Supplies
Reveal your little one’s gender by adorning his baby shower with these Blue Owl Party Favors. Then your guests will realize who will soon join in your big family and become one of the members. In order to make a perfect plan for your baby shower decoration, we HotRef would advice you on how to beautify your event. They are all stunning party favors and are versatile for owl themed baby girl shower.
Blue Owl Party Favors from hotref.com

Blue Owl Invitations

Your guests are sure to be happy for that you will soon become a mother, and are pleased to take part in your little baby’s baby shower as soon as they receive these adorable Invitations. It’s a good way to welcome your join in the party.
Blue Owl Invitations from hotref.com

Blue Owl Decorations Starter Kit

Blue Owl Decorations Starter Kit is a set of components serve as party decorations in baby boy shower. It mainly includes 6 key components of Pennant Banner, Party Sign, Blue Striped Straws, Blue Cupcake Wrappers/Toppers, Menu / Place Cards and Decorative Stickers. They are all perfect party favors that can well match with your baby shower theme.
Blue Owl Decorations Starter Kit from hotref.com

Blue Owl Pennant Banner

Hang this Blue Owl Pennant Banner on the wall or doorways as well as place them on the table so that everyone will know your baby. And it is also a great way to add more joyful atmosphere to your event.
Blue Owl Pennant Banner from hotref.com

Blue Owl Party Sign

We think it is the best way to welcome your guests by decorating your baby shower with this Blue Owl Party Sign. Not only serve as an embellishment to doors and tables, but also can be used as a direction that guides guests to find their tables and seats.
Blue Owl Party Sign from hotref.com

Blue Owl Return Address Labels

Make your invitation envelop more beautiful look with these Blue Owl Return Address Labels, which will make your guests look forward to taking part in your baby shower soon.
Blue Owl Return Address Labels from hotref.com

Blue Owl Cupcake Wrappers & Cupcake Toppers

No matter your baby shower desserts are homemade or fresh, these Blue Owl Cupcake Wrappers & Cupcake Toppers can serve as personalized favors embellished with toppers that show your own message and an adorable owl design. These favors will help change guests’ appetite before they having a meal.
Blue Owl Cupcake Wrappers & Cupcake Toppers from hotref.com

Blue Owl Personalized Label

Adhere these Blue Owl Personalized Water Bottle Labels to the clear water bottles in order to prevent them from monotone. Beautify small snacks with toothpicks or straws that embellished with these Blue Owl Personalized Flag Labels. They are perfect party decorations that can perfectly match with your event theme.
Blue Owl Personalized Label from hotref.com

Blue Owl Party Favor Container

Use different sizes and types of containers to hold fun-sized treats. Take this Blue Owl Chevron & Dots Goodie Bag as an example, this bag can fill with jewelry, sweet tooth, goodies or any other favorable treats as you like. It can also be placed on the table for guests to fill their own favorable treats. Then, take another example of this Blue Owl Personalized Milk Bottle which is a practical container for holding fun-sized candy, chocolate, nuts or loose-leaf tea, or serves as a container for beverage. They are all perfect container that can perfect match your owl themed baby boy shower.
Blue Owl Party Favor Container from hotref.com
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14 Oct 2014 Introduce New Backpack with Different Brands
Backpack becomes an indispensable necessity in our daily life which is equivalent to an intimate companion wherever yo go. If you are now making a plan for travelling, don’t forget to purchase one. We HotRef have assorted famous brands of Backpacks for your free options. They are also perfect business gifts to customers for further promotional sale.
Backpack from hotref.com

Elleven Backpack

Elleven Backpack is durable for holding laptops and something heavy. Take this Elleven™ Mobile Armor Compu-Sling Backpack, which has dual molded side pockets to protect all your expensive gadgets in addition to the quilted laptop compartment that can be accessed either through the main compartment or the dedicated side-entry.
Elleven Backpack from hotref.com

Hunt Valley Backpack

Hunt Valley Backpack is accented with camouflage design that gives us an authentic look. Take this Hunt Valley Sportsman Cinch Backpack for an example, which features exterior zippered pocket custom d-ring with brushed nickel finish and exterior webbing loops. The lined interior makes it easy to clean. It’s the best choice for you.
Hunt Valley Backpack from hotref.com

New Balance Backpack

New Balance is famous for its brand all over the world. New Balance Backpack is popular for its nice quality and large space for accommodating full size basketball and soccer ball. Don’t hesitate to have one.
New Balance Backpack from hotref.com

Recycled Backpack

Recycled idea is advocated everywhere in order to protect our environment. Recycled Backpack can be recurrently used for many times. Take this Trash Talking Recycled Sling Backpack for an example, this bag makes a perfect promotional item to share your EcoSmart message with your clients. More and more people will realize environment production , that’s what we really expect.
Recycled Backpack from hotref.com

Falcon Backpack

Falcon Backpack is well known for its light weight and durability. Take this Falcon Rolltop Backpack for an example, this bag is made with durable materials that make it the perfect pack for commuting, the gym, or any time you just need a lightweight bag on the go.
Falcon Backpack from hotref.com
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10 Oct 2014 Introduce Popular Cross Party Favors
Cross is a favor that represents belief and religiosity. In view of that more and more people plan to hold baby shower, baptism, and communion event, we HotRef would like to provide you more information about Cross Party Favors. If you feel more interested in these themed items, welcome to contact us and place an order with us.
Cross Party Favors from hotref.com

Cross Themed Candle Holder

You may find your faith when you look at these “Regal Favor Collection” cross themed candle holders. Each poly resin base is made of pewter and comes with an inlaid enamel ivory cross embellished with rhinestones. Plus, a poured white candle is included inside the holder. They are really perfect favors for communion, wedding, bridal shower and more.
Cross Themed Candle Holder from hotref.com

Cross Place Card/Photo Holder

Cross Design Place Card/Photo Holders play a very important part in cross themed event. They will welcome guests to their right tables and seats. Each favor perfectly conveys the eternal devotion of your event. These cross place cards are perfect favors for wedding, bridal shower, baptism, communion and more religious occasions.
Cross Themed Place Card/Photo Holder from hotref.com

Cross Design Letter Opener Favors

These Cross Design Letter Opener Favors are practical tools for every day use. These cross favors can be sent as a delicate gift for guests in wedding, bridal shower, communion, christening and more religious occasions.
Cross Design Letter Opener Favors from hotref.com

Cross Design Key Chain Favors

Don’t neglect the importance of a small key chain. These Cross Design Key Chain Favors really provide much convenience for our daily life. These favors can gather several scatted keys together in one, which stop keys from getting lost. These cross themed key chains are really perfect favors for communions, baptisms, wedding, bridal shower, christening and more religious occasions.
Cross Design Key Chain Favors from hotref.com
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09 Oct 2014 New Bottle Stopper with Different Designs
It must be sure that wine lovers are interested in collecting assorted designs of wine stoppers as well as wine openers. A stylish wine stopper or wine opener will play a very important role in changing the mood while wine lovers are enjoying wine. Today we HotRef will introduce you numerous designs of chic Bottle Stoppers for you.
New Bottle Stopper from hotref.com

Heart Bottle Stopper

Let your wedding or bridal shower guests feel your sweet love and happiness with this Heart Bottle Stopper. Each favor comes in heart shaped design and attached to the metal stopper base. These heart bottle stoppers also have other different kinds of designs at HotRef.com for your free choice.
Heart Bottle Stopper from hotref.com

Murano Bottle Stopper

Angel favors always symbolize purity and holy in our mind. These Murano Angel Bottle Stoppers are sure to be appreciated by guests in your big event. The angel will stand on the top of the metal base every time when you open the wine bottle. What an amazing experience! Right? If you want to know more about Murano style items, here we provide you with other Murano Themed Bottle Stoppers.
Murano Bottle Stopper from hotref.com

Bottle Stopper & Opener Set

Bottle Stopper & Opener Set is practical tool for wine lovers. Each set contains wine stopper and wine opener which are completed in heart shaped designs and are attached to the metal stopper and opener bases. They are perfect wine favors as give away gifts for guests applying for practical use at home.
Bottle Stopper & Opener Set from hotref.com

Handbag Bottle Stopper

Add more sparkling and shining elements to this Handbag Bottle Stopper. Each favor is crafted in handbag design topper embellished with several twinkling crystals and attached to the chrome and metal stopper base.
Handbag Bottle Stopper from hotref.com

High Heel Shoe Stopper

High heel always gives a sense of dignity. This High Heel Shoe Stopper is sure to be appreciated by guests for its creative design. Each favor is completed with high heel design topper with several sparkling implanted crystals and attached to the metal stopper base.
High Heel Shoe Stopper from hotref.com

Butterfly Bottle Stopper

Think about the pictures that numerous dancing butterflies in your big event. These Butterfly Bottle Stoppers will make your dream come true. Each favor is designed with vivid butterfly as a topper on the silver stopper base. It is also a perfect idea as a give away gift for guests.
Butterfly Bottle Stopper from hotref.com
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08 Oct 2014 New Halloween Party Supplies from Eventblossom
Halloween comes in Oct.31 every year. Everyone will dress themselves up like a ghost in order to drive the evil and worship their ancestors for a peaceful chilly winter. You will see Jack-O-Lantern, ghosts and monsters, witch’s broom, black cats are used as decorations in every public places. Children will wear Halloween costumes and carry Jack-O-Lantern to ask for candies from others, if not, they will say “trick or treat”. Today we HotRef will make a recommendation on Halloween favors for your reference.
Halloween Party Ideas from hotref.com

Classic Halloween Party Starter Kit

Classic Halloween Decorations Starter Kit is a set of Halloween decoration components which include 1 Pennant Banner, 1 Party Sign, 25 Black Striped Straws, 24 Black Cupcake Wrappers/Toppers, 12 Menu / Place Cards and 32 Decorative Stickers. They are all perfect Halloween favors that can help increase more horrific atmosphere.
Halloween Party Ideas from hotref.com

Classic Personalized Halloween Party Supplies

Mini Mason Jars, Milk Bottles and some other perfect favors are indispensable Halloween favors in Halloween party. You may put some favorable candies into these Candy Wrapper Covers and Candy Bar Wrappers in order to meet children’s requirements. You can also put candies, popcorn as well as nuts and other yummy bites in these Goodie Bags. They are all personalized favors that are available in assorted kinds of designs, and can also be customized to add message as per your individual needs.
Halloween Party Ideas from hotref.com

Classic Halloween Party Favor Labels

You need to adhere some Halloween themed labels to the objects in order to highlight the festival atmosphere. Water Bottle Labels are used to stick on the water bottles, Kisses Labels are generally sticked to the bottom of Hershey’s Kisses, and Frame Labels are perfect to stick on the favor bags, boxes and favor jars.
Halloween Party Ideas from hotref.com

Spooky Halloween Party Starter Kit

Spooky Halloween Decorations Starter Kit, just as its name implies, gives us a sense of amazing and scared. It is a set of Halloween favors that comprises pennant banner, party sign, black striped straws, black cupcake wrappers/toppers, menu/place cards, decorative stickers. They are all perfect Halloween favors for celebrations in Halloween.
Halloween Party Ideas from hotref.com

Spooky Personalized Halloween Party Supplies

Milk Bottles,Mason Jars,Candy Wrapper Covers,Candy Bar Wrappers, and Goodie Bags are comprised in Spooky Personalized Halloween Party Supplies. They all can be used as candy holders for children. Plus, they are personalized favors can be added personalized message as per your needs.
Halloween Party Ideas from hotref.com

Spooky Halloween Party Favor Labels

Labels play an important part in beautifying the big event and can further increase cheerful atmosphere. Water Bottle Label is adhered to water bottle that can protect the plain bottle from monotone. Hershey’s Kisses Labels are used to stick to the bottom of the Kisses Chocolates. Frame Labels can be versatile for sticking on favor bags, boxes and favor jars. Face Stickers are mostly applied on mason jars, Milk Bottle Favors and other clear plastic cups.
Halloween Party Ideas from hotref.com
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30 Sep 2014 Introduce New FairyTale Party Favors
Get inspired for your FairyTale Theme Party. We are going to Introduce New FairyTale Party Favors to help your plan a fairytale theme party for Halloween or throw your princess a fairytale birthday party at her sweet sixteen. For a princess, or fairy themed party, these favors would put a finishing touch on your event.
Introduce New FairyTale Party Favors

Belle Of The Ball Dazzling Shoe Design Place Card Holder

There’s just something so glamorous about girls. This Belle Of The Ball Dazzling Shoe Design Place Card Holder Pearly white high heel design with dazzling details, this holder makes the perfect place card holder to guide your bridesmaid at your bridals shower or close girlfriends at birthday party.
Belle Of The Ball Dazzling Shoe Design Place Card Holder

Belle Of The Ball Dazzling Shoe Design Keychain

There’s nothing better than this Belle Of The Ball Dazzling Shoe Design Keychain to put a perfect ending to your fairy tale party. With this sweet dazzling keychain along the way home, they won’t worry about finding keys and remember the happy time you have for a long time to come.
Belle Of The Ball Dazzling Shoe Design Keychain

Belle Of The Ball Dazzling Shoe Design Bottle Stopper

With a sculpted Cinderella slipper highlighted with crystals, this Belle Of The Ball Dazzling Shoe Design Bottle Stopper makes the perfect favor for a fairtale themed bridal shower or birthday party. Tightly seal your favorite wine and your happy time at the party, everytime they pour a glass of wine, they will be remind of the fond memories about your party.
Belle Of The Ball Dazzling Shoe Design Bottle Stopper

Belle Of The Ball Dazzling Shoe Design Candle Holder

Turn off the light, light up this candle and make a wish. Spend a enchanted evening with thisBelle Of The Ball Dazzling Shoe Design Candle Holder. Not only a charming item as table decoration, but a sweet party favors to show your appreciation for coming and witing this special moment in your life.
Belle Of The Ball Dazzling Shoe Design Photo Frame

Belle Of The Ball Dazzling Shoe Design Photo Frame

Finished in princess style with a white high heel design and sparkling crystals, this Belle Of The Ball Dazzling Shoe Design Photo Frame makes the perfect table decoration and party favors for fairytale party. This high heel design place card holder infuses your tables at your reception, and later becomes a contemporary photo frame that looks lovely in your guest’s home.
Belle Of The Ball Dazzling Shoe Design Photo Frame
If you like what you’ve seen so far, please check our more Fairytale Wedding Favors at Pinterest.
30 Sep 2014 Introduce Personal & Auto Safety Promotional Products
Auto safety is one of the most important factors during the process of driving cars. We need some Personal and Auto Safety Promotional Products to protect ourselves from being injured. Today we will introduce you some promotional items about auto safety and teach you how to keep yourselves safe. Please treasure our lives because we have only one time!
Personal & Auto Safety Promotional Products from hotref.com

Safety Glass

Safety Glasses can be effectively play an important role in protect our eyes from dazzling sunshine. These Safety Works DallasBlue Mirrored Safety Glasses are crafted in chic design which includes a metallic blue frame and rubber temples, these dallas rich blue glasses provide 99.9% UV protection and meet the general and impact protection requirements of ANSI Z87.
Safety Glasses from hotref.com

Safety Vest

Safety Vest will be your close partner and protect your body from being hurt. Safety Works High-Visibility Safety Vest features a soft, solid mesh fabric for added comfort, this high visibility orange safety vest has elastic side straps. It is perfect favor for construction workers, survey crews and much more.
Safety Vest from hotref.com

Safety Glove

Safety Glove can stop your hand from being slipped out of steering wheel. Safety Works Split Cow Leather Drivers Gloves feature shirred elastic wrists to keep dirt and debris out of gloves. The design of split straight thumb is convenient for hand on work.
Safety Glove from hotref.com

Safety kit

Safety kit gathers a set of safety tool in one. They are all really practical tools for keeping your body safe. Take Highway Companion Safety Kit for an example, Each set comprises 300-amp jumper cables, a warning triangle, a gas siphon, a Mylar blanket for staying warm, 2 bungee cords, 2 glow sticks, a pair of gloves with rubber grips, a flashlight (2 AAA batteries included), a 50 PSI tire gauge, and a carrying case with organizational pockets for securing the contents. It is a good way to advertise your company by printing your company logo in the front of blank area.
Safety kit from hotref.com
29 Sep 2014 Special Promotion for Fall at HotRef.com
Come on, guys! Here is a good news about our HotRef. In view of that a majority of people will be busy with making full planning and preparation for wedding, bridal shower, birthday party, baby shower and more events at the beginning of autumn. We decide to offer you a favourable discount of 5% on EVERYTHING at our HotRef. Starting today until October 5, 2014 (US Pacific Standard Time). Input the coupon code: XUW55Y to get a discount. We have a variety of perfect new favors for assorted kinds of wedding, bridal shower, birthday party, and baby shower. Don’t hesitate to shop now at HotRef.com.
Fall Promotional Sale from hotref.com
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