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07 Apr 2015 Olive Oil Wedding Party Favors from Artisano Designs

Offer your distinguished attending guests with a perfect gourmet gift that they are looking forward to using! Today we are pleased to introduce you some Olive Oil Wedding Party Favors as your special and practical gifts in your wedding ceremony. Uniquely designed in any creative pattern that will highlight any appetizer table. They are practical culinary tool used in our daily cook.
Olive Oil Wedding Favors from


New Pair of Olive oil & Vinegar Bottles

“Taste of the Orchard” Olive Oil Bottle is the suitable vessel for your Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The olive orchard themed bottle shows the olive branch depression on a fabulous olive shaped bottle. Guests will adore the favors if you send them as wedding gifts.


You can pair the olive oil bottle with our “Taste of the Vineyard” vinegar bottle. It’s a great idea to hand them out as one pair gifts in your special wedding.

Olive Appetizer Plate

Serve your party guests with delectable antipasto in the “Oliveto” Olive Appetizer Plate before your wedding starts. “Oliveto” theme is originally inspired by Italian translation of “Olive Grove” or “Olive Orchard”. This olive appetizer plate is optimum gift for bridal shower, wedding or friends gathering party.

Vineyard Olive Oil & Vinegar Dipping Plate

Show a pure work of culinary art by placing our Vineyard Olive Oil and Vinegar Dipping Plate on the guest tables. This practical party favor can be displayed on table with pair bottles of olive oil and vinegar. They are creatively designed with grape pattern for your vineyard wedding or more special events.

Vineyard Select Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar Dipping Plate from

Orchard Olive Oil & Vinegar Dipping Plate

“Taste of the Orchard” Olive Oil and Vinegar Dipping & Appetizer Plate is artfully designed with olive branch pattern and framed by a ring for adding your favorite appetizers. They can be placed on tables with two bottles of olive oil and vinegar. Perfect keepsake gifts for guests to take away home after the party’s over as well as good reminders for years to come.

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19 Dec 2014 Introducing Olive & Olive Oil Party Favors
Olive is a kind of healthy food that can be eaten instantly, it also can be pressed into juice and made into olive oil. It is widely used in our daily life. Have you ever seen the party favors in assorted designs of olive? Here’s show you some of our Olive Party Favors. They are perfect party favors for wedding, bridal shower and other more occasions.
Olive & Olive Oil Party Favors from

Olive Oil Bottle

Delicate party gifts in special olive events. This “Olive You!” Glass LOVE Oil Bottle in Signature Tuscan Box is accented with the word “LOVE” on the side in black font. It’s the best way to show deep love to your beloved one with these love gifts. This “Europa Collection” Oil Bottle with Olives Design is finished in transparent glass comes with an olive and branch designed decal wrapping around it. Available in two different sizes of small and medium.
Olive Oil Bottle from
Olive Oil Bottle from

Olive Dish

Thank you your party guests with this “Olive You” Olive Tray and Spreader Set so that they will feel your special love to them. This set contains olive dish and a stainless-steel spreader. The olive dish is accented with the world “LOVE” in the center with an olive in place of the letter “O”. The stainless-steel spreader handle is four ceramic olives with red “pimentos”. Perfect give-away gifts for guests as keepsake gifts.
Olive Dish from

Olive Oil Dipping Plates

These dipping plates can be made into any amazing shapes. Available in Vineyard Select Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar Dipping Plate, Love Infused Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar Dipping Plate and Taste of the Orchard Oil-Vinegar Dipping & Appetizer Plate. They are in high quality porcelain dish and can be perfectly match the theme of your special events. Also, they can be served as give-away gifts for guests or friends for daily use or as memorable keepsake gifts.
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Olive Bottle Stopper

Celebrate your splendid events with these Olive Bottle Stoppers, whether for wedding or bridal shower. The other popular Marvelous Martini Design Wine Bottle Stoppers. Accented with adorable and cute martini deisgn on the top of the stopper base. Both are perfect party favors or give-away gifts for guests in assorted kinds of events.
Olive Bottle Stopper from
Olive Bottle Stopper from
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