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31 Oct 2010 Sweet Sixteen Party Favors

Throwing a sweet 16 party for your son or daughter and cannot decide on what would be the right favors for your guests? Though it might sound daunting, it is not really so difficult a task in reality. While deciding what favors to give, you should take into consideration the interests and personal likings of the invitees.

There are plenty of unique personalized sweet 16 party favors for boys and girls available at your local party supplies store or an online gift shop. Eatables make a great sweet 16 party favor. A pack of chocolates or sweet 16 candy jars filled with assorted goodies are a huge hit with girls. Stationery items such as compass boxes, pens, pencils, sharpeners, erasers, dividers can be one of the best sweet 16 party favors for boys.

The choice is endless with a host of other favor ideas like makeup kits, jewelry, photo frames and personalized frosted glass candle holders. As sixteen is an age where teenagers get their driving licenses, it will be a great idea to give them key chains as a party favor. There are a variety of key chains available according to the theme of the sixteenth birthday that make great party favors. Generally speaking you can go with something that matches the theme of the party and is in accordance to your guests’ likings. The sweet 16 party favors for boys and girls is a way of thanking them for making your party special and rocking by attending it.

31 Oct 2010 Birthday Party Favor Ideas

Birthdays are definitely special, no matter how young and old you are. Kids are especially excited and are hungry for a bit of attention when birthdays come around. So when you are throwing a birthday bash, your guests also expect to be treated well and feel special. A great way of making your guests feel wanted are to get creative and thoughtful birthday party favors for them.

It is a good idea to match the birthday party favors to the birthday party theme. So if the theme is ‘Peter Pan’, you can dole out goodies related to that theme. You can also get your guests involved in the act by letting them create prints on shirts or scarves or make colored candles or paint pots or make paper flowers. Whatever they make, would be theirs to take home. Don’t you think that’d be a lot of fun?

Soaps shaped like roses, daisies, mannequins, ornaments, birds, animals, stars, leaves, hearts, shells, horse-shoes make great birthday favors. Candles or musical note place card holders also make nice gifts. You can actually have anything from crystal wine stoppers and travel candles to strange shaped key rings and stuffed teddy bears for your guests to take away. You can come up with as many party favor ideas as you can with birthday party ideas and birthday party themes.

27 Oct 2010 Fashion Tips – The Kids Style
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There are a lot of things about style that kids can teach us. Getting dressed is something that we can learn from them. For instance a kid knows how you can dress for success. There are some clothes that help to create a powerful and authoritative look. Like a sport jacket or suit and tie make a great first impression. In certain situations, deviating away from the ordinary also works well as a fashion trend.

Kids like the sensation or the feel of the fabric. The soft feel of velour, chenille, cotton knits and fleece is really nice. Fabrics like tweed, denim or velvet have a touch appeal. On the flip side of dressing to impress, the kids tend to go with looks that stray from the norm. Wearing shorts, hoodies, polos, cowboy boots or mixing crazy patterns can actually help in creating a wild and different look.

Cool features in T-shirts, shirts and pants are more important to kids than a mere brand name. It is indeed more fashionable to dress up in an ensemble that is more your style and complements your figure than to go with a Gucci or Burberry outfit. Camouflage pants, vests, hats, twirly skirts and fancy shoes are stuff that kids fancy. Adults can also experiment around with different looks to come up with something chic and trendy.

27 Oct 2010 Summer Fashion Trends
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A fresh look is inevitable for summer and most women love to wear clothes which keep them cool and comfortable. Flared skirts look great and fabrics like washed linen, rayon or cotton. Solids and prints are both in vogue but the fashion gurus say that a skirt should never be wider than it is long.

When it comes to patterns and prints, florals are an evergreen favorite. It is better to keep prints in proportion to your shape like larger frames look best in bigger blooms. Even for accessories, you can pick up a floral print handbag.

Tank tops are another eternal favorite though they might appear to be skimpy to some. One way to get rid of the skimpiness is to layer tank tops. Two complementary colored tanks can be combined for a great layered look. Lightweight cotton jersey is also perfect for layering.

Apart from these basic pieces of outerwear, a two piece swimsuit with an optional short skirt and shorts are a few other things that help to beat the summer heat. A walking short that is a couple of inches above the knee is just about perfect though the ideal length would depend on the wearer’s figure.

23 Oct 2010 The Oriental Flavor With Asian Favors

If you like the spice and mystic aura of the Oriental culture, then an Asian theme wedding might just be the best for you. To make your event a success, you would need choose décor elements that reflect the enchanting traditions of the Far East. Using nature motifs, gold elephants and the use of porcelain should make your setting look typically Eastern.

Choosing the right Asian favors for your guests is also very important. Silk fans that are embroidered with Asian symbol for good luck or love, silver card holding elephants, Asian themed champagne flutes, felt favor bags with Asian motifs, cherry blossom chopsticks and the like make great wedding favors. Asian theme weddings are dramatic and beautiful and your guests would simply love them.

You can have a laminated Chinese calendar at each place setting, or roll each up individually and tie with a ribbon matching the wedding colors. Lotus and cherry blossoms are famous in Japan, China, and other areas of Asia. These elegant and delicate blooms can be kept in a small vase at each guest’s place. Top these off with some sweet cherry blossom personalized lollipop favors for your guests. Thrill your guests with a wonderful Oriental wedding with amazing Asian favors as giveaways.

23 Oct 2010 Urban Clothing

Urban clothing has come a long way from its humble beginning way back in the 1970s. Leading design houses are also now focusing on creating this hip-hop style outerwear in various attractive hues and designs. The hip hop style clothing was mainly made popular by the hip-hop artists. Accessories such as street shoes to extra-large sunglasses, gold and silver plated necklaces and oversized earrings were in demand.

The 90’s marked a stark deviation from the fashion trend of the 70’s. Neon and brightly colored shirts, pants, hats and accessories began to be worn. Shirts with hoods, more popularly known as, ‘hoodies’, are now a piece of most every individual’s closet space. Oversized, solid t-shirts also became a popular look, with street denim. Blank T-shirts today is the perfect canvas for oversized accessories or designer jeans to stand out and be seen.

This generation of urban consumers has a very clear and thorough understanding of how fashion works and how to get a classy look by mixing and matching traditional dress shirts and tailored clothing. Fashion designers are also responding to this awareness by creating novel designs and lines of clothing for the urban street savvy individuals who look for comfort and yet want to maintain their unique look.

22 Oct 2010 Choosing Your Wedding Colors

Wedding colors are an integral part of any wedding decoration and thus need to be chosen with care. But how do you go about choosing the color for your big day. Deciding on the wedding color is indeed the starting point for couples. Ideally the chosen color should complement the setting as well as coincide with the season. Also the color/s that you choose should bring out your personality and the mood you want to create. Vibrant colors add drama, while soft colors evoke a more romantic atmosphere.

If you have a favorite shade, but don’t know what else will go with it, try consulting a simple color wheel. Popular wedding color themes generally reflect current fashion trends but you should choose something that will make your special day as unique as your love for each other.

Once you zero in on the colors to be used, you can easily choose the decorations, centerpieces and wedding favors. Everything from the table décor, the bridal gown, bridesmaid dresses to unique favors for your guest would have a unified appeal when you decide on a specific wedding color.

22 Oct 2010 Women’s Shirts-Then and Now
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Women’s shirts have been in fashion from a long time. From the days when jeans were tight, shoes were bright and rock was a lot younger than it is now, casual and work shirts had been a staple of women’s fashion. These shirts have always captured a woman’s individuality and sported awesome cuts and designs.

But women’s shirts have come a long way from being just a casual wear to becoming a staple in everyday office wear. Fashion more particularly when it comes to outerwear is all about being unique. The different styles of women’s shirts being designed by top fashion brands today can make anyone look “in trend” without looking exactly like every other person.

For women, clothing functions as a form of adornment as well as an expression of personal taste or style. Gone are the days when you were happy with wearing just anything. Big fashion houses have also started realizing this and are coming up with unique and innovative patterns and styles in women’s shirts. You’ll be stepping into the trend zone with the addition of these work shirts in your wardrobe.

15 Oct 2010 Fall Fashion Classics
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What would be a fashion classic this fall? Most definitely, fashion that inspires beauty tips and tricks that are totally do-able. Keep an eye out for the trends of the season. Look out for outerwear that would look great this fall and be a perfect addition to your wardrobe.

A great tailored jacket — fitted to show off feminine curves can be paired with everything from work trousers to jeans. The best traditional fall jacket fabrics are tweed, corduroy, denim or menswear plaids. A jacket adds structure and smoothens out lumps and bumps for all shapes.

A crisp white long sleeved shirt is a basic for your fall wardrobe. You can choose from cotton with stretch, fitted silhouettes, cuff and sleeve details, collar variations and they all work under everything from cardigans to jackets.

A turtleneck sweater is a must have this fall as it brings focus to your face. A mock turtleneck is a good option if you don’t like the bulk of a true turtleneck. A black turtleneck is the ultimate classic as it can be paired off with almost any accessories and outfits.

12 Oct 2010 Butterfly Theme

For a spring summer wedding, a butterfly theme is just great. For a light and colorful look, you can choose pastel or bright colors for the bridesmaid dresses and have all kinds of butterflies for your décor. Bridal gowns with accent colors are becoming very popular. Tiaras with rhinestone butterflies are a beautiful touch to a bridal hairstyle. Everything about the wedding should be in tune with the butterfly theme.

The ceremony decorations and accessories as well as invitations should also reflect the central theme. For instance fabric butterflies can be wired into virtually any floral arrangement like bridesmaid bouquets and pew decorations. A popular trend of releasing butterflies at weddings may also sound like a good idea. Whether they are real butterflies or fake ones, they would just give a great overall effect.

Butterfly centerpieces are also popular in wedding ceremonies. A butterfly represents a free spirit and exhibits awesome beauty as it flies. The butterfly wedding centerpiece is a charming and sweat way to get and elegant butterfly look at your wedding. They are elegant and can look great with charming butterflies. With butterfly weddings you can have them all over the place for decorations. To complete the entire look you can have butterfly favors that relate to your butterfly wedding. Finally enjoy your butterfly wedding and make the reception a memorable one.