22 Oct 2010 Women’s Shirts-Then and Now
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Women’s shirts have been in fashion from a long time. From the days when jeans were tight, shoes were bright and rock was a lot younger than it is now, casual and work shirts had been a staple of women’s fashion. These shirts have always captured a woman’s individuality and sported awesome cuts and designs.

But women’s shirts have come a long way from being just a casual wear to becoming a staple in everyday office wear. Fashion more particularly when it comes to outerwear is all about being unique. The different styles of women’s shirts being designed by top fashion brands today can make anyone look “in trend” without looking exactly like every other person.

For women, clothing functions as a form of adornment as well as an expression of personal taste or style. Gone are the days when you were happy with wearing just anything. Big fashion houses have also started realizing this and are coming up with unique and innovative patterns and styles in women’s shirts. You’ll be stepping into the trend zone with the addition of these work shirts in your wardrobe.