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05 Aug 2016 New Bridal Shower Party Favors from Fashioncraft

We’ve recently received some new party favors from Fashioncraft that would be perfect for any bridal shower! Each party favor features different stylish designs that any fashionista would love to receive. Travel-sized, these party favors are perfect to throw in your purse if you’re always on-the-go! From manicure sets to compact mirrors, our new bridal shower favors will surely be a hit at your bridal shower.

New Bridal Shower Party Favors from Fashioncraft at HotRef

Purse Caddy

Every girl needs a place to put her purse when out on the town! A great bridal shower gift that every girl will definitely appreciate are purse caddies! We’ve got a few new gorgeous purse caddy party favors that would not only be great for bridal showers, but for birthdays parties as well:

Sparkling Blingy Purse Caddy from HotRef

Murano Glass Purse Caddy from HotRef

Perfectly Plain Collection Purse Hooks from HotRef

Manicure Set

As a fashionable and practical gift,  one of our new manicure/pedicure sets would make a great bridal shower party favor or bridesmaids’ gift! Available in various designs, these adorable travel-size manicure sets can easily be stored in a woman’s purse for emergencies and on-the-go.

Manicure Set from Fashioncraft at HotRefFrom top left to bottom right:

Compact Mirror

Just about every woman loves having a compact mirror that she can carry around just in case of make-up emergencies! We’re recently received some adorable compact mirrors that would make great bridal shower party favors, as well as bridesmaids gifts and birthday favors! Available in different different fun designs, these favors can be placed in a purse or make-up bag for safe-keeping.

Compact Mirror from Fashioncraft at HotRefFrom top left to bottom right:

These fabulous Adorable Hello Gorgeous Compact Mirror come in an assortment of pastel colors! They feature 2 types of mirrors: one 1x magnification and one 2x magnification. These adorable compact mirrors will surely be a hit at your bridal shower.

Adorable Hello Gorgeous Compact Mirror from HotRef

Aluminum Wallet

Fun and fashionable, these aluminum wallets are what makes these the perfect bridal shower favors! Slim and lightweight, these stylish wallets can be stored in a purse or pocket. When you open them, the inside fans out like an accordion to hold all your credit cards, IDs and photos.  The tough aluminum exterior blocks RFID readers so your personal information stays safely stored.

Aluminum Fashion Wallet from Fashioncraft at HotRefFrom top left to bottom right:

Ring Holder

Give your girlfriends a place to store their precious rings! Our Lucky Elephant Ring Holder (available in silver or gold), can do just that! Not only can they place their rings safely on the elephant, but these elephants are also good luck charms as the elephant’s trunk lifted up symbolized good luck and fortune.

Lucky Elephant Ring Holder in Silver and Gold from HotRefWhich party favor will you be gifting your girlfriends at your bridal shower? Comment below and let us know!

31 May 2015 Bling Wedding Events

Your wedding will look a little bit costly and luxury under the foil of Bling Wedding Party Favors. They are sure to leave a great impression to party guests. Some of them can be selected as give-away gifts that guests can keep them as memorable keepsakes for years to come. Next, let’s have a look at these charming bling party favors for bling wedding events.

Bling Wedding Favors from

Bling Heart Design Accessory Set

Your wedding day is a day that dreams are made of – a special day of love, togetherness and celebration. So we plan to use Bling Heart Design Accessory Set to make your wedding shine.

Bling Heart Design Accessory Set from

Bling Collection Photo Frames

It is certain to capture guests’ eyes on these Bling Collection Photo Frames. They are so practical that either can be used as place card holders in the wedding event or as photo frames  at home. So do these Bling Collection Place Card/Photo Holders.

Bling Collection Frames from

Bling Collection place card/photo holders from

Bling Collection Jewelry Box

This Bling Collection Jewelry Box will add bling and epic style to your special occasion. Not just hold your jewelry in style, but has the bling of its own. This sparkling bling curio boxes are sure to dazzle guests’ eyes at your wedding, showers, birthday and anniversary.

Bling Collection Jewelry Box from

Bling Collection Frame Keychain Favors

Take a picture of the beautiful wedding with you everywhere with this nifty trinket for friends and family. The Bling Collection Frame Keychain Favors are practical and memorable, and accented with a lot of dazzling bling. Perfect for a photo from the special day, or of someone special to you, these photo frame key chains are the perfect portable gift for your loved ones.

Bling Collection Frame Keychain Favors from

Dazzling Bling Frames

Bring an elegant touch to your table with these dazzling bling frames from our Bling Collection Favors.  Take one look at this fabulous frame, we guarantee you this white bling photo frame will take favor elegance and style to a whole new level. Ideal for your wedding, anniversary, bridal shower, formal occasions or just a picture.

Dazzling Bling Frames from

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– Amanda