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12 Aug 2014 Promotional Travel Products From Leed’s
Some necessities are indispensable during travelling which provide tourists with much convenience in deed. In order to offer you more convenience, we would like to recommend you more Promotional Travel Products for your selection. They can not only be used for your own, but also can be sent as a business gift in company.
Promotional Travel Products from

Promotional Credit Card Bottle Opener

Open a bottle of wine in this Credit Card Size Bottle Opener instead of that big and heavy one. This bottle opener is in the shape of credit card and can be put into wallet easily. You will never be worried about a bottle opener that has heavy weight and large volume.
Credit Card Size Bottle Opener from

Promotional Money Clip

Promotional Money Clip can be sent as a business gift which is widely used by business men who are often engaged in business. Owing to the fact that they usually deal with money which will be easily lost without the money clip. Here introduce you a classical pattern of Zippo Money Clip, it can be safely held money, credit card and bulk currencies. Any risk of money lost can be avoided.
Zippo Money Clip from

Promotional Card Holder

Oh, dear! Where is my card? I can’t find it. Such a problem may occur in our daily life. Promotional Business Card Holder can help you collect a variety of cards together so that can avoid being lost and keep your business cards all together.  It is very good way for your business.  Cutter & Buck Legacy Business Card Holder is a brand item and perfect touch for holding driver’s license, credit card, ID card and your business card, especially for business men. They can be used as wallet as well.
Cutter & Buck Legacy Business Card Holder from

Promotional Luggage Tag

Promotional Luggage Tag is widely used when you go abroad for international business conference or vocations. This Millennium Leather Retractable ID Tag can hold a standard business card and with an adjustable cord. In addition, it can be customized to add your company’s logo so that others will know you. If you are interested in luggage tag, we have specially made a blog for promotional luggage tag.
Millennium Leather Retractable ID Tag from

Promotional Travel Adapter

Everything is well prepared, but don’t forget to take Travel Adapter. It is a practical tool wherever you go. Universal Travel Adapter with USB Port can change among four bulit-in international plugs so that you can charge electronic devices in more than 150 countries. What’s more, USB port on this adapter can also be used to recharged camera, PDA, MP3 player, GPS unit, and more.
Universal Travel Adapter with USB Port from

Promotional Travel Accessories

Of course, Promotional Travel Accessories play an important part in travelling. Comfort Travel Set is a considerate parter during the travelling process. This set consists of a wrap case, inflatable neck pillow, eye mask, ear plugs, and travel alarm clock with snooze feature and batteries. They are sure to provide you with a comfortable journey.
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22 Nov 2013 Corporate Gift idea: Money Clip
For style and sophistication, stand out from the crowd by giving a dazzling promotional money clip which can be engraved to your specification. Money clips are a status symbol in Corporate Gifts of the business world, and a great way to advertise your business.

Zippo Money Clip

Thinking of giving money to a college graduate or maybe a nephew or grandsons 21st birthday, wrap it up in a sterling silver money clip and engrave it with a special message. This classic Zippo Money Clip comes in a compact design and is fantistic for completing any wallet or pocket book.

Timepiece Money Clip

A stylish and unique gift for both men and women. This Timepiece Money Clip can be engraved and personalised on the front making a great personal item. Doubles as a money clip and a watch, this stainless steel money clip are sure to be appreciated by fashion-forward professionals.

Personlized Arrowhead money clip

Perfect for keeping all your notes safe in your pocket this stylish silver plated Personlized Arrowhead money clip is a great thrifty gift idea. Sleek and contemporary, this silver-toned clip includes room for the recipient’s initials. Great as promotional items or gifts for him.

Personalized Metro Leather Wallet / Money Clip

Doubles as a classic leather wallet and money clip, this Personalized Metro Leather Wallet / Money Clip is a perfect item as a thoughtful gift for someone special. And money clip can be engraved to create a unique personalised gift for personal use or promotional purpose.

Personalized Smart money clip / credit card holder

A polished money clip. This Personalized Smart money clip / credit card holder is made of stainless steel and doubles as money clip and credit card holder. Silver plated plain money clip with rounded edge. Keep those loose notes tidy with this beautiful gift perfect for a loved one.

Personalized Leather Wallet & Money Clip

This Personalized Leather Wallet & Money Clip is a perfect item as elegant promotions and ideal client and employee recognition gifts with your logo printed on. Including an exterior money clip and an additional side pocket for holding receipts.

26 Nov 2008 Money Clip – Engraved Business Gift

Money Clip – Engraved Business Gift

Generally, a money clip is a tool used to store cash or credit cards in a stylish way for those people that don’t want to carry a wallet. It securely wedges the bills and credit cards in between the two pieces of metal, eliminating. The money clip, although functional, is also one of the accessories of business men and women, or commonly used by the upper echelon of society. It is a great option for business people to carry around their cash without trouble of pulling out their wallet.

There are different types of money clip and materials that they were made from, such as Metal, Magnetic and Rubber Variant. Metal made clips are typically the most luxurious clips compared from the rest. It is luxurious because it is made from stainless steel, gold, silver and titanium metals. However, due to inflexibility of metal, it can only enable you to hold a small amount of cash. Magnetic made clips are typically made from two flat rectangular or maybe circular magnets covered in leather. It is separated with another small piece of leather allowing them to swivel open and close.

Unlike metal clip, magnetic clips allow you to hold larger amounts of cash, but it is not advisable to hold credit cards because the magnet can cause distortion and it can even erase magnetic stripes. Another type is the rubber variant that enables you to group credit cards together while folding bills into thirds, and combining them with the rubber band around. Because this is not really a money clip, a rubber band variant can also serve the same purpose like money clips. Hybrid money clip is the most functional of all the clips. It is typically designed to hold cash, credit cards and ATM cards. They come in different designs with solid plastic or magnetic clip.

Other modern money clips have evolved to include additional functional features. Such item is a hybrid money clip. It allows you to attach cash, credit cards and ATM cards. You may find items that look like a small leather wallet that allows for additional carrying space to house credit cards, ATM cards or business cards. However, this type of money clip is much larger compared with traditional clips.

Another popular design for these items are those that comes with a personalized touch. To make it even more special, you’ll be able to have your initials engraved on it. Personalized money clips come in different designs and styles that can match different personalities.

If you are a sport minded person, you might want to consider NFL Emblem Money Clip. And for a more elegant look you might want to consider a Throttle Stainless Steel Money Clip. This can also make an ideal distinguished gift item to congratulate the success of your colleague. Make it more special be engraving his name on it.

These items can come in handy for anyone when wearing formal dress on special occasions or events such as weddings, black tie or red carpet celebrations. Many professionals opt for money clips when they are in a business setting. To find personalized money clip, you can try browsing the Internet for online stores that offer these items. This is a very easy and more comfortable way of locating good stores that offer a variety of selections to choose from. They also sell other engravable gifts that are perfect for your special professionals such as leather desk sets.
 (Author:  Janet Verra )