26 Nov 2008 Money Clip – Engraved Business Gift

Money Clip – Engraved Business Gift

Generally, a money clip is a tool used to store cash or credit cards in a stylish way for those people that don’t want to carry a wallet. It securely wedges the bills and credit cards in between the two pieces of metal, eliminating. The money clip, although functional, is also one of the accessories of business men and women, or commonly used by the upper echelon of society. It is a great option for business people to carry around their cash without trouble of pulling out their wallet.

There are different types of money clip and materials that they were made from, such as Metal, Magnetic and Rubber Variant. Metal made clips are typically the most luxurious clips compared from the rest. It is luxurious because it is made from stainless steel, gold, silver and titanium metals. However, due to inflexibility of metal, it can only enable you to hold a small amount of cash. Magnetic made clips are typically made from two flat rectangular or maybe circular magnets covered in leather. It is separated with another small piece of leather allowing them to swivel open and close.

Unlike metal clip, magnetic clips allow you to hold larger amounts of cash, but it is not advisable to hold credit cards because the magnet can cause distortion and it can even erase magnetic stripes. Another type is the rubber variant that enables you to group credit cards together while folding bills into thirds, and combining them with the rubber band around. Because this is not really a money clip, a rubber band variant can also serve the same purpose like money clips. Hybrid money clip is the most functional of all the clips. It is typically designed to hold cash, credit cards and ATM cards. They come in different designs with solid plastic or magnetic clip.

Other modern money clips have evolved to include additional functional features. Such item is a hybrid money clip. It allows you to attach cash, credit cards and ATM cards. You may find items that look like a small leather wallet that allows for additional carrying space to house credit cards, ATM cards or business cards. However, this type of money clip is much larger compared with traditional clips.

Another popular design for these items are those that comes with a personalized touch. To make it even more special, you’ll be able to have your initials engraved on it. Personalized money clips come in different designs and styles that can match different personalities.

If you are a sport minded person, you might want to consider NFL Emblem Money Clip. And for a more elegant look you might want to consider a Throttle Stainless Steel Money Clip. This can also make an ideal distinguished gift item to congratulate the success of your colleague. Make it more special be engraving his name on it.

These items can come in handy for anyone when wearing formal dress on special occasions or events such as weddings, black tie or red carpet celebrations. Many professionals opt for money clips when they are in a business setting. To find personalized money clip, you can try browsing the Internet for online stores that offer these items. This is a very easy and more comfortable way of locating good stores that offer a variety of selections to choose from. They also sell other engravable gifts that are perfect for your special professionals such as leather desk sets.
 (Author:  Janet Verra )