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Personalized champagne flute:-

Champagne flutes is an elegant choice to make ,for gifting it as a favor in the wedding.Its a personal gift but at the same time maintains the practicality and  one’s status.It gives luxury touch to the wedding decoration because this champagne flutes are hand made and designed with elegant crystals or toasting flutes which are auspicious for this type of event.Now a days ,personalized champagne flutes has been set as a symbol of tradition of celebrating wedding. It is obtained from wine with the process of fermentation and later its carbonated to achieve the end result.The outlook is very important to be considered  while making selection because good impression is basically depends on the appearance.

Personalized glasses and toasting glasses:-

A plain glass as a gift can be uninteresting, so to make it cheerful it should be personalized depending on the personality of the recipient. To make others have a blissful experience personalized wedding glasses are very obvious option.To personalize it,one has to decide will it be a favorite quotation of the recipient or meaning ful picture or some sort of message to be used. It should be always taken care that the length of the text and quotation must not be too small nor too long but appropriate that can suffice the purpose and same goes with images.Whatever be the idea of personalizing but it should be stylish and unique. Bride and groom toasting glasses are also perfect favors for a wedding .A toast is raised in the gratitude of expressing honor. Basically, wedding toasting glasses are for the bride and groom who cheers for their upcoming married life.

Calla lilies are the perfect flower for the wedding ceremonies.It has a long stem with beautiful curve at the tip with a trumpet shape down the tip.It is two types in sizes one is standard and the other is mini. Here we are talking about the callas lillies bouquet so mini sized calla lilies match the purpose .The cost varies with colour ,size and length of the stem.The selection of the size of the flower depends on the type of arrangement one is planning .Placing a bunch of lillies in the centerpiece can attract the attention of the visitors but as it is a flower with distinctive feature of being a great drinker,water is required to be changed very often so that it doesn’t loose its freshness ad beauty.


Wedding favors are an integral part of any ceremony and reception.It is given as token of appreciation to each guest’s who participate in your wedding.The type of favors to be given depends upon the number of attendees.Generally, these favors are inexpensive so each guest’s can be gifted with one.Giving favors to the guest’s has now became a tradition , which had started long time back and now it is followed out of people’s own interest depending upon their budget.It is also assumed to be a good luck for the couple who would share their life and fortune after today’s event.There are various personalised favors which can even used for decorating purposes and there are also some edible wedding favors such as cookies, mint, cakes, tea bags etc.


Wedding cake candle favors are used to decorate the wedding cake and it is believed that candles are the traditional symbol of enlightenment in the life of the would be married couple. A personalized message can be attached to these candles writting a message or poem or methodological scripts on it. Wedding cakes are very delicate and are shaped in a three decker. It comes in various colours rose pink , white and many more. For the bride and groom, wedding day is the biggest day of their life ,they want to make it memorable for others too by giving out wedding cake favors.


Porcelain is simply an ceramic material which is formed by heating some raw material on a specified temperature in a klin. Porcelain is used for making decorative wares ,tiles, sanitary etc because of its toughness, brittleness and glassiness.This also forms tealight holder which is basically used in weddings like event.

Porcelain tea light holders are formed by the unique technique creating wonderful shadows.They are approx 8 cm in size which is presented to the guest as favors in a box of recycled material. Tealight candle holders also works as a stand for candle.They are beautiful but very simple and inexpensive to afford which gives very trendy look to the wedding decorations.

14 Feb 2011 Silver Wedding Favors

Now days every wedding is celebrated in a very different and unique manner, different from what others do. Wedding is a very special and exciting occasion for the couples who are getting married, and the wedding ceremony is celebrated in a very decorative manner the whole marriage hall is decorated with lights, candles and by many other decorative objects.

What is Wedding Favor?

Wedding Favor are not only a wedding gift, given to the guest, but an useful things by which we can decorate our house for example Candles, Soaps etc made of wood or silver. If we want to have a really simple and inexpensive favor, silver wedding favors are the best gifts which the guest can take home with them, and decorate their houses.

Silver Wedding Favors is the best classy choice, which can match any of your themes we choose for the wedding. This is the best choice and we cannnot be wrong in our choice if we are gifting Silver Favor to our guest. These silver wedding favors can be used from pen to kitchen stuffs. The good feature of this gift is that names and signs can be written on them and also the date of wedding for giving a personalized touch. By seeing these gifts at their place the guest remembers about the special day.

Heart Wedding Favor:-

Heart is most common sign used for the word love, there are many ways in our wedding where we can use heart wedding favor to gift it to our wedding guests, we can gift these heart shape favor in candy packing, heart shape cakes and heart shape candles which can be useful for our guest in decorating their tables and living rooms.

Measuring Spoons Wedding Favors:-

The very first question that’s comes in our mind is that why do people gift favors to their guest’s, the answer is simple because people want to thank and appreciate their guest to come down to their celebration. While gifting measuring spoon wedding favors we consider it to be themost commonly used utensil by a women in her kitchen and not only this we can also gift recipe book.

Love Beyond Measure:-

We all know, there is just one thing which no one can measure but just can express its love.And to celebrate love in between the couple these lovely love beyond measure heart measuring spoons is given as favor to the guest.This is one of the perfect gift given for family reunion or reception or bridal shower.Basically every favor is just out of the graditude to express the feeling of welcome to their guest.


A  union of two different  individuals into one relationship based upon different factors such as mutual love, affection, attraction and commitment.To celebrate this special ocassion , guest out of their gratitude appreciate their wedding being part of their happiness.When anyone plan their wedding ,they want it to be perfect.It is done with the help of different but unique and elegant wedding favors.There are many wedding and ceremonies which decides olive oil as their wedding theme.It enhances the fun as well as richness in their relation.It gives unique flavour to wedding atmosphere. Olive oil favors are useful for the guest’s in various ways -cooking , cosmetic and medicinal purposes.One thing which an individual must keep in mind while choosing favor as olive, it is as complicated as choosing fine wine.The variety in olive oil varies, on the basis of different type of soil in which olive is grown.

Olive oil as love wedding favours rejuvinate all the excitement in the couple.These favors are gifted in a bottle or some beautifully decorated container.It gives a personalised touch by wrapping the container with a pretty ribbon and a gift tag is attached stating the name of the couple.Different products are made out of this oil which again gifted as favors such as soap which is natural and pure and it does wonder for skin by giving moist and soft essence.This is a great mean to show romance in your wedding and reception .Everyone experience this special day once in their lifetime so they want it to make different and special so that even their guest get mesmerise by recalling their wedding event.Based on love theme beautiful candles, photo frames and other love favors and decoration highlights the romance and passion between the bride and groom.

Last but not the least a thumb rule which must be taken care of while making selection of wedding decoration especially the type and shape of candles, which depends how long does an event continues.A big question arises when to gift favors to the guest’s?It can be at the end of the ceremony as thanking gift or at the time guest’s pass through the entrance of the venue of the event.


A place card is made up of a piece of paper subtly indicating a guest at wedding ceremony or reception which table has been assigned for them to sit. Place cards basically contains the name of the guest’s and the number of the table on which a particular guest is required to be seated .It is not merely a plain sheet of paper but a well value added designed card which enhances the decor of wedding as it is based on the wedding theme. Too much flashy design must be avoided as it can hamper the agenda for having this card as favor for wedding ceremony .It gives a uniquely authentic wedding accent. Place card wedding favors can make the guest feel special and welcomed.

If , at the entrance of the reception avenue a chart is attached stating the seat arrangement then even
guest’s would be glad that their host is happy that they have participated in their happiness and spread it by sharing an event.


Place cards form a part of any wedding ceremony now a days because its serves the purpose of
identifying one to someone who might be stranger to each other. It also reduces the hassle of searching their seats and hampering the wedding environment by crowding unnecessarily. At few wedding it is provided as menu to make the guest know what food is going to be served.


Place card for wedding is stylish and well designed to be able to get the appreciation from the guest, it adds extra cost to the wedding budget.

At times, using of place cards get controversial because guest’s might want to sit anywhere as per
their wish and choice. In this case, directing them might give a negative impression.

Place settings are wonderfully decorated with floral place card favors which are unique for table
decorations. Its outline is made up of elegant texture such as seashell, rhinestone, and many more. They also suffice the purpose in the events like engagement parties and tea parties. Examples are paper fan, shell; pearlized shell etc.Wedding place cards are an easy way to give a personalized touch. It’s an innovative approach to control the wedding pressure.



It is basically, a small gifts presented to the guest by the bride and groom during the ceremony
so that the guest can remember their wedding as one of the most memorable event they were part
of. This gift is given in the appreciation of guest’s gratitude and also to welcome them. There are
various wedding favors such as candle favors, personalized favors etc.


Personalized candle favors are use to give a romantic touch on the day of wedding. Here the word personalize refers to writing of bride and grooms name on the candle to make it more unique and mesmerizing. Best example would be “Apple of my eye” it’s a mini-candle of an apple shaped
wrapped in a gift boxes with a beautiful red ribbon. This is another way of thanking your guest
for attending your wedding.


Asian wedding favors are one of the most authentic and elegant favors. It expresses nationality
with pride, while satisfying your wander last nature. Few of them are cherry blossoms, laughing
Buddha, tranquility and many more. It brings distinctive finishing to your wedding. A favor
which is of worth mentioning in Asian wedding theme are double happiness keepsake candles. They are sleek and charming to look at and size of the candle is 1 1/2″ square. Presenting it as a favors entails sophistication of wedding as it is given in favor gift boxes with a golden ribbon around with a tag addressing the guests.


Oriental wedding favors are based on happiness and luck which makes them more creative.  Organza bags can be used to pack up the favors such as printing couple’s name on decals, wrapping of fortune cookies, paper lantern and putting a sticker of couple’s name and wedding
date on it.

There are various favors to choose from based on various wedding themes depending on the
nature and price .Favors enchant the guest and helps to create a life time impact of the wedding.
It might start from personalized tag to anything which would make the gifts elegant.

03 Feb 2011 Wedding Theme,Favors and Decorations

When it comes to weddings, it is the theme that usually governs most, if not, all of its elements, from
what the groom and bride wear, to what the guests should wear, to the food, the centerpieces, and
even the wedding favors are affected by it.

After all, the theme determines whether you’ll be using winter wedding favors, snowflake bottle
, snowflake wedding favors, bottle opener wedding favor, and so on and so forth, depending
on the overall theme.

Most of the time, the theme depends upon the season in which the wedding is being held. For example, in the wedding favors illustrated above, most, if not all, are based on weddings whose themes are centered on the winter season, and in such, would most likely be held during winter.

Remember, that when choosing the right type of decoration, it must also fit in with the overall theme
and for that, you must choose colors that are related to the theme or to the season, or so-called,
seasonal colors. For example, fall is often associated with brown, while winter is white, summer is red and bright colors, and so on and so forth.

If you happen to be the one doing the decorations and favors for your own wedding, it would be wise to do your own research about the colors associated with the season so as you won’t be choosing one that necessarily does not fit in at all. Also, try to be as creative as possible, especially with the favors, so that they are as memorable as they can be.

Remember, the secret to having memorable decorations and favors is creativity, and with that, people, your guests, will most likely appreciate the fact that these decorations were creatively made, and if they were done by you, then they will be able to appreciate it even more, since you spent much time on it.

03 Feb 2011 Tips on Choosing Your Wedding Favors

Wedding favors, for all that we know, are one of the more essential things when it comes to weddings,
in line with the food, the groom and the bride of course, the corsage, and other things. However,
wedding favors in particular, often take a backseat in the midst of all the preparation and in such times, couples often find themselves confused on what wedding candle favors and rose candle favor to give away to their guests.

So, if you happen to be a couple that’s a few months away before a wedding and is in the midst of all the preparation, or if you just want to know how to choose wedding favors to avoid making a mistake in the future, then read the following tips.

It is important to note that wedding favors are often considered last due to the fact that it is one
of the more versatile parts of the wedding. It also doesn’t have to be expensive, and can be as
extravagant as rose ball candle favors, or something simply like just a candle with decorative

Make sure that the wedding favors that you’ll be giving away are in line with the overall theme
of your wedding. Doing so makes it more likely that the guests will appreciate it more, and also,
make it more memorable and be able to blend in with the overall wedding as well.

To save money, centerpieces and favors can be treated as one. For example, a centerpiece can
be a candle, or something of the liking, and at the same time, it can also serve as the favor to be
given away to the guests after the wedding.

Just remember that when it comes to wedding favors, you just need to be as creative as possible
and as you can.

03 Feb 2011 Wedding Favors that Suit Your Needs

Any type of wedding needs a lot of preparation. A lot of things that need to be prepared, to be done and to be bought, and one of those are the wedding reception favors to be given away to the guests and the people that come to the wedding as a token of appreciation for their presence.

These wedding favors can range from peas in a pod salt and pepper shakers, to salt pepper shakers
wedding favors, and other types of wedding favors, but, what is important for couples that are to be
wed is to choose one that suits their needs.

One thing that should always be remembered when it comes to wedding favors is the fact that they
don’t always need to be expensive to be memorable. In fact, they are one of the few things in a wedding that you can easily cut costs on without having to think about any consequences, as long as they are still done beautifully and creatively.

Yes, creatively, that is one factor that should always be applied to any type of wedding favor. Also, being creative with wedding favors will lead it to become memorable, and when it is memorable, you are able to fulfill the job of the favors, and that is, to give something memorable to your guests and something that would help them remember and never forget about your wedding day.

Remember, that your wedding day is supposed to be a day to remember, not just for you, but for your guests as well, and that comes with all the preparation that should be done, and even though you can easily choose to use wedding favors that are cheap, they are still one of the key factors that determine on whether a wedding will stay a pleasant memory in the minds of your guests or not.

03 Feb 2011 Cutting Back on Wedding Costs – The Wedding Favors

Nowadays, being thrifty and wise when it comes to spending money is as crucial as it has ever been.
What with the global recession hitting more than 3/4s of the world’s countries and their economies,
which is why, even in wedding, it is important to cut back on costs, especially on the beach wedding

The reason to cut costs, most especially on the candle wedding favor, is the fact that it is one of the
things in the wedding that you can cut back on costs without compromising the overall beauty and
extravagance of the wedding. In short, favors need not to be expensive to be memorable, they just have to be creative.

The only problem is, not all couples are creative. They might have a few ideas or so, but, there will be
some couples that have no talent when it comes to art and designing, but, truth be told, your problems with your candles wedding favors isn’t really much, especially when given the fact that you can find a lot of guides over the internet that will help you make your very own wedding favors.

Remember, making your own wedding favors can be advantageous in so many ways. For one, it helps
you save a lot of money, plus, it also gives you memories that you will cherish for the rest of your lives. You and your husband, as well as your relatives and friends may be working on it, and while working on it, you bond, make memories and you’ll be much closer to your husband.

With all that said, making the wedding favors on your own isn’t really that much of a bad idea, especially since there are a lot benefits, from having more financial freedom, to spending more time with your husband, and most of all, your guests will appreciate the favors more since you are the one that personally made them.