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20 Nov 2015 Snowflake Party Favors for Winter Party

Since winter holiday is coming soon, we have received a large number of orders from customers placing winter party favors with us. Last time we introduced you winter snowflake favors from KateAspen. Today we wanna to recommend more Snowflake Party Favors that come from Artisano Design, another excellent vendor. These snowflake party favors can be used to adorn winter wedding, bridal shower, birthday, Christmas party or more winter holiday events.

Snowflake Party Favors from HotRef.com

“Winter Wishes” Snowflake Favor Box

The “Winter Wishes” Snowflake Favor Box is a perfect addition for all things in winter. From wedding and birthday to baby shower and more, these beautiful favor boxes will be a hit in your winter events. Pack some small gifts or gadgets to give your guests a big surprise.

“Shimmering Crystals” Snowflake Placecard Holder

Our “Shimmering Crystals” Snowflake Mini Photo Frame / Place Card Holder will fit a variety of occasions for the end of the year. These frames can be used for directing loved ones to their table settings or as photo holders to commemorate the special day.

Snowflake Bottle Stopper

The Snowflake Bottle Stopper is certain to be a memorable trinket for friends and family during an array of special occasions. Each chrome bottle stopper is highlighted by a snowflake shaped ornament. Well suited for weddings, birthdays, bridal showers, and all things winter themed.

Snowflake Bottle Stopper from HotRef.com

“Winter Lights” Snowflake Tea Light Candle Holder

The “Winter Lights” Snowflake Tea Light Candle Holder feature a snowflake design along the side in winter-blue, as well as a top and bottom border. The set of 4 can be used as a means for seating friends and family, or handing them out as a way to remember the special day spent with you.

Winter Wishes 3D Snowflake Cookie Cutter

Celebrate a winter holiday wedding and party with this “Winter Wishes” 3D Snowflake Cookie Cutter so that let your guests feel the spirit. This cookie cutter is unique design in the shape of real snowflake. Made of stainless steel. A fun and playful keepsake favor gift for your seasonal and holiday party event.

Winter Wishes 3D Snowflake Cookie Cutter from HotRef.com

Holiday Wishes Snowflake Spreader

Spread delectable cheese or delicious spaghetti to friends or guests in this “Holiday Wishes” Snowflake Spreader. This shiny chrome finished spreader with classical snowflake handle top is gift-ready. The snowflake spreader can be served as holiday party decor in your seasonal wedding or company holiday party.

Holiday Wishes Snowflake Spreader from HotRef.com

Winter Wishes Snowflake Napkin Rings

Whether for wedding or winter holiday party, these “Winter Wishes” Snowflake Napkin Rings are perfect party favors for your celebrations. They’re a delicate touch that can be commonly seen on holiday tables and guests will love to take home. Perfect party favors for winter wedding, bridal or baby shower, birthday and more occasions.

Winter Wishes Snowflake Napkin Rings from HotRef.com

Welcome to visit our more winter snowflake favors on Pinterest board if you are fond of these winter favors! Hope you to have a successful planning on winter holiday events!

– Amanda

03 Feb 2011 Wedding Theme,Favors and Decorations

When it comes to weddings, it is the theme that usually governs most, if not, all of its elements, from
what the groom and bride wear, to what the guests should wear, to the food, the centerpieces, and
even the wedding favors are affected by it.

After all, the theme determines whether you’ll be using winter wedding favors, snowflake bottle
, snowflake wedding favors, bottle opener wedding favor, and so on and so forth, depending
on the overall theme.

Most of the time, the theme depends upon the season in which the wedding is being held. For example, in the wedding favors illustrated above, most, if not all, are based on weddings whose themes are centered on the winter season, and in such, would most likely be held during winter.

Remember, that when choosing the right type of decoration, it must also fit in with the overall theme
and for that, you must choose colors that are related to the theme or to the season, or so-called,
seasonal colors. For example, fall is often associated with brown, while winter is white, summer is red and bright colors, and so on and so forth.

If you happen to be the one doing the decorations and favors for your own wedding, it would be wise to do your own research about the colors associated with the season so as you won’t be choosing one that necessarily does not fit in at all. Also, try to be as creative as possible, especially with the favors, so that they are as memorable as they can be.

Remember, the secret to having memorable decorations and favors is creativity, and with that, people, your guests, will most likely appreciate the fact that these decorations were creatively made, and if they were done by you, then they will be able to appreciate it even more, since you spent much time on it.