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20 Nov 2015 Snowflake Party Favors for Winter Party

Since winter holiday is coming soon, we have received a large number of orders from customers placing winter party favors with us. Last time we introduced you winter snowflake favors from KateAspen. Today we wanna to recommend more Snowflake Party Favors that come from Artisano Design, another excellent vendor. These snowflake party favors can be used to adorn winter wedding, bridal shower, birthday, Christmas party or more winter holiday events.

Snowflake Party Favors from HotRef.com

“Winter Wishes” Snowflake Favor Box

The “Winter Wishes” Snowflake Favor Box is a perfect addition for all things in winter. From wedding and birthday to baby shower and more, these beautiful favor boxes will be a hit in your winter events. Pack some small gifts or gadgets to give your guests a big surprise.

“Shimmering Crystals” Snowflake Placecard Holder

Our “Shimmering Crystals” Snowflake Mini Photo Frame / Place Card Holder will fit a variety of occasions for the end of the year. These frames can be used for directing loved ones to their table settings or as photo holders to commemorate the special day.

Snowflake Bottle Stopper

The Snowflake Bottle Stopper is certain to be a memorable trinket for friends and family during an array of special occasions. Each chrome bottle stopper is highlighted by a snowflake shaped ornament. Well suited for weddings, birthdays, bridal showers, and all things winter themed.

Snowflake Bottle Stopper from HotRef.com

“Winter Lights” Snowflake Tea Light Candle Holder

The “Winter Lights” Snowflake Tea Light Candle Holder feature a snowflake design along the side in winter-blue, as well as a top and bottom border. The set of 4 can be used as a means for seating friends and family, or handing them out as a way to remember the special day spent with you.

Winter Wishes 3D Snowflake Cookie Cutter

Celebrate a winter holiday wedding and party with this “Winter Wishes” 3D Snowflake Cookie Cutter so that let your guests feel the spirit. This cookie cutter is unique design in the shape of real snowflake. Made of stainless steel. A fun and playful keepsake favor gift for your seasonal and holiday party event.

Winter Wishes 3D Snowflake Cookie Cutter from HotRef.com

Holiday Wishes Snowflake Spreader

Spread delectable cheese or delicious spaghetti to friends or guests in this “Holiday Wishes” Snowflake Spreader. This shiny chrome finished spreader with classical snowflake handle top is gift-ready. The snowflake spreader can be served as holiday party decor in your seasonal wedding or company holiday party.

Holiday Wishes Snowflake Spreader from HotRef.com

Winter Wishes Snowflake Napkin Rings

Whether for wedding or winter holiday party, these “Winter Wishes” Snowflake Napkin Rings are perfect party favors for your celebrations. They’re a delicate touch that can be commonly seen on holiday tables and guests will love to take home. Perfect party favors for winter wedding, bridal or baby shower, birthday and more occasions.

Winter Wishes Snowflake Napkin Rings from HotRef.com

Welcome to visit our more winter snowflake favors on Pinterest board if you are fond of these winter favors! Hope you to have a successful planning on winter holiday events!

– Amanda

11 Dec 2014 Introducing Cookie Cutter Party Favors From Artisano Designs
Add more creative edible produced by these Cookie Cutters that will sure to be a big hit on your special event. Here’s some recommendation of Cookie Cutters Party Favors in different shapes with various themes which are manufactured by Artisano Designs. They are perfect party favors for the occasions of wedding, bridal shower, baby shower, winter themed party as well as baptism and more religious events.
Cookie Cutter Party Favors from HotRef.com

XO Best Wishes Cookie Cutter Set

You will sure to receive many best wishes from your friends or guests in your big day. This stainless steel XO Best Wishes Cookie Cutter Set includes X and O shaped cutters that can be used to make X and O shaped cheese, cookies and any other edible food. They can also be give-away gifts for guests as memorable keepsakes.
XO Best Wishes Cookie Cutter Set from HotRef.com

Winter Wishes 3D Snowflake Cookie Cutter

Celebrate your winter party with snowflake shaped cookie produced by this Winter Wishes 3D Snowflake Cookie Cutter, which can completely tie in your party theme. Perfect party favors and playful keepsakes for guests as a reminder of your special event. Ideal for the occasions when winter wedding or winter party is held.
Winter Wishes 3D Snowflake Cookie Cutter from HotRef.com

A Perfect Fit Heart Puzzle Cookie Cutters

Share your sweet heart with your beloved one with Heart Puzzle Cookie Cutters. There is going to be a sweet celebration when half heart combines into one. Perfect party favors as well as keepsake gifts for bridal showers, weddings, anniversaries or for Valentine’s Day party.
A Perfect Fit Heart Puzzle Cookie Cutters from HotRef.com

Cute as a Button Button Cookie Cutter

Cute as a Button Button Cookie Cutter is an adorable party favor for baby shower. You will get any button shaped edible food after processed by this miraculous tool. Do you want to try?
Cute as a Button Button Cookie Cutter from HotRef.com

Sweet Blessings Cross Cookie Cutters

It is a great way to show your religiosity with this Sweet Blessings Cross Cookie Cutters. It is a perfect keepsake gift for your guests no matter for wedding favor, baptism or First Holy Communion favor. Your guests are sure to love it.
Sweet Blessings Cross Cookie Cutters from HotRef.com
Get more detailed item information from our HotRef.com if you are interested. Welcome to place an order with us and we are at your service!
05 Dec 2014 Introducing Snowflake Party Favors from Artisano Designs
Snowflake is a representative seasonal image or motif that is generally used in winter. You may see paper snowflake stuck to windows or snowflake ornaments hanged on doorways anywhere in the street, your own house or any other public place, which signifies a traditional white winter is coming. All the Americans will warmly welcome the season, and spice up holiday ambiance by accessorizing winter wedding, bridal shower, Christmas and other holiday events with these Snowflake Party Favors. We hope you may feel interested in following items we recommend you.
Snowflake Party Favors from HotRef.com

Snowflake Cookie Cutter

Celebrate your winter events with this Cookie Cutter in snowflake shaped design, which will make the party favors more matching to your winter themed events. It would be so much fun that you can make snowflake cookie to treat your guests or your guests can make snowflake cookie at home after they go home. It is perfect winter party favors for wedding, bridal shower, baby shower, Christmas party or company party and more winter holiday occasions.
Snowflake Cookie Cutter from HotRef.com

Snowflake Spreader

Spread your yummy cheese or jam on your bread at your winter party with this Snowflake Spreader which is sure to be the talk of the party. Your guests will definitely smile on this such cute spreader. Unique stainless steel spreader designed in snowflake shaped that will cater to the chilly winter. Ideal favors for winter party like Christmas party, winter wedding or tea party.
Snowflake Spreader from HotRef.com

Snowflake Napkin Rings

Are you planning to have a Christmas wedding or seasonal party in this winter? Whether for wedding or Christmas celebrations, these Snowflake Napkin Rings can be used for napkin of dinning and make the party formal with winter taste. Your guests will definitely be happy to take them home as give away gifts and serve as keepsake gifts for memory for years to come.
Snowflake Napkin Rings from HotRef.com

Snowflake Tea Light Candle Holder

Get more warm sense from this Snowflake Candle Holder in such a chilly winter holiday. Create a romantic atmosphere by kindling tea light if you have dinner with your beloved one, and it can also help to produce harmonious ambiance if you are with your family. A perfect winter party favor for home decoration, or served as table centerpiece in wedding, bridal and more holiday occasions.
Snowflake Tea Light Candle Holder from HotRef.com

Snowflake Favor Box

Store your “Best Winter Wish” in this Snowflake Favor Box and give to your loved one or best friends. Accented with numerous white snowflakes in blue background. Fill it with chocolates, gadgets, jelly beans as well as tiny trinkets. Anyone who receives this gift will feel a piece of warm in frigid winter.
Snowflake Favor Box from HotRef.com

Snowflake Bottle Stopper

Snowflake Bottle Stopper is popular among customers, because it is stunning party favor that will completely match your winter themed events. Characteristically designed in the shaped of real snowflake on the top of the stopper base. It is a significant keepsake gift for guests. Perfect for winter wedding, Christmas as well as holiday party and more seasonal party celebrations.
Snowflake Bottle Stopper from HotRef.com
Are you ready to have a happy winter holiday? If so, hurry up to pick up some winter party favors at our HotRef.com. At last, we would like to give our best wishes to all of you. Happy Christmas and have a peaceful winter holiday!
27 Oct 2014 HotRef.com Start of Winter Promotional Sale
How time flies! Winter has quietly come around us. It is the busy season when many new couples are making full preparations for their wedding or bridal shower. Here is good news about our HotRef site. Recently, we have carried out a plan about Winter Promotional Sale, so we decide to offer you 5% discount on EVERYTHING at HotRef.com. Starting today till November 9, 2014 (US Pacific Standard Time) enter the coupon code: J2BJJ0 at check out to get a discount. There are assorted kinds of new winter themed wedding favors, and we believe these items will satisfy all your needs. We welcome both new and old customers to place an order with us. Hurry up to start your trip at HotRef.com now.
Winter Promotional Sale from hotref.com
23 Oct 2014 Winter Wedding Ideas
Autumn is almost over, it is the best time for new couples to make preparations for their winter themed wedding. Here we provide you with some winter wedding ideas and furnish a batch of Winter Wedding Party Favors for you.
Winter Wedding Ideas from hotref.com

Winter Wonderland Wedding Accessory

To make your wedding more appropriate, these Winter Wonderland Wedding Accessories are needed to embellish your event. For example, the server set for cutting wedding cakes, a pen set for signing guests’ names, and toasting flutes for toasting with guests. They are not only delicate instruments, but perfect and elegant table decorations in your event.
Wedding Accessory from hotref.com

Winter Wonderland Wedding Favors

Winter Wonderland Wedding Favors play a very important part in your wedding party. They can not only be table decorations, but can also be sent as give away keepsakes. We have items such as votive candles, bookmarks, key chains, and luggage tags – they are all perfect favors for your event.
Winter Wedding Favors from hotref.com

Winter Finery Collection

Make your wedding look more elegant and increase the joyful atmosphere by beautifying your event with these Winter Finery Collections. Imagine a flower girl carrying a basket with a hand cut snowflake design, constantly picking up some petals and casting them for the bride. What a beautiful picture!
Winter Finery Collection from hotref.com

Winter Wedding Favors

Your guests will know your wedding theme as soon as they catch sight of these snowflake design Winter Wedding Favors. They are sure to leave a deep impression to guests because these snowflake shaped favors will be seen everywhere in your wedding ceremony, from frame holder to bottle stopper. They are perfect favors for weddings, bridal showers, and other ceremonies.
Winter Wedding Favors from hotref.com

Winter Wedding Favor Box

Dress your gifts up by packing them with these Winter Wedding Favor Boxes. Feel free to fill them with jelly beans, chocolates, or other tiny trinkets. They are perfect favors for weddings and bridal showers as well as birthdays and baby shower celebrations.
Winter Wedding Favor Box from hotref.com
03 Feb 2011 Wedding Theme,Favors and Decorations

When it comes to weddings, it is the theme that usually governs most, if not, all of its elements, from
what the groom and bride wear, to what the guests should wear, to the food, the centerpieces, and
even the wedding favors are affected by it.

After all, the theme determines whether you’ll be using winter wedding favors, snowflake bottle
, snowflake wedding favors, bottle opener wedding favor, and so on and so forth, depending
on the overall theme.

Most of the time, the theme depends upon the season in which the wedding is being held. For example, in the wedding favors illustrated above, most, if not all, are based on weddings whose themes are centered on the winter season, and in such, would most likely be held during winter.

Remember, that when choosing the right type of decoration, it must also fit in with the overall theme
and for that, you must choose colors that are related to the theme or to the season, or so-called,
seasonal colors. For example, fall is often associated with brown, while winter is white, summer is red and bright colors, and so on and so forth.

If you happen to be the one doing the decorations and favors for your own wedding, it would be wise to do your own research about the colors associated with the season so as you won’t be choosing one that necessarily does not fit in at all. Also, try to be as creative as possible, especially with the favors, so that they are as memorable as they can be.

Remember, the secret to having memorable decorations and favors is creativity, and with that, people, your guests, will most likely appreciate the fact that these decorations were creatively made, and if they were done by you, then they will be able to appreciate it even more, since you spent much time on it.

05 Dec 2010 Top 5 Winter Wedding Favors

Winter can be a great time for a wedding and offer many options for elegant decor. But apart from the décor and menu that contribute to the theme, the winter wedding favors are something that can add charm and grace to your grand event. But what are the top picks when it comes to holiday favors? You need to give something to your guests that are functional, beautiful and yet reflect the warmth and spice of a traditional yuletide affair.

Personalized Hot Cocoa Mix

A heartfelt thanks with a cup of cocoa, what could be sweeter? Guests can cozy up to a cup of exquisite hot cocoa this winter with these Personalized Winter holiday themed hot cocoa Favors. For a couple with a sweet tooth this decadent chocolate favor is sure to please.

Snowflake Favor Box

Remember those glorious snow showers on a chilly winter’s day when you were young, and you’d catch those gently falling snowflakes on the tip of your tongue? Bring that heartwarming ambience to your beautiful winter wedding reception, Christmas dinner table or holiday party buffet table with “Embossed Elegance” snowflake favor Boxes!

Snowman Candle Favors

Your guests surely won’t give a chilly reception to these cheerful mementoes with a round, snowflake-decorated base made of snow white poly resin with a detailed snowman complete with painted blue features and glistening clear rhinestone accents and a frosted glass candle holder with poured white candle.

Snowflake Bottle Stopper

Chrome snowflake bottle stoppers bring the essence of the season to any occasion. Imagine the winter wonderland created for your guests at every table when they see these beautiful and practical favors just waiting to be taken home.

Snow Themed Place Card Holder

Charming winter’s unique gift provides a lovely motif for gifts of the season. The “Snow Flurry” Holiday Ornament place card and photo holder is a snow-lover’s delight inside and out, making it the perfect favor for your winter wedding or holiday party.

28 Nov 2010 Eloquent and Charming Wedding Bell Favors

If you are looking for elegant winter wedding favors for your precious guests, there is nothing better than a pair of mini wedding bells. The chill of the winter months, the jingle of Christmas bells and the romantic spirit of the wedding celebrations are perfectly encaptured in these mini bell favors.

These are also at times referred to as kissing bells and are a very inexpensive and romantic favor to give to your guests. Bells will ring joyfully on your wedding day, when a single kiss at the altar changes your life forever! Bells come in various shapes and sizes and there are actually many different types of bell wedding favors.

You can add a personal touch to the wedding bell favors by tying a ribbon or lace around it. Attaching hang tags or mini cards with the details of your wedding would personalize them even better. Some bell favors have unique bell handle designs such as heart, bride and groom or castle and you can choose one depending on your wedding theme.

28 Nov 2010 Winter Wedding Favors and Decor

Winter wedding can be gorgeous and spectacular if planned the right way. Moreover the right tips and appropriate planning can help you save a lot on weddings during these chilly months. The main attractions of this glitzy event are the winter wedding favors and decorations. A winter wedding livens up a bleak and dreary season with bright colors of rich jewel tones such as purple, forest green, ice blue, silver and white.

For your guests tables, iridescent or frosted glass balls and pine cones look great. To save some money, you can pick up Clearance Christmas items to make your centerpieces. Try floating tea lights in a shallow dish of water for twinkling table decor. As for winter wedding favors,  you have choices galore. From snowflake theme ornaments, place card holders, candles, bottle stoppers to personalized beverages and snowfall glass coasters—the list is seemingly endless.

The bright décor and the elegant favors should warm up your guests’ hearts on your special winter event. Winter weddings bring to mind visions of icy landscapes and romantic candlelight. Use natural decorating elements like a cedar, pine or birch branch wreath for your decorations to give the venue a lively look. Dazzling winter wedding favors provide the perfect ending to a winter-themed wedding.

14 Nov 2010 A December Wedding

Are you planning on a wedding around Christmas? Then you will have two reasons to celebrate on your wedding day! When planning a holiday wedding, you want to incorporate a holiday theme into your wedding without making it be a major focus of the attention.

For winter weddings happening in December, you can pick unique wedding colors like burgundy or olive green which are a little different from the usual Christmas red and green. When picking wedding favors for a holiday wedding, this is where you can get into the holiday spirit and add a little fun!

The sheer beauty of winter weddings and the elegance of wedding favors that utilize themes of snow, ice and other aspects of a frosty winter are incredibly unique. Give your guests a personalized package of hot cocoa mix. Like cocoa, coffee and tea also are terrific winter wedding favors. You can give personalized coffee mugs, tea bags or a variety of other coffee and tea related favors.

There are options galore when it comes to choosing winter wedding favors. Snowfall glass photo coasters, silver kissing bells, snowflake candles and more-the choices are seemingly endless. These thoughtful and affordable holiday favors are sure to be a hit and will touch each guest’s heart this holiday season.