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23 May 2016 What’s for Lunch? Tips and Promotional Products for an Enjoyable Lunch

Are your morning consumed with never ending conference calls, errands, or client meetings? Lunch time gives workers a chance to just take a break from what you’ve been doing and take a breather. At HotRef, we’ve complied a short list of how you can make the best of your lunch time. Plus, we have also added a few promotional products that can be useful and make your lunch a little more enjoying! Most promotional products listed can be customized to include a company name, logo, or a little phrase. In turn, these promotional products are also great gifts and giveaways to employees at corporate and business events.

Lunch Containers and Accessories from -HotRef


1. Eating Well

If you’re always eating a lot during your lunch break, chances are it’s probably not healthy food. Start by making the right choice by packing something healthy for lunch like a soup or salad! It does not require that much effort and time either! Our reusable lunch boxes and containers are great for storing your salad or soup! Some of our containers (like our Thermos Food Jar) can retain your soup’s warmth for a long period of time.

Lunch Box and Container for Salad and Soup from HotRef

From top left to bottom right:

2. Saving Money

Tired of spending money eating out with your coworkers? Take a few minutes out of your day and pack a lunch in one of our popular Lunch Coolers! They’re insulated to keep your food fresh and your beverage cool! There are many ways you can go about preparing a lunch:

  • Pack a quick sandwich and drink in the morning
  • Before you go to bed, prepare a lunch for the next day for you to take to work
  • Meal prep for the week – plan out what meals you want to eat the week before, prep them in containers and leave them in the freezer.

Lunch Coolers from HotRef

From top left to bottom right:

3. Relaxing and Recharging

Work can sometimes be a little stressful, with deadlines that need to be met and back-to-back meeting. Why not use your lunch break to relax? If you’ve been dealing with clients all day and do not want to be disturb, just plug in your headphones and zone out to your music or podcast. At HotRef, we carry a wide variety of headphones and earphones that can help you relax and tune out  any background noise.

Headphone and Earphones  HotRef

From top left to bottom right:

4. Building Relationships

Lunch is also a great opportunity for coworker to mingle and build relationships.  Hit the gym, go out to eat lunch, or stay in the office and share a meal — these are great opportunities to create a friendship with your coworkers.  While hanging out with your coworkers,  it’s also important to stay hydrated throughout the day!

If you’re going to hit the gym with your coworkers during lunch, stay hydrated with our sports bottles! They’re durable, travel friendly, and come in a variety of colors and designs!

Sports Water Bottle from HotRef

From top left to bottom right:

For something more casual, our tumblers are also great bottles to keep you hydrated throughout your day! Most tumblers are built with double walls for protection from either hot or cold drinks.  We have an array of tumbler designs and colors to choose from — so pick one that suits your best.

Tumbler from HotRef

From top left to bottom right:

Our stylish Mason Jars are also a perfect way to stay hydrated throughout your work day and during lunch time! At HotRef, we offer a variety of mason jars:

Mason Jars from HotRef

From top left to bottom right:

Hope these tips and ideas can help you enjoy your lunch time at work! Check back next week for more promotional products from HotRef!

-Nina A.

25 May 2014 Memorial Day Sale and Free Giveaway Gift

Memorial Day Sale

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26 Dec 2013 After Christmas Sale
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Day-after-Christmas Sales will be Huge! Now holidays winding down, have you got all the things on your Christmas List on your hunted for fantastic bargains and prices? Well, you can get a head start on next year’s shopping by checking out our after-Christmas Sales and Year-end deals on for getting 5% off EVERYTHING on December 26th and 27th, no mimimum purchase necessary. Enter the promotional code at check out to receive your discount.

16 Jun 2010 Wine Accessories as Favors

Here are some great wedding favor ideas that will be used over and over again.


Wine Charms

I know when I get together with the family, there is going to be wine. Most people in my family have a small collection of wine charms they are hoping to use. I also know they are consently asked where they got each set. And if you are looking to save some more money, you can give these out individually instead of as sets!

Wine Stoppers

So many different options, so little space! There are stars, hearts, seashells, grapes, angels and so many more! They will be a great gift or decoration for your next event. With so many options to choose from, you are bound to find the perfect match for your theme.


One for the groom anyone?


These are just a couple of the options out there.


22 Nov 2008 How to Pick Holiday Business Gifts THIS Year?

(As economy has been hit quite badly this year, picking a presentable yet affordable business gift during the holiday season would definitely make some of us scratching their head in despair. Then this following article that I found absolutely will become their life-savor. Enjoy.)

Holiday Business Gifts That Won’t Break the Bank
By Michael Lerner

There is no doubt about it. The Christmas holiday season this year could be the worst one ever when it comes to giving and receiving gifts (and selling them for that matter). For most companies and organizations, the big bonus will be a lot smaller than before. There may not be any bonus at all. And if the company holiday party was not booked and paid for more than 6 months ago, there’s a good chance that there may only be a small lunch or maybe breakfast this year.

It all sounds pretty grim, but there is a way to let your customers and employees know they are appreciated without having to leverage your company. And, unless you are strapped for cash, it is vital to continue the tradition of celebrating the holidays for business. Why? Because when there is a recovery, everyone who is vital to your organization will remember that you did what you could in hard times. That loyalty will pay dividends in the coming months or years.

Let’s start with corporate customer gifts. In the past you may have given out a fancy gift certificate to a store or restaurant if it was permitted. Maybe a nice piece of crystal or a bottle of wine or box of cheese. You can be excused this year as expectations are obviously lowered. A beautiful wall or desk calendar is appreciated just as much, and best of all, also advertises your services every day of the year if you choose to print your logo and contact information.

There are plenty of other holiday gifts and giveaways for under $5.00 that customers will appreciate. Laser engraved pens become a thoughtful gift when presented in a nice box.

And then there is candy. Customized chocolate bars, truffle assortments and other fine candies are reasonably priced and are enjoyed by every recipient. Although food gifts are consumed and the printed containers discarded, they leave a lasting impression and give you a good excuse to make sales calls in December.

For employees, gifts this year are more important than ever. People with jobs may feel lucky to be employed at this point, but at the end of the day we all want to feel appreciated and know that better times are ahead. Most employees may be losing bonuses and raises this year. And the big holiday party is bigger than you would think. It is a chance for them to let their hair down and spend some social time with people they spend a good part of their life with.

A small gift of recognition is vital in this economy. It lets every staff member know that you care about them and recognize that they too have made sacrifices for your continued survival and success. Embroidered apparel, fun games and gifts for the barbeque or kitchen will help fill a void and lets everyone know they have not wasted their time at their jobs.

The bottom line is not if you can afford to give a holiday business gift this year, but can you afford not to.

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