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10 Feb 2014 Ladybug Party Favors

Meet Lady Luck with these charming and useful Ladybug Party Favors. She’s bright and cheery and ready to please. We put her on a useful keychain, a lovely photo frame, an adorable candle and a useful megnet, and she’s ready to be an everyday source of good fortune and good memories for you and your family and friends long after your ladybug themed wedding, baby shower, or birthday party is through. So, put this little bug to work and watch the good times – and the good luck – roll. And click here for more ladybug themed tealight and favor box.

Ladybug shaped wax candles

Known as a symbol of luck, it is said that when a ladybug lands on you, all of your wishes will come true. Celebrate your next event with these Ladybug shaped wax candles. Feature a sweet hand-painted heart pattern on their backs. They’re also ready to give in their uniquely designed garden themed boxes with a white picket fence and daisies. No matter what the occassion, these ladybug candles are sure to put happiness in the air.

Adorable ladybug photo/place card frames

See colorful critters atop your tables with these Adorable ladybug photo/place card frames. You are lucky to be marrying the lover of your life, and this lovely cut bug place card holder will add just a touch more to this big day. Guests of all ages will be delighted to see this cute bug atop your tables. They’re perfect for all other events, like a garden affair, birthday parties, baby showers, and more. For another version of ladybug place card holder, pleas click “Cute as a Bug” Ladybug Place Card/Photo Holder.

Lovely ladybug key chains

If your are looking for something fun and functional that helps you share the best wishes with your family and friend, you have come upon these Lovely ladybug key chains. As luck would have it, these adorable ladybug keychain favors are spot on as favors for all occasions including wedding, baby shower and birthday.

Two Red and Black “Love Bug” Ladybug Magnets

Bring luck and love to your guests’ day on the wings of these pretty Two Red and Black “Love Bug” Ladybug Magnets. This precious pair of “Love Bug” lady bug magents is perfect as outdoor event favors like vineyard wedding or backyard baby shower. They have their own little yard, but they’d love to fly off and hang around your guests’ refrigerators!