16 Jun 2013 New products for ladybug favors from KateAspen
KateAspen has some new products for party favors. They have ladybug favor boxes, placecard holder and candles, and beehive favor boxes.  Look here to see more: New Products

“Cute as a Bug” Ladybug Tea Light

Cute as a Bug Ladybug Tea Light

"Cute as a Bug" Ladybug Tea Light

It’s amazing how something so tiny can stir up a smile, light up a face and inspire sheer delight. Newborns do it even when they’re crying. And ladybugs have that special gift, too. That’s what makes this “Cute as a Bug!” Ladybug Tea Light the exceptional baby shower favor it is. Cute, Little red ladybug candle with black dots and wick in clear tea light holder.

“Cute as a Bug” 3-D Wing Ladybug Favor Box

3-D Wing Ladybug Favor Box

3-D Wing Ladybug Favor Box

Everyone delights at seeing a ladybug land on a shoulder or make its way across a leaf. Ladybugs are just so…cute! Treat the guests at your baby shower to the thrill of a ladybug landing close by–and this one’s more than cute–it’s carrying candy! Dimensional red-and-black ladybug tops a black-with-white-polka-dots favor box with a red base.
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