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22 Mar 2015 Introducing Plantable Seed Wedding Favors

Your love story will come into bright flowers in spring, just like all wildflowers blooming together in the best season of spring. Do you wanna a memorable wedding adorned with Plantable Seed Wedding Favors? We have different kinds of seed papers assorted by whether personalized or not. They are botanical-inspired party favors for all spring themed events like garden wedding, garden bridal shower, garden birthday party and more outdoor occasions.

New Plantable Seed Wedding Favors from KateAspen

Love is blooming. You and your beloved one enter into the wedding palace together to start your married life. Share your sweet love story with your party guests with these memorable Seed Wedding Favors. The plantable seed papers can be given as give-away gifts for guest after the party is over. Available in different shapes of Floral Shaped Seed Paper Cards, Love Bird Seed Paper Cards, Vintage Seed Paper Cards and Rustic Seed Paper Cards. Which one can tie in your garden themed parties?

Seed Place Card Favors from EventBlossom

Without place card favors, guests have difficulty in finding out their seats. Nowadays, seed paper cards are commonly used to commemorate special occasions. Have you ever thought about these two favors combined in one? These Cherry Blossom Seed Place Cards and Butterfly Seed Place Cards can completely match your spring themed events; these Heart Shaped Seed Place Cards can perfectly tie in your love and heart themed wedding; the Starfish Themed Seed Place Cards are adapted to beach inspired events or more summer themed occasions.

Personalized Seed Packet Wedding Favors from EventBlossom

Personalized party favors tend to show off your own unique personality. Eco-Friendly Seed Packets with Flower Pot Card can be recycled for more than one times, which is beneficial for environment. Vintage Wedding Personalized Seed Packets is perfect plantable favors for vintage themed events. Wanna create DIY favors to show your chic style? Nothing is better than these DIY Blank Seed Packets. Personalize the Flower Seed Favors with your names and event date as perfect reminder of your big event. Your guests will be delighted to accept the thank you gifts prepared for them.

Seed Wedding Favors from WeddingStar

Send this Love Grows Picket Fence with Seeded Paper Sun as thank you gift for guests. They must be pleased to take these plantable favors home. Plant these seeds to soil and let them grow in the sun.

Personalize this Seed Paper Love Birds Personalized Favor Card with your names and date of event for all to know! Share your sweet love with your party guests by sending them this love birds seed paper. Let your guests plant the love seeds for you and your other half.



A place card is made up of a piece of paper subtly indicating a guest at wedding ceremony or reception which table has been assigned for them to sit. Place cards basically contains the name of the guest’s and the number of the table on which a particular guest is required to be seated .It is not merely a plain sheet of paper but a well value added designed card which enhances the decor of wedding as it is based on the wedding theme. Too much flashy design must be avoided as it can hamper the agenda for having this card as favor for wedding ceremony .It gives a uniquely authentic wedding accent. Place card wedding favors can make the guest feel special and welcomed.

If , at the entrance of the reception avenue a chart is attached stating the seat arrangement then even
guest’s would be glad that their host is happy that they have participated in their happiness and spread it by sharing an event.


Place cards form a part of any wedding ceremony now a days because its serves the purpose of
identifying one to someone who might be stranger to each other. It also reduces the hassle of searching their seats and hampering the wedding environment by crowding unnecessarily. At few wedding it is provided as menu to make the guest know what food is going to be served.


Place card for wedding is stylish and well designed to be able to get the appreciation from the guest, it adds extra cost to the wedding budget.

At times, using of place cards get controversial because guest’s might want to sit anywhere as per
their wish and choice. In this case, directing them might give a negative impression.

Place settings are wonderfully decorated with floral place card favors which are unique for table
decorations. Its outline is made up of elegant texture such as seashell, rhinestone, and many more. They also suffice the purpose in the events like engagement parties and tea parties. Examples are paper fan, shell; pearlized shell etc.Wedding place cards are an easy way to give a personalized touch. It’s an innovative approach to control the wedding pressure.

19 Aug 2010 Jazz Up Your Theme Party With Place Card Favors
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If you are looking for favors that are functional and make excellent keepsakes too, go with place card favors. They are the perfect addition to your table décor and moreover they also make great gifts that your guests would treasure for a long time after the party is over. There are plenty of styles and designs to choose from and you can take your pick based on the theme of your party.

Like if you have a fun, colorful and sunny theme, you can choose miniature flip flop photo frames or for a beach theme bridal shower, the shining sails silver place card holders are the perfect choice.

If you have a sweet tooth and would want food or something that depicts food, you can choose the Cupcake Placecard Holders. These favors will absolutely last a lot longer than their freshly baked counterparts! It has a realistic looking poly resin cupcake base with vanilla, chocolate or strawberry icing and a cherry perched on top. Extending up from the base is a silver wire coiled card holder.

The Bride and Groom Place Card Holders are miniature versions of the happy couple’s festive attire on display with their seating assignments. They are just perfect for a wedding reception as the gown and tux are such big parts of your special day and these detailed replicas double as place card holders for the event and note or photo holders in your guests’ homes.

The Asian Brocade “Snap Purse”/Place Card Holders are traditionally used for jewelry or coins but also makes an amazing container for your truffles, mints or candies. With its “snap” closure it also works well as a place card holder.

Shopping for these party favors online can be a great idea as you can view the many different types of place cards from the comfort of your home.