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27 Oct 2010 Fashion Tips – The Kids Style
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There are a lot of things about style that kids can teach us. Getting dressed is something that we can learn from them. For instance a kid knows how you can dress for success. There are some clothes that help to create a powerful and authoritative look. Like a sport jacket or suit and tie make a great first impression. In certain situations, deviating away from the ordinary also works well as a fashion trend.

Kids like the sensation or the feel of the fabric. The soft feel of velour, chenille, cotton knits and fleece is really nice. Fabrics like tweed, denim or velvet have a touch appeal. On the flip side of dressing to impress, the kids tend to go with looks that stray from the norm. Wearing shorts, hoodies, polos, cowboy boots or mixing crazy patterns can actually help in creating a wild and different look.

Cool features in T-shirts, shirts and pants are more important to kids than a mere brand name. It is indeed more fashionable to dress up in an ensemble that is more your style and complements your figure than to go with a Gucci or Burberry outfit. Camouflage pants, vests, hats, twirly skirts and fancy shoes are stuff that kids fancy. Adults can also experiment around with different looks to come up with something chic and trendy.

07 Aug 2010 Fashion Tips for Women

Following the latest trends in fashion is definitely the right thing to do. But in addition to that, you need to figure out your body type and choose apparel accordingly. Though fashion keeps changing now and then, there are certain qualities that are certain things that remain untouched – Quality and Durability. Your outerwear should always reflect your personality and be easy to maintain.

It is also very important to have a great collection of fashion accessories like shoes, scarves and bags. You should try to form your own style statements and avoid following fashion trends blindly. Also it is a great idea to go with pieces that you can wear all year round. Casual T-shirts, crews, skirts, sweatpants and hoodies are comfortable and at the same time can be stylish additions to your wardrobe.

You can check out the Alternative AA1021 Women’s Acid Wash Basic Crew which is made from 100% cotton. The unique hand dyeing process generates a completely 80’s retro look.

The Van Heusen 13V0114 Women’s Solid Silky Poplin shirt is a long sleeve oxford and is wrinkle resistant. It comes with soft-fused button-down collar and French sewn back. This shirt has a generous fit and gives a perfectly fitted silhouette.

The Port Authority L490 Ladies Soft Touch Hoodie is crafted from luxurious Pima cotton and infused with earth-friendly modal, the Soft Touch top adds a silky smooth layer. With a greater softness than any other cotton blend, modal reduces pilling, shrinkage and fading while lending a gentle hand and drape.

‘Fashions fade, style is eternal’- so should try to cater more to the styles than the current fashion trends.