31 Oct 2010 Birthday Party Favor Ideas

Birthdays are definitely special, no matter how young and old you are. Kids are especially excited and are hungry for a bit of attention when birthdays come around. So when you are throwing a birthday bash, your guests also expect to be treated well and feel special. A great way of making your guests feel wanted are to get creative and thoughtful birthday party favors for them.

It is a good idea to match the birthday party favors to the birthday party theme. So if the theme is ‘Peter Pan’, you can dole out goodies related to that theme. You can also get your guests involved in the act by letting them create prints on shirts or scarves or make colored candles or paint pots or make paper flowers. Whatever they make, would be theirs to take home. Don’t you think that’d be a lot of fun?

Soaps shaped like roses, daisies, mannequins, ornaments, birds, animals, stars, leaves, hearts, shells, horse-shoes make great birthday favors. Candles or musical note place card holders also make nice gifts. You can actually have anything from crystal wine stoppers and travel candles to strange shaped key rings and stuffed teddy bears for your guests to take away. You can come up with as many party favor ideas as you can with birthday party ideas and birthday party themes.