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30 Jun 2016 4th of July Sale at HotRef Party Favors

This 4th of July, gather up  family and friends and host a nice outdoor BBQ party! Need party essentials like party favors and decorations? Well, look no further: HotRef is having a 4th of July Sale!

Now until 7/4, HotRef Party Favors is offering an extra 5% off your entire purchase, no minimum required. Just apply coupon code: L0JUJT at checkout to receive your 5% discount on merchandise. This promo code does not apply to shipping, taxes and other non-merchandise fees.
July Fourth Sale at HotRef

29 Jun 2016 Pineapple Style Tropical Wedding Ideas

Bring a little bit of the tropics to your wedding by adding pineapples and pineapple party favors into your wedding decorations! Featured in the video below are creative ways to incorporate pineapples into your tropical wedding theme! These pineapple wedding ideas will surely make any wedding more tropical, fun and festive:

08 May 2015 Introducing New Wedding Cake Topper

Hunt for beautiful cake toppers to garnish the delectable cake in your special event? We HotRef is a online shop that specializes in a wide range of wedding accessories and wedding party favors in different themes. Here is a good news that we have introduced a batch of New Wedding Cake Toppers recently. Feel free to select what you want and we sincerely hope that you will have a nice shopping experience at HotRef.com. Welcome to place an order with us!

Wedding Cake Toppers from HotRef.com


A “Cinderella Moment” Figurine Light Skin Tone

Every girl has a beautiful dream of “Cinderella Moment” when Mr. Right kneels down to make a romantic proposal. This unique “Cinderella Moment” Figurine Light Skin Tone illustrates this well. Great wedding accessories for wedding, bridal shower or engagement parties.


“A Love Nest” – Love Birds in Archway Cake Topper

Fortunately, you just embark on the new married life with your other half. No matter how hard life it is and what difficult problems you have met. You should be faced with the issues together. Just like the love birds showed in this Archway Cake Topper.  These two adorable love birds snuggle in close and love with each other. Personalize the sign with your initials to keep a reminder of your special day.

Ornamental Dragon Fly with Jewels Cake Topper

Using this Ornamental Dragon Fly with Jewels Cake Topper to decorate the cake, which will add a sense of vitality to your event. Adorned with jewels and pretty vines with floral accents. They are elegant wedding accessories that can also adapt to garden wedding or any outdoor events.

Ornamental Dragon Fly with Jewels Cake Topper from HotRef.com

Love Cake Topper

Love Cake Topper is designed in the word “LOVE” motif that make guests know the wedding theme at the first sight. Love wedding theme is the widely used one among wedding theme.

Love Cake Topper from HotRef.com

Woodland Bride and Groom Porcelain Figurine Wedding Cake Topper

A graceful bride dressed just like a princess and a handsome groom just like a prince are hand in hand, what a warm picture showed in the Woodland Bride and Groom Porcelain Figurine Wedding Cake Topper. The meaningful cake topper will make your dream come true in really life.

Woodland Bride and Groom Porcelain Figurine Wedding Cake Topper from HotRef.com

“Row Away” Wedding Couple in Rowboat Figurine

“Row Away” Wedding Couple in Rowboat Figurine is great for your summer nautical wedding. The newly married couple enjoy the moment dancing together. They have a common dream that can love with each other and overcome any difficulties together.


– Amanda

14 Jul 2014 New Kissing Bell Wedding Favors from KateAspen
The ring of happiness has been knocked! Let the whole wedding ceremony be full of kissing bells designed decorations which may increase the atmosphere. Here are many different kinds of kissing bells with special and personalized patterns at Hotref.com for your reference and selection.
kissing bell from hotref.com

Heavenly Cross Kissing Bell (Set of 24)

Your wedding ceremony will be religious if decorating with this Heavenly Cross Kissing Bell. Let your guests feel your devout belief to love. This heavenly kissing bell is used to hold place cards with guests’ names or table numbers in order to guide guests to the right seat. It can be taken home by guests as a give-away gift or collect as a keepsake as well.
Heavenly Cross Kissing Bell from hotref.com

Fleur de Lis Kissing Bell Place Card/Photo Holder

Fleur de Lis Kissing Bell Place Card/Photo Holder is perfect for table decoration in wedding. This is one of the functions. What’s more, it can be widely used to show the seats for guests. Last, it can be kept as a souvenir for guests so that they will never forget the special day.
Fleur de Lis Kissing Bell Place Card/Photo Holder from hotref.com

Silver Anchor-Topped Kissing Bell

Silver Anchor-Topped Kissing Bell may become the best choice for you to adorn your wedding ceremony with a nautical themed favors. You can make it as a guidance to show the guests where are the seats or send it as a give-away gift. Plus, you may write some special touches or whatever you want to your guests if you would like to express your thank-you for their attendance.
Silver Anchor-Topped Kissing Bell from hotref.com

Personalized Keepsake Kissing Bells

Personalized Keepsake Kissing Bells are full of personalized elements. If you want the guests to remember your special wedding date forever, you could choice a design with the upper-case of you and your beloved and don’t forget to show your date to your guests!
Personalized Keepsake Kissing Bells from hotref.com

With this Ring Diamond Ring Kissing Bells

Diamond represents everlasting love. With this Ring Diamond Ring Kissing Bells symbolize the sweet love lasts long forever until the seas dry up and the rocks crumble. These also can be used as a guidance to show the table number and a take-away gift for guests.
With this Ring Diamond Ring Kissing Bells from hotref.com
22 Oct 2010 Choosing Your Wedding Colors

Wedding colors are an integral part of any wedding decoration and thus need to be chosen with care. But how do you go about choosing the color for your big day. Deciding on the wedding color is indeed the starting point for couples. Ideally the chosen color should complement the setting as well as coincide with the season. Also the color/s that you choose should bring out your personality and the mood you want to create. Vibrant colors add drama, while soft colors evoke a more romantic atmosphere.

If you have a favorite shade, but don’t know what else will go with it, try consulting a simple color wheel. Popular wedding color themes generally reflect current fashion trends but you should choose something that will make your special day as unique as your love for each other.

Once you zero in on the colors to be used, you can easily choose the decorations, centerpieces and wedding favors. Everything from the table décor, the bridal gown, bridesmaid dresses to unique favors for your guest would have a unified appeal when you decide on a specific wedding color.