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07 Jul 2016 Golden 50th Anniversary Ideas

A 50th anniversary is truly a once in a lifetime achievement that not many accomplish. Whether it be a 50th wedding anniversary, 50th birthday or a 50th class reunion, this amazing accomplishment should be celebrated! At HotRef, we offer a wide variety of gold 50th anniversary party favors that will help make the occasion all more memorable. From candle holders to personalized favors, all our gold 50th party favors will have family, friends and classmates excited for this special day! The video below features some of our favorite 50th anniversary party favors, as well as great 50th anniversary party ideas:

Happy 50th anniversary and happy planning!

-Nina A.

29 Jun 2016 Pineapple Style Tropical Wedding Ideas

Bring a little bit of the tropics to your wedding by adding pineapples and pineapple party favors into your wedding decorations! Featured in the video below are creative ways to incorporate pineapples into your tropical wedding theme! These pineapple wedding ideas will surely make any wedding more tropical, fun and festive:

22 Jun 2016 Tropical Wedding Ideas with Palm Tree Design

Planning a destination wedding to the tropics in the summer and need ideas for your wedding decor and wedding favors? We recently put together a video displaying our favorite tropical wedding ideas with palm tree design! From wedding invitations to fun and festive palm tree party favors and decorations — get all your wedding planning done with these fun ideas featured in the video below:

08 May 2015 Introducing New Wedding Cake Topper

Hunt for beautiful cake toppers to garnish the delectable cake in your special event? We HotRef is a online shop that specializes in a wide range of wedding accessories and wedding party favors in different themes. Here is a good news that we have introduced a batch of New Wedding Cake Toppers recently. Feel free to select what you want and we sincerely hope that you will have a nice shopping experience at HotRef.com. Welcome to place an order with us!

Wedding Cake Toppers from HotRef.com


A “Cinderella Moment” Figurine Light Skin Tone

Every girl has a beautiful dream of “Cinderella Moment” when Mr. Right kneels down to make a romantic proposal. This unique “Cinderella Moment” Figurine Light Skin Tone illustrates this well. Great wedding accessories for wedding, bridal shower or engagement parties.


“A Love Nest” – Love Birds in Archway Cake Topper

Fortunately, you just embark on the new married life with your other half. No matter how hard life it is and what difficult problems you have met. You should be faced with the issues together. Just like the love birds showed in this Archway Cake Topper.  These two adorable love birds snuggle in close and love with each other. Personalize the sign with your initials to keep a reminder of your special day.

Ornamental Dragon Fly with Jewels Cake Topper

Using this Ornamental Dragon Fly with Jewels Cake Topper to decorate the cake, which will add a sense of vitality to your event. Adorned with jewels and pretty vines with floral accents. They are elegant wedding accessories that can also adapt to garden wedding or any outdoor events.

Ornamental Dragon Fly with Jewels Cake Topper from HotRef.com

Love Cake Topper

Love Cake Topper is designed in the word “LOVE” motif that make guests know the wedding theme at the first sight. Love wedding theme is the widely used one among wedding theme.

Love Cake Topper from HotRef.com

Woodland Bride and Groom Porcelain Figurine Wedding Cake Topper

A graceful bride dressed just like a princess and a handsome groom just like a prince are hand in hand, what a warm picture showed in the Woodland Bride and Groom Porcelain Figurine Wedding Cake Topper. The meaningful cake topper will make your dream come true in really life.

Woodland Bride and Groom Porcelain Figurine Wedding Cake Topper from HotRef.com

“Row Away” Wedding Couple in Rowboat Figurine

“Row Away” Wedding Couple in Rowboat Figurine is great for your summer nautical wedding. The newly married couple enjoy the moment dancing together. They have a common dream that can love with each other and overcome any difficulties together.


– Amanda

24 Feb 2015 HotRef Features New Wedding Theme Favors From Vendors

PRLogFeb. 24, 2015 – FREMONT, Calif.2015 is getting off to a great start! HotRef.com has some amazing new themed wedding favors from popular vendors!

HotRef introduces new collection of wedding favors your guests will actually want from popular vendors such as Kate Aspen and Wedding Star.

First, HotRef has a selection of wedding or engagement theme favors from Kate Aspen. It is featuring engagement items depending on styles, such as The Hunt is Over. This theme is perfect for rustic weddings or weddings with a hunting theme. Also, the Gold Glam collection will tie in perfectly for those brides who have chosen gold as one of their colors. Finally, enjoy the He Asked, She Said Yes favors which will delight the heart of any romantic. You can get other great ideas for your wedding theme.

Second, from WeddingStar, HotRef features themes appropriate for spring. The Love Birds wedding favors are for all those couples who are a-twitter about their love! If you’re having an outdoor wedding or a wedding that incorporates nature, you simply must take a look at the colorful Butterfly items. Finally, for those of you who are free in spirit, HotRef has Bohemian favors for those weddings that like kitschy things unique from everyone else! If you’re truly stumped, you can read HotRef’s blog which features many ideas for wedding favors.

Spring is coming soon and with it, the busiest wedding season! HotRef has many favors that incorporate spring, such as green favors “Two Peas in a Pot”, honey favors that are “sweet as can bee”, items decorated with elegant cherry blossoms, and many items that incorporate spring, the color of all young growing things. There are many other wedding theme favors to look at.

We saved the best for last – HotRef has a coupon code KJG432 that’s good for 5% off on everything from 2/24/2015 – 3/8/2015, no minimum order required. It can’t be combined with other discounts, but it’s definitely a great part of spring deals at HotRef!

For more information, visit pinterest board and re-pin amazing favors and ideas there.

09 Feb 2015 How to Plan a Wonderful Wedding?
PRNewswire-iReach on Feb. 6, 2015
Western wedding is one of the hottest new wedding themes for 2015.
 Western Wedding from HotRef.com
Busy wedding season is coming soon since people like to have a wedding with warm weather. Spring and summer are the most popular wedding seasons. If you’re newly engaged and now considering getting married, congratulations! There’s a lot to know about planning a wonderful wedding to keep from getting frazzled or running around with dread and worry. HotRef.com is here to help!

Part One: Early Planning

A lot of wedding disasters can be avoided simply by having a plan. Deciding on a budget can save you a lot of financial difficulties down the road. Sticking to your budget when you see the third pair of cute shoes you want can help you avoid disaster. It’s not just the funds needed to pay for the wedding – you also need funds to pay your bills before the big day.
Sitting down with your partner and your families and creating a guest list can help avoid outcomes like inviting 300 people and picking a church that only seats 100. (Nobody wants to leave 200 of their closest friends to stand through the ceremony!) If you’re planning a destination wedding, selecting an appropriate wedding theme will be very important, which you can get those of wedding ideas from HotRef blog. Ensuring passports and visas are taken care of.
Selecting a date that works for all the important people in the wedding party can be a task worthy of an expert negotiator, especially if there isn’t much time to plan. And, of course, the wedding location will influence not only theme and guest list, but what elements would be appropriate for a wedding. You would never wear sandy flip flops to an indoor church wedding, but for a beach wedding, they are appropriate and even expected.

Part Two: The Wedding Details

Planning a wedding is all about the little details. And what more important detail is there than the ring that’s going to be slipped on your finger during the wedding? Make sure the ring is entrusted to someone special and that you have a backup ring just in case. (You can always put on the correct ring later).
Another extremely important detail is the bridal dress. Brides can spend months looking for just the right dress to wear and it can take several months to have the alterations done properly. Make sure you allow for enough time for the alterations and that the dress fits properly. And while you’re getting the wedding dress, it’s also important to keep in mind that the bridesmaid dresses can also take several weeks to get alterations done. You may need to consider styles that are flattering for multiple figures and affordable to their budgets. Don’t forget to make sure that everyone has a pair of appropriate shoes! And if you’re going to have hair and makeup done on the big day, the people who are going to be doing that should be reserved well ahead of time, as well as going through at least one trial run beforehand.
Of course, it’s not just the bride who has to look good. The groom and his groomsmen also need to look sharp. Be sure that their suits are in the appropriate styles and colors and allow adequate time if they need to be changed or altered in any way. If they’re going to use boutonnieres, make sure the flowers are fresh and ready to go on the big day! And not just the flowers for the guys, but the bridal bouquets should also be fresh and ready to go on the big day. Getting flowers that are in season can make a big difference to your budget, so be sure to ask your florist for ideas!
Then, there are all the places and people that must be reserved well ahead of time. The photographer is the one who is going to be capturing the memories, so it’s important to talk to several different ones and take a look through their portfolios. Ask to see all the pictures of one wedding rather than just a “best of” album. Also, it may be worth your while to come to an agreement about getting the pictures on a CD and being able to print them off when you want.
Another place that must be reserved is the caterer. If you’re going to serve food at your wedding, you want to know it’s going to be good food. And if any of the food is special in any way (gluten free, vegetarian, etc.), you’ll want to be extra sure your guests are going to be eating well. Make sure to taste lots of samples, especially when discussing the wedding cake. Be sure not to forget the all-important centerpiece!

Part Three: All the Decorations

Here’s where HotRef can really help you with your wedding! HotRef.com sells all manner of necessities for you guests, whether your wedding is indoor or outdoor, casual or elegant. As the weather begins to warm up, it’s important to be prepared with water, sunscreen, and hand fans, which you can personalize at our site! If you live where the weather is unpredictable, an umbrella for you and your guests can really save the day.
For the rest of the wedding, we have table numbers and place card holders that will go perfectly with whatever theme you choose. HotRef also has a wide variety of wedding accessories that include wedding favors, bridal shower favors, wedding decorative items and wedding accessories which are not only themed, but also many of which can be personalized, many of which you can see. If you feel a little overwhelmed with all the wedding information and have no idea where to start, HotRef even offers tips and suggestions on the many different themes to choose from wedding favors ideas . Whenever you decide to plan your wedding and whatever theme you decide to go with, be sure to make HotRef a part of those plans!
15 Jul 2013 Getting married on a warm, sandy beach miles from home
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Getting hitched on a luxury, warm beach has been the most ideal way to become man and wife since world travel became easier in the last three decades or so. A wedding is a special day and getting married in style and luxury is one sure fire way to make that big day unforgettable.

Among the best locations for getting married on a warm, sandy beach thousands of miles away from home has many distinct advantages; including having your honeymoon right after the service has taken place. There is no need to line up at some busy airport and fly in a cramped plane for eight hours after you have just taken your vows. You may have to sacrifice bringing along all your friends and some distant cousins too, as not everyone can afford to attend a luxury beach resort in some tropical paradise.

So what are the favourite locations and destinations for happy couples wishing to tie the knot on a warm, sandy beach in some tropical paradise? Europeans like to fly to Greece or Cyprus for that private ceremony on some romantic island beach. Spain is another destination where you’ll find the right heat and climate but it can get a little too crowded at times. North American couples love to get married in exotic locations in Mexico, the Caribbean or Florida; Jamaica and the Turks and Caicos Islands being particular popular right now.

For those couples with a few extra pennies to spare, traveling to the exotic Jimbaran Bay in Indonesia, Half Moon Beach in Jamaica, and Rocky Resort in Koh Samui in Thailand or the Grenadines beautiful Palm Island really is where your marriage can take place on, what feels like, another planet.

Couples can wear small summer dresses for the bride and a short-sleeved Hawaiian shirt for the groom. There really is no need for the formal black tie look or the white bridal gown and dress to be looking just perfect for that beach wedding. Couples should also look to be a bit creative in the floral designs that accompany the altar on the beach; try aiming for a seashell bouquet instead of one with flowers. If you do go for flowers, try adding some mini starfish to your floral decoration. If you manage to make it to one of these exotic locations and decorate your boutique with sea-themed additions, you will surely make your special day one to remember for the rest of your life.

Be sure to check out all Beach Wedding ideas HERE.