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22 Jun 2016 Tropical Wedding Ideas with Palm Tree Design

Planning a destination wedding to the tropics in the summer and need ideas for your wedding decor and wedding favors? We recently put together a video displaying our favorite tropical wedding ideas with palm tree design! From wedding invitations to fun and festive palm tree party favors and decorations — get all your wedding planning done with these fun ideas featured in the video below:

30 Aug 2010 Choosing Party Invitations

Every party is exciting and leaves back sweet memories of the event which is treasured for life. But hosting a successful party requires a lot of planning. Once the venue is set and the guest list is prepared, it is time for the invitations to go out. Invitations are a great way to let people know about a party or event that you are hosting in a formal and exciting way. Thoughtful invitations have a special effect on the invitees. The invitations speak a lot about your party. Formal invitations would let your guests know that they are invited to a formal event and so on.

You need to carefully choose your party invitations. There is a particular party invitation that is just right for every occasion. Once you decide on the theme of your party, you can choose the invites accordingly. You can find a variety of pre-printed invitations at local party supplies stores or online gift stores.

If you are hosting a stylish shower, then invite your guests with these chic baby shower invitations. The bottom features a bright, colorful couple pushing a baby stroller full of presents. On the top is a lime green border with your invitation wording below.

You can also amaze your guests with the distinguished style of this ecru and mocha invitation. A unique mocha motif is displayed above your thermographed wording and is accented by a mocha base card.

A dream come true is a great way to announce to your friends and family your precious cargo has arrived! This turquoise announcement can be used for a baby girl or boy making it a perfect pick!