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07 Jul 2016 Golden 50th Anniversary Ideas

A 50th anniversary is truly a once in a lifetime achievement that not many accomplish. Whether it be a 50th wedding anniversary, 50th birthday or a 50th class reunion, this amazing accomplishment should be celebrated! At HotRef, we offer a wide variety of gold 50th anniversary party favors that will help make the occasion all more memorable. From candle holders to personalized favors, all our gold 50th party favors will have family, friends and classmates excited for this special day! The video below features some of our favorite 50th anniversary party favors, as well as great 50th anniversary party ideas:

Happy 50th anniversary and happy planning!

-Nina A.

07 Jul 2015 Introducing 50th Gold Anniversary Party Favors

How do you feel about the event that meet your classmates who haven’t contacted for fifty years? Or it is the wedding anniversary that you get married with your beloved one until fifty years. Those must be exciting moment that is worth commemorating. Recently, we have received a batch of orders from customers on 50th gold party favors . Today, let’s put more value on introducing 50th Gold Anniversary Party Favors for you. These gold favors can be used in 50th wedding, 50th class reunion, 50th birthday party, company establishment for 50 years or more grand celebrations.

50th Gold Party Favors from HotRef.com

50th Candle Holder

If your beloved one forgets the 50-year wedding anniversary, you must remember this important day. Give her a shocked surprise with these Gold Star Design 50th Anniversary Celebration Favors. Each golden anniversary tealight holder is hugged by gold metal coils and decorated with “50”. At the top of the coil is a gold star with “50” in its center. They are perfect 50th gold party favors used in any 50th anniversary.

Gold Star Design 50th Anniversary Celebration Favors from HotRef.com

50 years in a long period. It’s worth celebrating the wedding anniversary, class reunion, 50th birthday party. Our Golden 50th Anniversary Candle Favors are perfect favors for these 50th anniversary. Each candle favor features frosted white glass holder and brilliant gold, rhinestone enhanced “50”, there is no better way to ring in the big five-oh.

Golden 50th Anniversary Candle Favors from HotRef.com

Fifty years is long enough to call up earlier precious memories. Observe your 50th celebration in style with your close friends and loved ones with the Big Fifty Candle Votive. Each votive candle holder is crafted in a gorgeous dark black glass. A large fabulous not-shy number 50 adorned in gold rhinestones. The votive comes with a white tea light candle, which will help to create a romantic atmosphere when the candles are lit.

Big Fifty Candle Votive from HotRef.com

50th Bottle Stopper

Our Gold 50th Anniversary Wine Bottle Stopper will sure to make a memorable 50th anniversary for you. Each wine bottle stopper features three dimensional “50” that accented with shiny rhinestones. Hand them out as party gifts for guests as memorable keepsakes for years to come.

Gold 50th Anniversary Wine Bottle Stopper from HotRef.com

50th Bottle Openers

Whether for 50th wedding anniversary or 50th birthday party, our Gold 50th Anniversary Design Bottle Openers are sure to match your event. The handle of the bottle opener features a bold gold ’50’ with embedded sparkling round rhinestones. Useful and simply charming, the 50th theme bottle openers will quickly prove their practicality while inspiring fond memories of the day spent with friends and family.

Gold 50th Anniversary Design Bottle Openers from HotRef.com

50th Keychain Favors

Celebrate a blissful century together with these Gold 50th Anniversary Key Ring Favors! Each keychain favor comes with three dimensional “50” accented with shinning rhinestones. These gold marriage key rings favors make it the best to ring in the big five-oh. Your guests must be delighted to accept the practical gifts.

Gold 50th Anniversary Key Ring Favors from HotRef.com

Imprinted 50th Party Favors

Celebrate the 50th anniversary in style with these imprinted 50th party favors that can show off your personality. These personalized favors are also perfect party gifts for guests. Next, let’s get more information about these personalized 50th party favors.  They are all suitable for your 50th wedding, 50th birthday party, 50th class reunion and more 50th anniversaries.

Personalized Imprinted 50th Party Favors from HotRef.com

Keep your celebration in style with our Milestone Gold Personalized Stemless Printed Champagne Glasses. Available in designs of gold dots and gold starburst. Each imprinted champagne glass can be personalized to print with event date. They are perfect memorable keepsakes for guests to collect for years to come.

Milestone Gold Personalized Stemless Printed Champagne Glasses from HotRef.com

Add more practical party favors to your special 50th anniversary with our Personalized Metal Water Bottles. Water bottles are the daily necessity that every one will use in daily life. These bottle favors can be customized with names, event date or company logo for advertisement.

Personalized Metal Water Bottles from HotRef.com

Your wedding anniversary will be remembered by all with this Silk Screen Printed Collection Petite Stemless Wine Tasting Glass. From birthday party to first communion, this personalized stemless wine glass can be adapted to any of your special events.

Silk Screen Printed Collection Petite Stemless Wine Tasting Glass from HotRef.com

Create your own masterpieces with this Personalized Anniversary Glass Coaster. It’s also a perfect way to thank your guests for their coming of your special events. They can be customized with any of your special phrases, event date, company logo for advertisement or sweet words.

Personalized Anniversary Glass Coaster from HotRef.com

If you want to get more of our information, welcome to visit our 50th Gold Party Favors on our Pinterest board.

– Amanda