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11 Sep 2015 Antler Design Wedding Favors from KateAspen

Antler wedding is a special theme for wedding because of the unique design of antler. We have a lot of old and new Antler Wedding Party Favors, they are commonly used for “The Hunt is Over” engagement party. What does “the hunt is over” mean? Let me explain for you. We can roughly understand it as: the boy tries hard to chase for the girl, and then he successfully gets the girl, which means hunt. At last, the boy and the girl get married, that means the hunt is over. You will get more about this wedding theme if you are interested in browsing our item introduction listed below.

Antler Design Wedding Favors

We have some new antler design items uploaded recently. They are “Rustic Charm” Antler Tealight Holder, “Rustic Charm” Antler Bottle Stopper, “Rustic Charm” Antler Bottle Opener ( This item is on backorder until Saturday 17 October, 2015. ) and White Antler Place Card Holder. They are perfect rustic favors for rustic themed wedding.

Antler Design Wedding Favors from HotRef.comLeft Top: “Rustic Charm” Antler Bottle Stopper  Right Top: White Antler Place Card Holder

Left  Bottom: “Rustic Charm” Antler Tealight Holder Right Bottom: “Rustic Charm” Antler Bottle Opener

Brown Personalized Antler Wedding Favors

Add some personalized favors will easily make guests remember your events for a long period. “The Hunt is Over” Personalized Silver Bottle Opener, Personalized Party Straw Flags and Personalized Water Bottle Labels will make your party more completely. They can be customized with names and event date for personalization.

Brown Personalized Antler Wedding Favors from HotRef.com

Left Side: Personalized Silver Bottle Opener  Right Top: Personalized Water Bottle Labels

Right Bottom: Personalized Party Straw Flags

White Personalized Antler Wedding Favors

The items introduced above is in brown, next we will give you more white personalized antler wedding favors. They are Personalized Travel Candle Tin, Personalized Frosted Glass Votive/Candle Holder, Personalized Silver Round Candy Tin and Personalized Mason Jar. They can also be personalized with names and event details as a perfect reminder of your special day.

White Personalized Antler Wedding Favors from HotRef.com

Left Top: Personalized Travel Candle Tin Right Top: Personalized Frosted Glass Votive/Candle Holder

Left Bottom: Personalized Mason Jar   Right Bottom: Personalized Silver Round Candy Tin

Imprinted Antler Wedding Favors

Imprinted antler favors are different from personalized favors, these imprinted favors are printed directly on the favors without stickers. You can also personalize the favors with names and event date for guests to remember your event easily. Next, let’s have a view what these imprinted favors are. They are Personalized 9 oz. Printed Stemless Wine Glass, Personalized 16 oz. Printed Mason Jar Mug, Personalized 9 oz. Printed Rocks Glass and Personalized Printed Glass Coaster. They are all perfect personalized glassware for this “The Hunt is Over” wedding theme.

Imprinted Antler Wedding Favors from HotRef.com

Left Top: Personalized 9 oz. Printed Stemless Wine Glass Right Top: Personalized Printed Glass Coaster

Left Bottom: Personalized 16 oz. Printed Mason Jar Mug Right Bottom: Personalized 9 oz. Printed Rocks Glass

These items introduced above are perfect for “The Hunt is Over” wedding, engagement party or more rustic themed events.  Welcome to view more of our products in other various themes at HotRef.com.

– Amanda


24 Feb 2015 HotRef Features New Wedding Theme Favors From Vendors

PRLogFeb. 24, 2015 – FREMONT, Calif.2015 is getting off to a great start! HotRef.com has some amazing new themed wedding favors from popular vendors!

HotRef introduces new collection of wedding favors your guests will actually want from popular vendors such as Kate Aspen and Wedding Star.

First, HotRef has a selection of wedding or engagement theme favors from Kate Aspen. It is featuring engagement items depending on styles, such as The Hunt is Over. This theme is perfect for rustic weddings or weddings with a hunting theme. Also, the Gold Glam collection will tie in perfectly for those brides who have chosen gold as one of their colors. Finally, enjoy the He Asked, She Said Yes favors which will delight the heart of any romantic. You can get other great ideas for your wedding theme.

Second, from WeddingStar, HotRef features themes appropriate for spring. The Love Birds wedding favors are for all those couples who are a-twitter about their love! If you’re having an outdoor wedding or a wedding that incorporates nature, you simply must take a look at the colorful Butterfly items. Finally, for those of you who are free in spirit, HotRef has Bohemian favors for those weddings that like kitschy things unique from everyone else! If you’re truly stumped, you can read HotRef’s blog which features many ideas for wedding favors.

Spring is coming soon and with it, the busiest wedding season! HotRef has many favors that incorporate spring, such as green favors “Two Peas in a Pot”, honey favors that are “sweet as can bee”, items decorated with elegant cherry blossoms, and many items that incorporate spring, the color of all young growing things. There are many other wedding theme favors to look at.

We saved the best for last – HotRef has a coupon code KJG432 that’s good for 5% off on everything from 2/24/2015 – 3/8/2015, no minimum order required. It can’t be combined with other discounts, but it’s definitely a great part of spring deals at HotRef!

For more information, visit pinterest board and re-pin amazing favors and ideas there.