14 Jul 2014 New Kissing Bell Wedding Favors from KateAspen
The ring of happiness has been knocked! Let the whole wedding ceremony be full of kissing bells designed decorations which may increase the atmosphere. Here are many different kinds of kissing bells with special and personalized patterns at Hotref.com for your reference and selection.
kissing bell from hotref.com

Heavenly Cross Kissing Bell (Set of 24)

Your wedding ceremony will be religious if decorating with this Heavenly Cross Kissing Bell. Let your guests feel your devout belief to love. This heavenly kissing bell is used to hold place cards with guests’ names or table numbers in order to guide guests to the right seat. It can be taken home by guests as a give-away gift or collect as a keepsake as well.
Heavenly Cross Kissing Bell from hotref.com

Fleur de Lis Kissing Bell Place Card/Photo Holder

Fleur de Lis Kissing Bell Place Card/Photo Holder is perfect for table decoration in wedding. This is one of the functions. What’s more, it can be widely used to show the seats for guests. Last, it can be kept as a souvenir for guests so that they will never forget the special day.
Fleur de Lis Kissing Bell Place Card/Photo Holder from hotref.com

Silver Anchor-Topped Kissing Bell

Silver Anchor-Topped Kissing Bell may become the best choice for you to adorn your wedding ceremony with a nautical themed favors. You can make it as a guidance to show the guests where are the seats or send it as a give-away gift. Plus, you may write some special touches or whatever you want to your guests if you would like to express your thank-you for their attendance.
Silver Anchor-Topped Kissing Bell from hotref.com

Personalized Keepsake Kissing Bells

Personalized Keepsake Kissing Bells are full of personalized elements. If you want the guests to remember your special wedding date forever, you could choice a design with the upper-case of you and your beloved and don’t forget to show your date to your guests!
Personalized Keepsake Kissing Bells from hotref.com

With this Ring Diamond Ring Kissing Bells

Diamond represents everlasting love. With this Ring Diamond Ring Kissing Bells symbolize the sweet love lasts long forever until the seas dry up and the rocks crumble. These also can be used as a guidance to show the table number and a take-away gift for guests.
With this Ring Diamond Ring Kissing Bells from hotref.com