19 Sep 2008 Invitation, Invitation, Invitation~~

Invitation, Invitation, Invitation~~

We all say first impression is crucial. For your party or any other event, INVITATION, without doubt, is the first impression you make on your guest. Remember, a good start is half done! Here’re a couple of samples I’d like to share with you guys.

Pink Purse

The pink floral design is so elegant. A good choice for bridal shower invitations.

Plum Blossom

Suitable for any romantic occasions. Do you know what plum blossom stands for? Purity and loyalty.

Shades of Green

Perfect for graduation annoucement.

Hats Off to the Graduate

Throw your hat in the air and get ready to party!

Oh Baby!

Invite guests to come on over and celebrate a brand new baby boy or girl on the way.

Stylish Mom

What a hot mama~~~