16 Jun 2010 Some Graduation Ideas

It’s that time of year when summer is starting, schools are getting out, and millions of young adults are celebrating graduating from high school or college. It’s the marking of the time when they stop goofing off and start getting serious, theoretically. How do you make your new grad’s celebration special for them and guest? Try one of these ideas.


These little personalized notebooks allow guest to be able to take notes, jot down phone numbers, addresses, emails and more. They are small enough to be able to fit in your purse, pocket or anywhere else with a nice reminder of all the memories from the past.


Most people have candles at home to burn. So why not add your own personalized candle to their collection?

Graduation Picture Frame

This is probably my favorite idea for guests. Add your grad’s senior picture or graduation picture and let your guests have the perfect frame to go along with it. Your family, and some friends, with be able to take it home and display your achievement proudly.