16 Aug 2010 Calla Lilly Themed Weddings

Calla Lily is a flower that represents magnificent beauty, purity, rebirth and marriage. The beautiful trumpet shape of this flower gives it a very elegant look that is perfect for weddings. When you plan your calla lily inspired event remember to have the following items.

Guest Book and Pen Set

elegant calla lily guest book elegant Calla Lilly Pen Set

This beautiful guest book and matching pen set is sure to make your guests smile as they sign their well wishes. Add your own photo to this guest book to personalize it even more.

Toasting Glasses

These beautiful toasting glasses keep all the elegance and beauty of the calla lily. These are used during your guests toasts to you and a happy future and for the united drink.

Cake and Knife Set

Cutting the cake is usually a wonderful and playful time for the bride and groom. You might find one of them smashing the cake into the others mouth or tapping them on the nose with frosting. I once even saw a couple throw a piece at each other! Before you can feed each other the cake, you need to take pictures of cutting it together. These wonderful knife and serving set give the tradition of cutting the cake an elegant look.

Calla Lily Favors

There are so many options of what to use as favors now days. When it comes to calla lilies, there is no exception. When you choose a favor, think of your guests and what you think will be used. If you have a group of people who don’t drink wine, it is probably a better idea not to give them wine bottle stoppers. Here are just a few of the calla lily favors out there. Click on each one for more information.