11 Sep 2010 Wine Themed Favors

Wine themed favors are always cherished and remembered by everybody. If you are a wine person, you can choose to make your event special with a theme that will reflect this side of you. It is a great idea to focus on the fine things in life and creating at atmosphere that has a great deal of elegance and class.

You can build on the mood with including wine bottles holding candles with wax dripping down the sides for a rustic old feel, grape leaves and vines woven around the flickering lights. Wine charm gifts also help in adding to the romantic setting of your event. They are wildly popular and add a special charm to any occasion. There is a wealth of wine-inspired items to choose from and you can even get them personalized.

It is not always about bottle stoppers that make nice wine favors. There are a lot of other items to choose from. Give your guests something to help them celebrate long after your event is through with these Vineyard Collection Wine Tool Favors. Each tool includes a collapsible cork screw and a knife – everything your guests will need to pop that bottle of wine.

The Petite Merlot Wine Glass Gel Candle with Heart Charm and has a harvest grape scent, features lovely translucent gel, and is adorned with a heart charm and elegant satin ribbon. It is the ideal choice of favor for your wine themed party.

The Romantic Wine Glass Charm Sets are lovely and the best way to charm your guests. Love is in the air and your guests are sure to remember your event every time they use these charming favors. Each oval metal charm measures 1″ x ½” and is inscribed with one of four fitting words including love, forever, dream and romance and a modern heart and ribbon design.