06 Oct 2010 Spice up Your Wardrobe with Fashion Essentials
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Do you have trouble pulling together outfits because the colors and prints do not go with each other? If you feel that you are wearing the same clothes everyday, you need to get pro-active about getting yourself a few pieces of outerwear that can bring out your personal style and still add a dash of color and style to your wardrobe.

Skirts and pants are a must have if you like wearing them both. If you have the option of wearing a skirt or a dress when you always wear jeans, then contemplate the benefits of a more diverse wardrobe. Get some work shirts and formal trousers for your days of work. You should also have some weekend dresses and a pair of all-season weekend pants.

The tops that you keep in your wardrobe should be right for your work and lifestyle. If you wear solid color pants and skirts, add some interest with a few print tops. Some black and white T-shirts, fitted pullovers for work, a couple of tank tops along with a turtleneck and a few cardigans for evening or the office should actually be enough for you to have a wardrobe that you can use for work as well as weekend wear.

Variety is instrumental in creating a fashion wardrobe that works great when pulling together outfits for work, casual, and evening situations.