28 Nov 2010 Warm Outerwear for the Winter
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In winter, fleece sweaters and jackets are the most popular forms of outerwear as they keep you warm and cozy. Dressing up in style for your holidays is made easy with fashionable outfits in bright colors and shiny shell fabrics. The traditional style of course focuses on leather and animal prints. Ruffles and duffle coats with fur trims are for those who prefer the contemporary style.

Layering is a great way to stay warm and look great this winter. Vests come in several varieties like soft shell and quilted. These can be used under a suit jacket for a professional look. Hoodies also make great winter wear as they have a soft supple outer layer and blocks the wind

Traditional pullovers and cardigans also impart a smart look if the right colors are chosen. You can find a large array of distinctive styles and designs in sweaters and a choice of necklines to suit your personality. Cashmere sweaters and sporty coats are versatile and add a touch of class. But whichever piece you choose make sure you go with breathable fabrics and something that is insulated yet stylish.