11 Dec 2010 Personalizing Winter Favors

Parties at any time of the year are so exciting and a pleasure to plan. Favors are an integral part of any celebration as they are the keepsakes that remind your guests of the occasion for a long time. There is in fact nothing better than to have personalized favors for your friends and family and show them your appreciation and how much you care for them.

If you are hosting a winter wedding or a holiday event, you can easily find winter favors that are exotic, affordable and graceful. You can also add a personal touch to them rather than just giving a generic gift. A personalized hot beverage mix is just perfect for your guests. With a variety of winter holiday themed designs to choose from, saying thanks has never been warmer than these personalized gifts.

Consider sharing your “love story” with friends and family with personalized notebooks, designed to coordinate with your winter holiday themed wedding. There are more options like personalized winter holiday seed packet favors. For the lovers of rolling green hills and the fresh scent of honeysuckle in your family, offer them a touch of the months to come with packets. They come in festive designs like ornaments and snowmen, but what they contain is the possibility for a lush green garden once the snow melts. A customized message would add the final touch and make the perfect personalized favor for your winter event.