03 Feb 2011 How to Plan a Budget Wedding

How many wives and husbands-to-be usually fret over their wedding day? A lot, actually, and truth be
told, only a few are actually not worried sick about their wedding, most especially, the grooms, since
they are the ones who will spend a lot of money during the wedding, which is why, they are often
concerned if their money is enough for the measuring spoon favors, the decorations, heart mirror
wedding favors
and so on and so forth.

Granted, a wedding can be quite an expensive event, and it will come with its own share of expenses.
But, there are a lot of ways to make it less heavy on the wallet, and one of those is to make your very
own compact mirror wedding favors.

Remember, wedding favors need not to be expensive to be memorable. In fact, most guests would
attest that favors that were done by the couple themselves or personalized, such as a heart measuring spoon, were more memorable and much appreciated than those bought at a higher price.

The reason for this is the fact that with these favors, the guests will see the hard work that the couple
has poured into their wedding. Plus, people will be able to appreciate things that were personalized
more than those that were premade, or wedding favors that aren’t really connected to the couple.

There are even couples, whom choose to use their love stories as wedding favors. Printing them out
on lovely scented papers, and letting people know much about their love story, such as how and why
the to-be-wed couple came to be, and how they met each other and how they captivated each other’s
precious hearts.

Remember, that no matter what kind of wedding favor you’ll give away to your guests during your
wedding, it isn’t important to spend a lot of money about them and be as grand and as extravagant as you can. Sometimes, simplicity is best for these occasions.

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