30 May 2011 Romantic Wine Charm Favors
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Wedding is the most special day in the life of both bride and groom and that’s the reason they want to make it memorable event for years to come. Nowadays bridal couples are more inclined towards choosing wine theme for their wedding anniversary or wedding reception. They can even enhance their theme by adding wine charm favors like imprinted wine glasses, custom labeled wine, wedding wine stoppers, champagne flutes and many more.

In order to give a personal touch, you can even personalize those beautiful favors and gift them to your family, friends and attendants. The personalization can be done by using your wedding date, or any personal message. Your photographs can also be added so that your guest can remember your grand yet special event throughout their life. The type of favors you want to choose is solely depends on your budget criteria and accordingly you can get wine bottles of your choice.

The particular favor which is becoming popular day by day is wedding wine stopper. Generally these stoppers are made up of chrome with a rubber seal in order to preserve the wine. You can use beautiful sheer organza ribbons to decorate your wine charm favors. These favors can be used depending on the season of your wedding i.e. snowflakes for winter and fall leaves for autumn wedding. There are many other wine stoppers which can be used for a specific theme like sea shell wine charm favors or beach ball for ocean front events. You can also use tags where your wedding date and name can be imprinted to make it perfect for the wedding. Wine charm is an inexpensive favor which can be taken as your theme without being bothered of low budget. These favors not only enhance the beauty of your wedding or any event but it is also very useful and decorative which makes your guest remind them of your sweet gesture.