27 Jul 2014 Summer Perfume Brings You to Destination U.S.

Ahhh…summer travel fun. ?That’s something we all look forward to! ?Time off means plenty of hours to enjoy new adventures at home and overseas; but what if you can’t take that American vacation this year? ?Don’t be disappointed. ?We’ll take you there – through fragrance, anyway – with a few of our favorite scents inspired by fabulous, famous cities abroad. ?So put your tray table back and get ready for takeoff.

American Dream” is deeply rooted in those minds who own great ambition and dreams, and USA is always one of the world’s most famous tourist resorts. ?Will you be excited and cheerful if I tell you that you can feel it by another way without costing more money or tickets? ?Designed by American Beauty Perfumes, American Dream is a fresh, watery green scent with notes of jasmine and oak moss, perfect to be applied in daytime. ?Once smelling it, you’ll know why U.S. is so fascinating to thousands of people. ?Otherwise, America by Perry Ellis is also nice try, a mixture of scents that are reminiscent of flowers found across the country.

Notable for its place as the home of the USA entertainment industry, Hollywood is always entertaining where you can visit Grauman’s Chinese Theater and the Walk of Fame along world-renowned Hollywood Boulevard, visit the Sunset Strip, see the famous landmark sign, and shop along Rodeo Drive. ?The outdoors is very in here. To experience the essence, aromatically anyway, Hollywood by Fred Hayman has you covered. ?Subtle but noticeable, Hollywood is warm, yet crisp and fruity, sure to attract glances like a star without leaving an overpowering aroma behind.

For glamour girls, there’s no place like home – we mean a home in Beverly Hills, of course. ?The famous zip code is known not just for the megastars in its orbit but also for the palaces they dwell in. ?No one epitomizes that more than the Spelling family, so their Giorgio Beverly Hills 90210 perfume with its chic citrus notes is sure to capture the scent of this lavish place best.

Another attractive place in California is Malibu, a wonderful scenery spot with beautiful coastline, rugged mountains, wooded canyons and sheltered coves. Enthusiastic people, sunny beach, and a boisterous nightlife lead to tons of fun and sun. ?Designed for Elegant Nights, Malibu Night by Pamela Anderson personifies the city with its flirty blend of pomegranate, chocolate persimmon, greens, black orchid, lotus, champaca, vanilla violet, mahogany wood, patchouli and amber, a sexy and indulgent scent for a night on the town.