27 Jul 2015 Introducing Music Themed Party Favors

Music is an art form that can make you feel motivated, excited, relax. It appears in any different forms like hip-hops, rock ‘n’ roll, popular, jazz in the concert, graduation ceremony, or art show. When you are going to plan a music themed party, you may think it is the best way to decorate the party with some music favors. There are a batch of Music Note Party Favors in various designs at our HotRef.com. You must find what you desire to get on this online shopping experience.

Music Note Party Favors from HotRef.com

Music Photo Frame

Hit the piano keyboard and the melody gradually appears in your mind with this Music Design Glass Photo Frame. Each classic black beveled glass photo frame is detailed with an array of white musical notes and white keyboard, music fun are sure to take note of this stunning frame when they see it on your shelves. Perfect for wedding, birthday, baby shower, anniversary or music themed party.

Music Design Glass Photo Frame from HotRef.com

Music Note Bottle Opener

Celebrate the soon-to-be harmony between bride and groom at the bridal shower with a practical music note trinket. The Symphony Chrome Music Note Bottle Opener will be the perfect party gift of gratitude for music lovers far and wide. The chrome bottle opener is fashioned to resemble a musical treble clef, complete with the opener at its tail.

Symphony Chrome Music Note Bottle Opener from HotRef.com

These Musical Note Bottle Opener Favors would make a wonderful engagement announcement. The shiny chrome bottle opener has a handle in the shape of a beautiful musical clef accented by clear glistening rhinestones.

Musical Note Bottle Opener Favors from HotRef.com

Music Note Place Card Holder 

With Love Songs Silver-Finish Music Note Place Card Photo Holder, to hold table cards and direct guests’ seats in your wedding, it sounds music in the air! Your guests can take these music note place card holders to home and hold a photo for deco.

Musical Note Design Candles

Spread music and cheer at the wedding with our Musical Note Design Candles. Frosted glass candle holders feature a musical staff and music note design along the side that wrap around the holder. The music note design candle holders will make a garden party, afternoon tea, recitals, and other musical celebrations feel complete.

Musical note design candles from HotRef.com

Music Note Key Chain Favors

Show your guests how they make your heart sing with these Music Note Key Chain Favors! With its beautiful black rhinestone studded music note keyring, this gift will have your guests singing your praises, as well. A great choice for weddings, birthdays, bridal shower, baby shower, anniversary, bachelorette party or any special occasion!

Music Note Key Chain Favors from HotRef.com

Music Note Bookmark Favors

Express your gratitude to guests for their attendance with these Music Note Bookmark Favors. With its stunning silver metal musical charm, this music note tassel bookmark gift will have your guests singing your praises, as well. A great choice for weddings, birthdays, baby shower, sweet sixteen, bridal shower or any special occasion.

Music Note Bookmark Favors from HotRef.com

Music Note Bottle Stopper

Fill the air with music at your next special occasion with these classic Music Note Bottle Stoppers. The music themed bottle stopper comes in a chrome finished, silver metal. The chrome bottle stopper has a conical base, wrapped with a black rubber gasket, and is topped with one of three available solid music note designs. You can use them to celebrate recitals and performances for all aspiring music students.

Music Note Bottle Stopper from HotRef.com

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– Amanda