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15 Jan 2016 New Wedding and Party Favors From KateAspen

We have recently updated a lot of new favors from KateAspen. They are tropical wedding favors and love & heart party favors. Tropical wedding favors include pineapple and palm tree favors that are perfect for any tropical wedding and bridal shower in summer time; love & heart party favors are elegantly designed in heart shape that is great for any love themed wedding, bridal shower, engagement party and more romantic events.

Tropical Wedding

Pineapple and palm tree are planted in hot summer day. Thus, these pineapple and palm tree party favors are perfect for any beach inspired events, like beach themed wedding, bridal shower, birthday party, baby shower and more tropical events in summer.

Tropical Wedding Party Favors from HotRef.com

Left Top: Gold Pineapple Bottle Opener Right Top: “Palm Breeze” Chrome Palm Tree Bottle Opener

Left Bottom: Pineapple Textured Gold Candle Votive Holder Right Bottom: Gold Pineapple Place Card Holder

  • Pineapple

Pineapple is our favorite fruit in summer. Satisfy your customer’s needs with our new updated pineapple party favors. Gold Pineapple Bottle Opener can be used to celebrate tropical themed wedding, anniversary, 50th birthday or class reunion.

Gold Pineapple Bottle Opener from HotRef.com

Gold Pineapple Place Card Holder has a pineapple shape and makes your guests easily find their seats. It’s a polite way to welcome your guests with this place card holder. Perfect for any fruit themed wedding and more gold events.

Gold Pineapple Place Card Holder from HotRef.com

  • Palm Tree

Palm is generally planted in spring and summer. It is supposed that palm tree favors are welcomed for spring and summer events. Palm Tree Breeze Gold Bottle Opener can make your event really memorable for a tropical, beach, or destination wedding or anniversary. We also have silver matching palm tree with “Palm Breeze” Chrome Palm Tree Bottle Opener.

Palm Tree Breeze Gold Bottle Opener from HotRef.com

Adorn your tropical events with this Pineapple Textured Gold Candle Votive Holder placed on tables as centerpiece to make your party look shiny. Perfect as party favors for tropical themed wedding, anniversary, birthday, conference and more events.

Pineapple Textured Gold Candle Votive Holder from HotRef.com

Love and Heart Favors

Speak loudly how much you love your beloved one with our Love & Heart Party Favors. They are designed with fashionable heart shape style and can highlight any of your love themed wedding. These heart related party favors are great for love themed wedding, bridal shower, engagement party and more romantic occasions.

Love and Heart Favors from HotRef.com

Left Top: Copper Love Bottle Opener  Right Top: Cheers to a Great Combination Gold Wine Set

Left Bottom: Love Gold Place Card Holder  Right Bottom: Copper Heart Bottle Stopper

  • Love Party Favors

Show your forever love with your other half to all the coming guests with Copper LOVE Bottle Opener. This love opener can extend the theme of your industrial or minimalist wedding or wedding shower to your recipients. They are on backorder until 2016/1/26.

Copper LOVE Bottle Opener from HotRef.com

Set your guest’s table with this LOVE Gold Place Card Holder. The place card holder is made of resin with gold finish and classic “LOVE” letter design features a heart in place of the “O”. Ideal for love wedding and engagement party.

LOVE Gold Place Card Holder from HotRef.com

We also have another matching LOVE Silver Place Card Holder / Photo Holder with Matching Place Cards. They can be both used in any love themed wedding and engagement party.

LOVE Silver Place Card Holder / Photo Holder with Matching Place Cards from HotRef.com

  • Heart Party Favors

Using Heart shape related favors to decorate your party is the most direct way to share your love with your guests. Copper Heart Bottle Stopper is a great give-away gift or thank you gift for guests as a perfect reminder to keep your love wedding stay in memory.

Copper Heart Bottle Stopper from HotRef.com

Looking for a heart favors to match your love themed events? This Cheers to a Great Combination Gold Wine Set will never disappoint you. Each wine set comes equipped with an open-heart design bottle stopper and matching corkscrew in a shiny gold finish. We also have another “Cheers to a Great Combination” Wine Set to match the gold one. Both of them are on backorder until 2016/1/26.

Cheers to a Great Combination Gold Wine Set from HotRef.com

More new favors are coming soon. Welcome to keep an eye on our latest information at HotRef.com.

– Amanda

08 Feb 2015 Celebrate 50th Gold Wedding Anniversary
BoomerBrief – published on Feb.6, 2015.
50 years of being married can seem like a lifetime to any couple, that’s roughly 18,250 days of wedded bliss. After that many years of being married, people start to believe you’re an expert at marriage and wonder “what’s your secret to a lifelong marriage?”
Celebrating a milestone anniversary, like a 50th wedding anniversary, is such a joyous occasion in any lifetime. Before the lovely couple can gather with family and friends, they’ll need to make sure they have everything perfectly planned for a stress free party.
For most couples, an affair this epic deserves to be celebrated with style and elegance. Couples can use different platforms to collect ideas and inspirations for their soiree.
Websites like Pinterest offer a million different ideas and allow users to collect their favorite ideas in one spot. Party planning blogs are a great medium since they provide a little more in depth detail to every step of the party prepping and planning. A good party idea blog will provide the perfect inspiration for party planning using photos, videos, and more to inspire readers.
Every little detail that goes into party planning shouldn’t go unnoticed. Besides decorations and food, details like party favors are just as important. Most retailers will carry traditional themed these will feature gold coloring paired with the numbers 5 and 0. This collection of exquisitely designed anniversary favors is from HotRef.com .
Some favors can make memories last a lifetime, but no celebration is complete without something charming and beautiful. Here’s an assortment from HotRef.com .
50th Gold Anniversary Favors from HotRef.com
If planning a party seems a bit too much for just one person, consider asking for help. Family and friends may be willing to lend a helping hand with some of the planning and prepping.
While hiring a professional party planner can seem a bit expensive, consider cutting costs in other areas to make up for the expenses. Creating the perfect party can seem like such a challenge, just remember the focus will be on celebrating the happy couple and less on the little details.