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06 Feb 2015 Baby Shower Candle Favors for a Boy or Girl
A new member is coming to the family, it’s a big event to celebrate with the mommy-to-be, family members and close friends. When your guests present gifts to the expectant mother and the upcoming baby, you would like to present some nice favor to share your bundle of joys and show your appreciations. Appropriate party favor can remind them of the baby and will be appreciated. Our Baby Shower Candle Favors for A Boy or Girl are adorable and your guests can use them back at home. Whether you are throwing a blue baby show or pink baby shower, we get you covered with these pleasent candle favors. They are great favors for christening, birth announcement and 1st birthday as well.
Baby Shower Candle Favors for a boy or girl

Baby Bootie/Sneaker Design Candle Favors

Cute bootie makes a pleasant reminder of the new arrival on the corner. And it is coming step by step to its future mommy and daddy. The bootie candle comes in two designs of Pink Baby Bootie/Sneaker Candle and Blue Baby Bootie/Sneaker Candle for a baby girl and boy separately. Great as party decoration to accent the atmosphere and favors for the guests.
Pink Baby Bootie Sneaker Candle favors
Baby BootieSneaker Design Candle

Baby Bottle Candle Favors in Pink and Blue

When it comes to comfort a crying baby, there’s millions of way out there. While the most effective weapon to terminate this problem is a little bottle of baby formula. Baby bottle has been a typical symbol of baby event. We make out of this baby’s favorite as Pink Baby Bottle Candle and Blue Baby Bottle Candle. Ideal for all kinds of celebration for baby girl and boy.
Pink Baby Bottle Candle Favors
Blue Baby Bottle Candle Favors

Adorable Baby Carriage Candles in Blue and Pink

You are going to have a baby, get your baby carriage ready! Pink for the girl and blue for boy. Simply lovely, we made them in Adorable Baby Pink Carriage Candle and Adorable Baby Blue Carriage Candle. These tinny carriage candles are great for event decoration and as a cute keepsake for guests.
Adorable Baby Blue Carriage Candles
Adorable Baby Pink Carriage Candles
If you are searching for more candle favors for your next baby event, our Baby Shower Candle Favor board on Pinterest are guaranteed to bring your more inspirations and surprises. Happy Planning party for Baby with Hotref.
– Nyah