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05 Nov 2013 Holiday Cheese Gift Set
Looking for inspirational gifts, we have a wonderful range of Cheese Selection Boxes and Cheese Set that offer a classy, and above all tasty present for any occasion or any special person in your life. Also perfect for a holiday party or family get together or Christmas dinner!!!

Laquiole Cheese Board with Knives

Welcome cheese into your home with this Laquiole Cheese Board with Knives. Each cheese board comes with a set of three assorted cheese knives and wooden cutting board with a trough around the edges to catch juice run off. Engraved with your personal message to creat one-of-a-type gift for the special one in your life This set also makes a spectacular customer-appreciation or employee-incentive gift.

Amore stainless steel cheese knife

Amore stainless steel cheese knife favors cut to the chase and express your love and appreciation towards family and friends for participating in your special day. The stainless steel handle is adorned with a heart-shaped hanger so guests can hang their knife with the rest of their kitchen utensils. Each knife is packaged in a beautiful clear plastic favor box with a silver, black, and white pinstripe insert. Just the sweet perfect gift to hand out.

Savory Cheese Set

A perfect way to end your any celebration dinner – our top quality Savory Cheese Set will last much longer than the fantastic selection of cheeses. Each set comese with three stainless steel cheese knives and is easy to clean and features a notched rim for collecting juices or crumbs. Great gift for any occasion.

“Tastefully Yours” Heart-Shaped Bamboo Cheese Board

This “Tastefully Yours” Heart-Shaped Bamboo Cheese Board is made of durable, and all natural bamboo. Beautifully crafted bamboo board, perfect for serving cheeses and spreads. The bamboo cheese board set features a stunning heart shaped cheese board and a carved spreader accented with a tiny heart on the handle, both fashioned of bamboo. This smart cheese set makes an excellent piece for casual or special occasions.

A ‘Grate’ Love Collection heart accented cheese grater

A ‘Grate’ Love Collection heart accented cheese grater is one truly great utensil. Each stainless steel cheese grater is in the classic grater shape with two heart accents placed above the grater holes. Family and friends are sure to find a special place in their kitchen once they take these loving and practical favors home.

Bamboo Cheese Set

Lovely, environmentally friendly cheese board set is perfect for prepping, displaying and serving cheese at your next function. This Bamboo Cheese Set has four bamboo-handled cheese utensils and cheese board and features renewable bamboo material and magnetic utensil holder and closure. This cheese board set is sure to be the perfect accompaniment for your next wine and cheese party.td>

24 Oct 2013 Corporate Cutlery Gift Ideas: Laguiole Knife
When you give a gift of Laguiole Cutlery, you are giving more than just a knife. You are giving them high quality excellence. Here, traditional Laguiole products like the steak knife and waiter’s knife are lovingly forged. A gift of Laguiole Cutlery shows your employees, or business partners, how important they are to you!

Laguiole 6-piece Steak Knife Set

Here you see an exquisite Laguiole 6-piece Steak Knife Set. This edition of premium quality Laguiole knives are made of high quality stainless steel and exquisite exotic woods. Their superb cutting edge and durablity round off these perfect knives!

Laguiole 2-piece Carving Cutlery Set

A masterpiece of perfection and style with this Laguiole 2-piece Carving Cutlery Set. This edition of premium quality Laguiole Cultery set is nicely packaged in a wood grain case for an elegant display. For a unique and exceptional Laquiole product, think to ask the engraving of your name or company’s logo.

Laguiole Cheese Board with Knives set

This lovely Laguiole Cheese Board with Knives set makes such a perfect corporate gift idea for showing that you really care about the recipient’s life. Gift set includes a wooden cutting board with a through around the edges and three assorted cheese knives. Also, you can make it the gift one of a type with the personal imprint on.

Laguiole Cutting Board Set

One of the most classic corporate gift idea with this Laguiole Cutting Board Set. This This edition of premium quality Laguiole comes with a cutting board, a chef knife and utility knife. With an imprint of the renowned Laguiole bee, send your cordial greeting to the special one in your life.

Laguiole 5-Piece Knife Block Set

Every premium quality Laguiole knife is unique, a piece of art manufactured to perfection. This Laguiole 5-Piece Knife Block Set makes no exception. Every set features a meat knife, meat fork, vegetable knife, bread knife and sharpener, all in a wooden knife holder. You won’t find a better gift for the chef.

Belgio Cutlery Set

This Belgio Cutlery Set is not from Laquiole family, but as excellent as the above mentioned knives. The look of this knife set is breathtaking thanks for its compact beautiful body and sleek, sharp blade. Also nicely packaged in a wooden, elegant, dark grey storage box, perfect as corporate gifts for employees, clients alike.