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15 Jan 2014 Elephant Favors

Whether you’ve set you heart on Asian & Oriental or specially Indian themed wedding theme, these Elephant Favors are sure to be a wonderful gift choice to bring power and strength, long life, patience and wisdom, energy and good fortune to each and every guest with one of our exquisite elephant favors. Give it away at your rehearsal dinner, bridal shower or reception at Asian Themed Wedding.

“Lucky Elephant” Antique Ivory-Finish Tea Light Holder

Lucky gift! Lucky guests! When East meets West, extraordinary and exotic favors come to pass. Behold the “Lucky Elephant” Antique Ivory-Finish Tea Light Holder. Lucky because elephant statues, especially those with raised trunks, are considered a source of luck and good fortune.

Elephant 12 1/2″ statue

Get ready to ride the elephant trend! These Elephant 12 1/2″ statues provide a delightful option for shoppers in search of good luck items that are a cut above the rest. They’re elegantly styled and sure to be a big hit as good fortune gifts and home accessories.

Elephant Bottle Stopper

Keep leftover wine fresh and champagne sparkly with this lucky Elephant Bottle Stopper. The detailed design is made pewter and ivory finished poly resin, with the timeless upward-trunk swing for good luck. Traditional sculpted Asian & Indian-inspired details include a festive headdress and blanket, evoking imagery from Asia’s sub-continent and Far East regions. One size fits all convenience will help preserve wine’s bouquet and flavor notes, thanks to a tapered rubber stopper.

Good Luck Elephant Place Card Holders

Inspired by the Asian symbol of good luck, these Good Luck Elephant Place Card Holders are whimsical, adorable, and practical. Their trunks will hold place cards and welcome guests to their tables. Use them to decorate your reception now, and send them home with guests as a thoughtful keepsake after your big day.