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11 Jun 2015 Introducing Aladdin Lamp Wedding Favors

Aladdin is originated from Middle Eastern folk tale. People usually purchase Aladdin lamp favors to make their dream come true, and they hope these favors will give your family and friends a smile and a magical wish for health and happiness for all. Today, you will have the chance to have a look at our Aladdin Lamp Party Favors, please feel free to select which one you like best.

Aladdin Wedding Favors from HotRef.com

Gold Magic Aladdin Lantern Candle Votive Holder

Create an exotic magical atmosphere in your special event and offer your guests three wishes with these Gold Magic Aladdin Lantern Candle Votive Holders. The base and lamp are hand painted and finished in a rich matte golden shade. This stunning golden Eastern style Aladdin magic lantern is great for any fairy tale themed wedding, birthday, bridal shower, 50th reunion, 50th anniversary and more gold themed events.

Gold Magic Aladdin Lantern Candle Votive Holder from HotRef.com

Gold Aladdin Lamp Place Card Holders

Celebrate a wedding with an easily recognized symbol of granted wishes – Aladdin lantern. These gold Aladdin Lamp Place Card Holder Favors, classic “Arabian Nights” lamp shape, can be used for photos and are a wonderful way to make fond wishes for the bride and groom.

Gold Aladdin Lamp Place Card Holders from HotRef.com

Gold Magic Aladdin Lantern Key Chain

All your wishes will come true with this Gold Magic Lantern Key Chain. The gold Aladdin’s Lamp attaches itself to a key chain which makes it both an elegant decoration as well as a useful favor. They are ideal favors for wedding, shower, sweet 16 birthday and any other occasion when best wishes are needed.

Gold Magic Aladdin Lantern Key Chain from HotRef.com


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02 Jun 2015 High Heel Shoe Wedding Favors

High heel shoes are keenly favored by fashionista, especially for those graceful female. Why they keep so crazy attitude on the shoes? High heel shoes symbolize beauty and dignity. That may be what they pursue. Are you looking forward to a party that is fully adorned with various High Heel Shoe Party Favors? Make all your party guests envy and speak highly of your special event with our high heel shoe favors, that’s our final purpose!

High Heel Shoe Wedding Favors from HotRef.com

Fairy Tale Wedding Shoe Candle Favor

Every girl has a childlike dream that some day she will wear a beautiful shoes until find her own Mr. Right! Today your dream will come true. Fairy Tale Wedding Shoe Candle Favor are perfect wedding favors to create festive ambiance and to show your distinguished guests that you finally find your Mr. Right!

Fairy Tale Wedding Shoe Candle Favor from HotRef.com

High Heel Shoe Design Bottle Opener

Wow your family and guests by placing these High Heel Shoe Design Bottle Openers on table settings. Each high heel shoe bottle opener comes packaged in a transparent box with a pink line accented intricate black and white damask designed stage insert. Make them yours in any anniversaries, wedding, bridal shower, sweet 15/16, birthday, bachelorette party and more events.

High Heel Shoe Design Bottle Opener in Damask Gift Box from HotRef.com

Glam Girl “High Heel” Shoe Luggage Tag

Celebrate your destination wedding in style with our charming Glam Girl “High Heel” Shoe Luggage Tag. Hand them out to guests so that they will never be worried about getting their luggage lost during travelling.

Glam Girl

Magical Fairy Tale Shoe Design Trinket Boxes

Pave the way toward a happily-ever-after with a favor that girls of all ages will treasure and appreciate. The Magical Fairy Tale Shoe Design Trinket Boxes are the perfect addition for an array of special occasions such as sweet 15/16 birthdays, bridal showers, fairy tale weddings, and more.

Magical Fairy Tale Shoe Design Trinket Boxes from HotRef.com

Cinderella Glass Slipper Shoe Keychain Favor

How many girls have dreamed about to wear Cinderella glass slipper shoes? Our Cinderella Glass Slipper Shoe Keychain Favor will make your beautiful dream come true.

Cinderella glass slipper shoe keychain favor from HotRef.com

High Heel Shoe Design Mirror Compacts

Make the bridal shower a stylish and fashionable occasion with an equally trendy gift for the girls. The High Heel Shoe Design Mirror Compacts are a cute favor for your guests with their convenient portability and practicality.

High Heel Shoe Design Mirror Compacts from HotRef.com

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26 Aug 2013 High Heel Shoe Party Favors
Shoe your style on your wedding or parties with our a variety of high heel shoe party favors. These fashionable high heel shoe themed favors are perfect for bridal shower, wedding, sweet 16 birthday, girls night out and more, the possibility is endless.

Cinderella glass slipper shoe keychain favor

If you are planning a fairy tale themed party, you are sure to get inspired with this elegant Cinderella glass slipper shoe keychain favor. Each magical glass silper features multifaceted crystal acrylic charm and is attached its top to a sturdy silver metal chain and key ring. We all grew up with the “Happy Ending” story, and now it’s time to feel the storybook magic in the air again.

First Class Fashionista High Heel Shoe Luggage Tag

Heading for you wild and wonderful destination? Your are sure to want to take this unique High Heel Shoe Luggage Tag with you. No matter you are out on the town, or go to girls at the birdal shower, this brilliant little luggage tag is bound to get you pumped up.

Magical FairyTale Shoe Design Trinket Boxes

Dramatically designed high heel shoe charm, shining rhinestone detailing, and pearly white body, this Magical FairyTale Shoe Trinket Box is perfect to complete your Cinderella-like day or other fairy tale themed events. Your fairytale dreams will come true with this shoe favor that inspired by the “Once-upon-a-time” story.

Stylish Stainless Steel High Heel Cake Server

Add a bit of fun and whimsical feeling to your party with this stylish Stainless Steel High Heel Cake Server. Not just a useful cake server, but a real “shoe in” for any fairytale themed wedding, bridal shower, reception or sweet sixteen.

Stylish Book Lovers Collection High Heel Shoe Bookmarks

This High Heel Shoe Bookmark is accented with cutout heart and rose detailings, and is just perfect for your maid of honor or girls night out. Each bookmark is loaded with everyday style and practicality, and will never end up in the closet. For your or your friends who loves books, it’s the one worth to own.

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18 Jun 2011 The Royal Collection-Cinderella Themed Favors

The story of Cinderella and her Prince charming is one of the most fascinating love tales. In today’s world, every girl likes to think of herself as Cinderella and from her very childhood waits for her prince charming to take her along with him. A wedding is about being together for life and it is an occasion when a couple actually take an oath to be with each other for their entire life irrespective of hardships and troubles. To witness their love and affection, relatives and friends are invited. And favors are given out to them as a token of the couple’s love and appreciation for making the event memorable and special.

Various symbols such as glass slipper, pumpkin etc are associated with Cinderella’s story and so you can also choose from various favors available in the market based on these items. Make your event fit for a storybook with these magical Cinderella themed favors. You can opt for these if you want to give your wedding a cute and romantic look. There are various options available ranging from White Cinderella Wedding Theme Frames, Cinderella-Style Place Card Holder Favor, Stylish Stainless Steel High Heel Cake Server to the Princess Collection Glass Shoe Favors, Cinderella Themed Curio Box, Coach Design Candle Favors and many more. What is to be give as gifts depends upon the budget of the individual. If you have a higher budget then you can choose from crystal ‘glass slipper’ paperweights, silver plated photo frames, crystal pumpkins & silver plated slippers. Some of the more affordable ones are photo frames, soaps and favor boxes in the shape of Cinderella carriage is also available.

To make your favors look stunning and most remarkable then you must put an extra effort to trim your favors with ribbon printed with ‘Happily Ever After’ & a shaped thank you tag which perfectly matches your theme. This is how you can make your guests feel special and make them remember your special day. Whether you’re planning a fairy tale wedding, sweet sixteen or any event with a storybook appeal, these exquisite favors help to add the Cinderella charm.