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18 Apr 2016 New Brand Thermos & Brookstone Promotional Products

We’re back again to show you our new promotional products from brands like Thermos and Brookstone! Each product can be customized to include your company’s logo, name, or a phrase. These items are perfect for corporate/business events and trade shows as giveaways or for you own personal need:

New Promotional Products from Thermos & Brookstone at HotRef.com


Thermos Drinkware

Thermos® is an infamous brand known for their drinkware! At HotRef, we carry a wide variety of Thermos drinkware ranging from water bottles to insulators! Here are some of our new products from Thermos:

Thermos Drinkware from HotRef.com

From top left to bottom right:


Another popular brand we carry is Brookstone! Brookstone is known for their unique gift ideas for men and women. From suitcases to Bluetooth electronics, HotRef has a plethora of new Brookstone products to fit your every need.

I. Life Entertainment

Brookstone Life Entertainment from HotRef.com

From top left to bottom right:

II. Bluetooth Speaker

Brookstone Bluetooth Speakers at HotRef.com

Top left to bottom right:

III. Mobile Tech

Brookstone Mobile Tech from HotRef.com

From top left to bottom right:

  • Brookstone® Global Twist Outlet Adapter – Perfect for those who travel out of the country, this innovative adapter features 4 plugs that can be used in 150+ countires. (Warning: This adapter does not convert voltage)
  • Brookstone® 4-Port USB Wall Charger – Has 4 USB slots so you can charge up to 4 different electronics in one single outlet! Compact design with fold up and down prongs for easy packing.
  • Brookstone® Surge Power Bank – Available in 3 different colors — white (pictured above), black and light blue — this mall backup charger is perfect for those on-the-go! Can charge up to 3 hours.
  • Brookstone® Sonic Bluetooth® Headphones – This wireless headphones can stream music from your electronic devices via bluetooth (can reach up to 30 feet). Folds up for easy storage and travel.


Last but not least, we also received some amazing fitness products! From gym bags to fitness trackers, HotRef offers an array of fitness items that are perfect for the gym or if you’re looking of a lifestyle change.

New Fitness Items at HotRef.com

From top left to bottom right:

  • Active Health Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor – This Bluetooth water-resistant health tracker can monitor calories burned, activity duration, steps taken, distance walked, sleep quality and heart rate.
  • Ultimate Sport Bag II – Available in 4 colors — blue, grey, red, and light green (pictured above). Features an exterior molded insulated bottle holder so you can easily stay hydrated.
  • Brookstone® Get Fit Gym Kit – This kit includes premium cinch bag, healthy lifestyle tip cards, multi-exercise resistance band and stainless steel water bottle.
  • bobble® Wather Bottle with Tether Cap 18.5 oz – Comes with a replaceable carbon filter that removes chlorine and organic contaminants from municipal tap water. Available in 7 colors.


Check back next week to see additional new promotional products!

-Nina A.

22 Feb 2016 New Promotional Products: Mobile Tech, Jute Tote and Fitness Accessories

Nice to see you on every Monday when HotRef will introduce you more new promotional products. These promotional products are all practical business items for our daily life. Most enterprises give them as corporate gifts for employees. Mobile tech, jute tote and fitness accessories are the main business items we recommend you. They can be all customized with company logo for personalization.

New Promotional Products - Jute Tote, Mobile Tech and Fitness Accessories from HotRef.com

Jute Tote

Jute tote is functional for its use in our daily life. They are beneficial for the environment because of the eco-friendly material —— Jute. These totes can be customized with company logo for personalization. They can be used in many occasions like going shopping, going on vacation, going hiking and more trips.

Promotional Products - Customized Jute Tote from HotRef.com


Left Top: Jute Grocery Tote Right Top: Jute and Cotton Zippered Tote

Left Bottom: Resort Jute Tote Right Bottom: Jute Box Tote

Fitness Accessories

Fitness accessories are necessities when you go to gym for taking exercise. They are also can be great corporate gifts and promotional products at business events. Customize them to make your own company style, and it is also a perfect way to make advertisement for your business events.

Promotional Products - Customized Fitness Accessories from HotRef.com

Left Top: Slazenger Reflective Fitness Hydration Belt  Right Top: 4 lb. New Balance® Fitness Towel

Left Bottom: At Home Exercise Set  Right Bottom: TrackFast Step Pedometer

Mobile Tech

  • Bluetooth

Bluetooth accessories is a high-tech equipment that can be widely connected to headphone, keyboard, cell-phone and more electronic equipment. They are convenient for our life when you listen to the music or have a meeting.

Promotional Products - Customized Bluetooth Speaker, Keyboard and Earphone from HotRef.com

Left Top: Rhea Bluetooth Headphones Right Top: Zabrak Powerbank Bluetooth Speaker

Left Bottom: The Sphinx 2 in 1 Bluetooth Keyboard Stand Right Bottom: Traction Suction Bluetooth Speaker

  • Adapter

Adapter is a must-have whether you are in the office, at home or on the way to travel. They are designed in pocket size that are convenient to carry when you are out. Great business gifts and corporate gifts for any business events and more occasions.

Promotional Products - Customized Adapter from HotRef.com


Left Top: UL Certified Gale 4 Port AC Adaptor Right Top: Skross PRO Plus Dual USB World Travel Adapter

Left Bottom: Skross World Dual USB Charger Adapter Right Bottom: Skross EVO Plus USB World Travel Adapter

  • Power Bank

Power Bank is similar to adapter. They can be used to connect USB port and linked to computer, cell-phone and more communication tools. They can be customized with company logo for personalization. They are reasonably designed in small sizes so that are great companions on the way to any travelling.

Promotional Products - Customized Power Bank from HotRef.com

Left Top: Slim Ion Power Bank Right Top: UL Certified Kilo Power Bank

Left Bottom: UL Certified Resistor Power Bank with Power Check Right Top: UL Certified Jive Power Bank

More new promotional products will be continually updated to our site…

– Amanda