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09 Oct 2014 New Bottle Stopper with Different Designs
It must be a certainty that wine lovers are interested in collecting assorted designs of wine stoppers as well as wine openers. A stylish wine stopper or wine opener will play a very important role in changing the mood while wine lovers are enjoying wine. Today, we at HotRef will introduce you to numerous designs of chic Bottle Stoppers.
New Bottle Stopper from hotref.com

Heart Bottle Stopper

Let your wedding or bridal shower guests feel your sweet love and happiness with this Heart Bottle Stopper. Each favor comes in a heart shaped design and is attached to the metal stopper base. These heart bottle stoppers also have other different kinds of designs at HotRef.com for you to look at.
Heart Bottle Stopper from hotref.com

Murano Bottle Stopper

Angel favors always symbolize purity and holiness in our mind. These Murano Angel Bottle Stoppers are sure to be appreciated by guests in your big event. The angel will stand on the top of the metal base every time when you open the wine bottle. What an amazing experience, right? If you want to know more about Murano style items, here we provide you with other Murano Themed Bottle Stoppers.
Murano Bottle Stopper from hotref.com

Bottle Stopper & Opener Set

The Bottle Stopper & Opener Set is practical tool for wine lovers. Each set contains wine stopper and wine opener which are completed in heart shaped designs and are attached to the metal stopper and opener bases. They are perfect wine favors as give away gifts for guests and are applicable for practical use at home.
Bottle Stopper & Opener Set from hotref.com

Handbag Bottle Stopper

Add more sparkling and shining elements to this Handbag Bottle Stopper. Each favor is crafted in a handbag design, the topper embellished with several twinkling crystals and attached to the chrome and metal stopper base.
Handbag Bottle Stopper from hotref.com

High Heel Shoe Stopper

High heels always give a sense of dignity. This High Heel Shoe Stopper is sure to be appreciated by guests for its creative design. Each favor is completed with a high heel design topper with several sparkling implanted crystals and attached to the metal stopper base.
High Heel Shoe Stopper from hotref.com

Butterfly Bottle Stopper

Think about the picture of using numerous dancing butterflies in your big event. These Butterfly Bottle Stoppers will make your dream come true. Each favor is designed with a vivid butterfly as a topper on the silver stopper base. It is also a perfect idea as a give away gift for guests.
Butterfly Bottle Stopper from hotref.com
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24 Feb 2014 Introduce Four New Wedding Wine Bottle Stoppers
Bottle stoppers are a great option if your want to give your guests an memorable and practical wedding party favor. Today we introduce four new products: Wedding Wine Bottle Stoppers from Fashioncraft, which have different designs for each bottle stopper. They are heart themed double heart bottle stopper and filigree Heart bottle stopper, nautical themed ship wheel bottle stopper and high heel themed bottle stopper. Red or white, day or night, your wine themed reception will be even more elegant with our adorable wine wedding favors.
New Wedding Wine Bottle Stopper

Glistening Heart Design Bottle Stopper

All the wine themed favors are sure to be savored. Elegant yet fun, this tasteful Glistening Heart Design Bottle Stopper is not only a bottle stopper, but a stunning showstopper as well. This linked heart bottle stiooer is a fine addition to anyone’s wine cabinet or picnic basket. The conical, solid base is wrapped with a black rubber gasket for a tight seal in the wine bottle. Air and moisture stay out, while flavor and aroma are locked in, a great options for any wine connoisseur.

Filigree Heart Design Wine Bottle Stoppers

Celebrate your wedding day and send your guests home happy with this heartfelt Filigree Heart Design Wine Bottle Stoppers. When you take a cherished heart design and fill it with an intricate, filigree cut out pattern, like Fashioncraft did with this elegant wine bottle stopper, you can achieve favor greatness. It’s an outstanding way to show your love and this lovely and useful favor will surely warm the hearts of everyone gathered for your big day.

Ship’s Wheel Design Wine Bottle Stoppers

If you are throwing a cruise wedding or nautical themed party, this Ship’s Wheel Design Wine Bottle Stoppers with its classic nautical feel are sure to last long after your big day is through. Topped by a ship’s wheel with a sparking rhinestone cneter and conical base wrapped with a blacke rubber gasket for a tight seal. Love is a voyage, enjoy your love journey.

High Heel Shoe Design Bottle Stoppers

Diva Entertains LOVES shoes! And she knows you do too! This High Heel Shoe Design Bottle Stoppers features a stylish shoe design making a fashionable and functional wedding favors for the guests gathered for your big day. Every time your guests sit down to enjoy their favorite vintage they will be reminded of your generous gift. Best of all they are ready for gift giving, they are packaged in an elegant box with a white organaza ribbon.