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21 Oct 2015 Rustic Themed Wedding and Party Favors – Succulent

Whether for rustic wedding or bridal shower, these Succulent Party Favors will make your events more animate. We have succulent place card holder, succulent bottle stopper, succulent container for your rustic events in autumn. Guests will be happy to see these green favors in your fall wedding, bridal shower, birthday party and more celebrations.

Rustic Succulent Party Favors from HotRef.com

Mini Potted Succulents 

Bring a relaxing touch to your rustic themed event with these Mini Potted Succulents. Adorable and practical, each white ceramic pot holds a miniature faux succedent. Great as party accessories for wedding shower, birthday, garden party and more outdoor events.

Mini Potted Succulents from HotRef.com

“Love in Bloom” Faux Succulent Bottle Stopper

“Love in Bloom” Faux Succulent Bottle Stopper is perfect for beach, rustic or summer themed weddings. Adorned with the green plastic faux succulent on the top of the cork is one of the shining points. What’s more, it will add a piece of green atmosphere to your rustic wedding so that makes your guests feel more energetic.

Succulent Place Card Holder

Something green will make your wedding more lively and animate. This Succulent Place Card Holder designed with faux succulents in green just like the real one. This place card holder is perfectly used to be held cards to give guests guidance on right tables and seats and makes wedding as nature theme, rustic or western wedding.

Succulent Place Card Holder from HotRef.com

Succulent Containers

“Modern Garden” Geometric White Planter can be used as a table decoration which becomes more and more popular in today’s modern society.  Add candles, beads, flowers, candy – whatever you can dream up for wedding favors or table decor. They can perfectly fit any of your rustic garden party or more modern occasions.

Bubble Shaped Glass Terrarium Bowl can be perfectly put in rustic wedding or beach wedding. Filled small terrarium bowls with interesting objects like multicolored sand arranged in layers to create pretty sand art and make them as beach wedding favors or wedding decoration.

Bubble Shaped Glass Terrarium Bowl from HotRef.com

If you are planning a rustic themed events now, you can roughly browse at our blog site and welcome to contact us if you have any problems!

– Amanda

06 Jul 2014 Frosted Glass Votive With More New Personalized Designs
Celebrate your party such as wedding, bridal shower, birthday or any anniversaries with personalized frosted glass votive, which is sure to be well-matched with your themed party and will increase a sense of happiness during the ongoing party. There are various kinds of these candle holders introduced at Hotref.com. These items have wedding, baby shower, religious, birthday favors. Take Cute As a Button, Little Man, and Gender Reveal designs as examples, these ones are popular in the market. In addition, we have more new designs of nautical and rustic themed favors, which include wedding, bridal shower, baby shower and birthday designs as well.

Nautical Designs

Sharing your happiness with your guests with this Personalized Frosted Glass Votive may be an optimal choice. Personalized Frosted Glass Votive – Kate’s Nautical Wedding Collection is adorned with stripes, anchors and zigzags on the body of glass, which is perfectly matched with nautical wedding theme. Personalized Frosted Glass Votive – Kate’s Nautical Bridal Shower Collection is suitable for navy-themed bridal shower and can be widely used in decoration for wedding or at home. If you want a theme that can be suitable for baby shower, Personalized Frosted Glass Votive – Kate’s Nautical Baby Shower Collection may satisfy you. Available in three designs with dots, octopus and anchors for your selection. Another one is Personalized Frosted Glass Votive – Kate’s Nautical Birthday Collection which is personalized design with red stripes and blue dots. It is applicable for nautical themed birthday.
nautical design candle holder from hotref.com

Rustic Designs

Rustic design candle holders are also applied to wedding, baby shower, religious and birthday. Personalized Frosted-Glass Votive – Kate’s Rustic Wedding Collection can not only be used for decoration in wedding, but also a decoration for take-away gift. Personalized Frosted Glass Votive – Kate’s Rustic Bridal Shower Collection is perfect for bridal shower. Decorated with classical woodsy and striped background that will leave a deep impression to guests. Personalized Frosted Glass Votive – Kate’s Rustic Baby Shower Collection can be widely used in baby shower. Available in two designs of the glass with green dots and the other is the glass with pink background adorned with flowers. Personalized Frosted Glass Votive – Kate’s Woodland Birthday Collection can decorate your birthday party a woodland favor. This style will provide you with more visual enjoyment.
rustic design candle holder from hotref.com