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26 Aug 2014 Honey Bee Theme Baby Shower Favors
To celebrate the arrival of a new-born baby coming to this world, you are preparing a baby shower party and invite your family and friends to share your happiness together. Honey bee favors may be welcomed by most guests, especially for kids. Today we are pleased to recommend you Bee Theme Baby Shower Favors for you. These are ideal favors perfectly used in honey bee theme baby shower and birthday party.
Bee Theme Baby Shower Favors from hotref.com

“Sweet Can Be” Honey Pot

Nothing can be much sweeter than this “Sweet As Can Bee” Ceramic Honey Pot with Wooden Dipper to celebrate a baby shower event. This white-ceramic honey pot crafted in bee hive-shaped with yellow and black honeybee. Wooden dipper’s ceramic handle looks like a flying wing. They are perfect favors for bee theme baby shower and birthday events.

“Sweet Can Be” Honey

It is a perfect way to let your guests remember the celebration with this “Sweet as Can Be” Personalized Clover Honey Favor Jars that can be created Mom’s name and a date. Give away as gifts for guests at home not only for tasty treats, but for significant keepsakes. Personalized Baby Honey Favors is another “Sweet Can Be” Honey that becomes the best choice for baby shower and baby birthday. Honey is a symbol of love by parents to your little babies. They can be added to cake, DIY mask, tea etc.
Personalized Baby Honey Favors from hotref.com

“Mom & Me” Salt & Pepper Shake

How fantastic that a daily necessity that can be made into such cute “Mommy and Me…Sweet as Can Bee” Ceramic Honeybee Salt & Pepper Shakers! Pepper and salt can be held in these favors. The mother bee shows love to her little bee which is perfect to match with bee theme baby shower and birthday events.

“Mommy To Bee” Soap

Not only this “Mommy To Bee” Honey-Scented Honeycomb Soap is a gift for guests taken away home for practical use, but also a perfect favors for baby shower and baby birthday events. The hexagonal glycerin soap in yellow is like a real honeycomb. These soaps are perfect party favors for birthdays, Christenings, first communions, and all other events.

“Sweet As Can Bee” Favor Box

It is a great way to fill yummy treats in this “Sweet as Can Bee!” Mom and Baby Beehive Favor Box to family and friends. Each favor box is like a honeybomb and embellished with yellow and black striped mother honeybee and with a baby honeybee on the top. It is a practical container that can be held mints, candies, chocolates, coolies and other fun-sized favorable treats. They are perfect gifts or party favors that are ideal for bee themed baby shower, baby birthday or other baby events.
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