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18 Sep 2015 Introducing Coffee Cup Set Party Favors

Just one cup of coffee for one afternoon, it’s an ideal way to kill leisure time and relax yourself. Therefore, it must be welcomed if you hand out coffee cup set for family and friends. Every time when they drink coffee, they will think of that this is the gift you give them. We have various kinds of Coffee Cup Set Party Favors that are all perfect for any coffee party, coffee related wedding and more.

Coffee Cup Party Favors

If you are troubled about what gifts can be given to friends. Don’t hesitate any more. Coffee cup set is the best gift for you to choose. Next, we will recommend some kinds of coffee cup party favors. They are Euro Café, Moroccan Flair, High Heeled Diva and Dramatic Damask. Browse more detailed information about these favors below.

Coffee Cup Party Favors from HotRef.com

Put this “Euro Cafe” Espresso Coffee Cup Set at dessert table will sure to amaze your guests. Each favor set contains 2 cups and 2 coaster plates. Made from quality porcelain. Give giving to guests as practical use for their own house. They are sure to love these charms. Have a happy time to enjoy a cup of time at weekends with your family or beloved one.

Express thank you to your guests by giving this “Moroccan Flair” Espresso Coffee Cup Set. Each favor set contains 2 cups and 2 coaster plates. They will sure to become the talk of your events. Made from quality porcelain in romantic design. Gorgeous Moroccan style pattern in chocolate brown will be the flashpoint at the dessert table.

High Heeled Diva Espresso Coffee Cup Favor Set is perfect gift for bridal shower and girls’ night out party. This party favor will make a statement as any real diva would while saying thank you.

High Heeled Diva Espresso Coffee Cup Favor Set from HotRef.com

Black and white damask design is one of the season’s hottest picks. The damask themed espresso cup and saucer set has dramatic effect of contrasting color and shows off your style. Gorgeous detail with black floral accented by white rim make the high quality porcelain damask coffee cup more than a practical favor that is great for damask wedding or more parties.

Coffee Cup Wedding Favors

You must prepare some gifts given out after the wedding is over. Coffee cup wedding favors are sure to be the wedding gifts for guests. These coffee wedding favors are with love design, hearts design and Mr. & Mrs design, which are all fashionable.

Coffee Cup Wedding Favors from HotRef.com


What is the best favor to cater to the theme of the party? This “Mr. and Mrs.” Couples Espresso Cup Favor is the wise pick for you to match any marriage themed party. Each of the two high quality porcelain ceramic coffee cups are painted each new title of “Mr.” and “Mrs.” and the accompanying saucers bring them together.

Love will be expressed to your beloved one in these “Expressions of Love” Espresso White Cup Favor. These high quality porcelain coffee cup sets are sure to be appreciated by your guests for all the components are designed in one of the season’s hottest colors. Elegant heart design and swirls complete the look for a chic style.

Love, Amore, Amour, Amor… are the best descriptions to express affection. This “Language of Love” Espresso Cup Favor Set makes the perfect party gifts for love themed events. The word “Love” painted on these favors can be described in multiple languages of English, Italian, French and Spanish.

The “Two Hearts” Espresso Coffee Cup will make an extraordinary gift to be treasured. Stunning and elegant at once, the premium espresso with upscale design and white porcelain finish will set the highlight of any table setting.

Two Hearts Espresso Coffee Cup Set from HotRef.com

Eiffel Tower Coffee Cup

Paris is a city for lover. This “Paris is for Lovers” Espresso Cup Favor Set. Fantastic design with new heights of style and exquisite details bring lure to party guests. Postmarked Eiffel Tower saucers and cups with detailed rings against pale blue background and polka dot hues as well as flowing script complete the look for a more Paris and French fashion.

– Amanda

05 Sep 2014 Personalized MOD Party Supplies: Tea Party
Holding a tea party with several close friends to kill leisure time becomes a main entertainment in today’s modern life. It is ideal for bridal shower, girls or classmates getting together. Let us help you make a thoughtful plan for your tea party decoration. Perfect tea party favors such as Invitation, Starter Kit, Pennant Banner, Cupcake Wrappers & Cupcake Toppers may be the indispensable elements during the tea party. Here we recommend some Tea Party Favors at Hotref, we hope the information is helpful to you.
Tea Party Favors from hotref.com

Tea Party Invitation

Your friends or guests are sure to be surprised and delighted to join in the tea party as soon as they receive such a beautiful tea party Invitation. They are looking forward to meeting and chatting with each other.
Tea Party Invitations from hotref.com

Tea Party Decorations Starter Kit

This Tea Party Decorations Starter Kit comes in pink and orange, each kit comprises 6 key components with 1 Pennant Banner, 1 Party Sign, 25 Pink Striped Straws, 24 Pink Cupcake Wrappers/Toppers, 12 Menu / Place Cards, and 32 Decorative Stickers. They are really perfect favors for tea party.
Tea Party Decorations Starter Kit from hotref.com

Tea Party Pennant Banner

Adorn the tea party with this Tea Party Pennant Banner will help increase a cheerful atmosphere to the tea party. You are free to create your names or other words and phrases to the triangle banners to show your personality. It is perfect favor for bridal shower and tea party themed birthday.
Tea Party Pennant Banner from hotref.com

Tea Party Sign

Make your own signature individualized with this Tea Party Sign. This one has special design with floral background and a vintage styled teapot, especially fits for ladies. You are customized to create some positive words and phrases to welcome your guests and friends.
Tea Party Sign from hotref.com

Tea Party Return Address Labels

It may be a fashionable way to send invitations with these Tea Party Return Address Labels. Crafted in a vintage teapot design and will be sure to leave a deep impression with these elegant labels. They are perfect labels attached on invitation for bridal shower, birthday or other anniversary.
Tea Party Return Address Labels from hotref.com

Tea Party Cupcake Wrappers & Cupcake Toppers

Embellish your cake with these Tea Party Cupcake Wrappers & Cupcake Toppers which will help stimulate guests’ appetite to have some sweet tooth. Dress up the cupcakes and insert the toppers into the cupcakes, then place the cupcakes on the tables. Not only can be a delicious cake, but also a table decoration.
Tea Party Cupcake Wrappers & Cupcake Toppers from hotref.com

Tea Party Personalized Label

Adhere the Tea Party Decorative Mini Stickers to the envelopes, favor boxes, or other small event elements, even can be sticked on the straws. These Tea Party Personalized Water Bottle Labels are used to attach on the water bottles in order to unify them to the theme of tea party and can stop them from monotone.
Tea Party Personalized Label from hotref.com

Tea Party Favor Container

You may send some fun-sized give away gifts to your friends or guests. Tea Party Favor Container becomes an important outer package for holding special treats. Tea Party Personalized Milk Bottles for holding sweet candies or can be used as a drinking machine. Tea Party Personalized Candy Tubes can be a perfect container for holding different sized candies. Tea Party Personalized Jelly Bean Packs is to hold jelly bean. Sweet Shoppe Candy Boxes can be filled with candies and can be taken away home by guests. Tea Party Personalized Candy Jars can be held a variety of things such as candy, spices, loose-leaf tea, or more. Tea Party Personalized Mini Mason Jars with baker’s twine which can also be held loose-leaf tea, chocolate, colorful candies or home-made spices. Tea Party Chevron & Dots Goodie Bags are perfect favors for filling with tea time favorites such as scones and macaroons.
Tea Party Favor Container from hotref.com
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09 Jul 2014 Tea Party Favors From KateAspen
With the arrival of hot summer, it is a great time to have a tea party for bridal shower or friends getting together. Of course, a series of tea tools are needed and indispensable in the party. Here we introduce some tea party favors from KateAspen.
Tea, Coffee & Chocolate Wedding from hotref.com

“Swee-Tea” Ceramic Tea-Bag Caddy

Friends get together to have a tea party with “Swee-Tea” Ceramic Tea-Bag Caddy in white with the words “Swee-Tea” imprinted in black. Along with the black tray gift box for holding, which can be sent as a considerate gift for both family and friends.

Tea Infuser

Tea party provides a platform for chatting and making new friends with each other. “Tea Time” Heart Tea Infuser in Tea-Time Gift Box adds more romantic elements into the design which becomes the best gift for wedding, bridal shower, birthday and any other anniversaries. The reason why it enjoys a popularity is for its heart-shaped theme, not only for the body of spoon, but the heart-shaped handle. “Tea for Two” Teapot Tea Infuser is another kind of delicate gift, which will bring your warmth and gratitude to guests. It is made of stainless-steel and has a chain-pull scalloped tray. And if you want to hold a baby shower party, “Welcome Home, Baby” House Shaped Stainless-Steel Tea Infuser is your best choice. The house-shaped appearance represents “Welcome home” for the arrival of the new-born baby.
Tea, Coffee & Chocolate Wedding from hotref.com

It’s About Time- Baby Is Brewing Baby Shower Gifts

This It’s About Time- Baby Is Brewing Baby Shower Gifts are favored by most people for its cute little kettle and a time device counting from one to six. It is packed with a clear box so that you can see it from every angle.
It's About Time- Baby Is Brewing Baby Shower Gifts from hotref.com

Teacups and Tealights Miniature Porcelain Tealight Holders

Teacups and Tealights Miniature Porcelain Tealight Holders are sure to be loved by guests. They can be used to hold a candle as a table decoration in wedding, bridal shower, birthday or anniversaries and celebration. The silver design alongside the holder makes it more high-end and beautiful.
Teacups and Tealights Miniature Porcelain Tealight Holders from hotref.com