09 Nov 2008 Single Party Gift Ideas

Dear Singles~~

It’s actually interesting that the date Nov. 11th (11/11) has all single digits. So, although it’s not an official holiday or anything, what’s a better day to throw in a single party? If you’ve already got someone to hold your hand, why not invite your single friends over and set them up? Or, if you’re still single and enjoying your freedom, why not use this opportunity to annouce to the whole world out there that you are “single and fabulous!”? Anyway, celebration needs no reason, right?

So, let’s see what we need to upgrade your party to the next level.

Butterfly Candle Holders

Butterfly is the symbol of beauty and fairness, also the constant pursue of love and happiness, which makes it the perfect ornament for your single party. You can also use this butterfly candle holder in so many occasions. Delicate and graceful, the butterfly epitomizes the joy that you want to share with your guests on any special occasion. And this butterfly design candleholder with its frosted glass votive holder resting in a white resin base with a decorative rhinestone-embellished butterfly is a perfect choice as your event favor.

Floating Butterfly Tea Light

One of nature’s most enchanting beings, butterflies have a gift for spreading joy every time they spread their delicate wings. When placed in water and lit, these pretty, pastel, pink tea lights look as if they’ve just breezed in and landed on a glass pond. My god, they’re so pretty! I’m definitely saving a set for myself. ^_^

“Cocktails Anyone?” Martini Glass Gel

Shaken, stirred and a fabulous little favor. This cool candle warms up any occasion – reception, rehearsal, shower, or even a special cocktail party. Clear gel burns brightly in this miniature martini glass made of real glass. One little “olive” bobs delicately in the gel, adding a realistic touch to this tiny cocktail. The only thing more impressive than the candle itself is the gorgeous little chic gift box it arrives in! A transparent window showcases the candle and the black and white olive print shimmies over every inch of the box (even inside!) There’s even a “Thank You” graphic printed right on this showcase box. A sheer black ribbon, tied in a bow with included sweet little olive tag! Cheers, darling~~

Calla Lily Toasting Glasses

A set of 2 calla lily design with crystal stones accents toasting glass set. Beautiful and elegant. Absolutely stylish.