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17 Aug 2015 Fairytale Themed Tiara Party Favors and Accessories

Almost all girls have a dream that to be a kingly princess since their childhood just like that in fairytale. This is a beautiful dream that can be realized in your fairytale themed events like wedding, baby shower, sweet 15/16 birthday party or more princess parties. We have a lot of Fairytale Tiara Party Favors and Accessories for your selection. Help yourselves to browse at our HotRef.

FairyTale Tiara Wedding and Party Favors from HotRef.com

Fairytale Party Favors

The Queen For A Day Sparkling Tiara Hand Mirror Favor is an intricate and beautifully designed gift for the guests at the next upcoming occasion. These are perfect for celebrating Fairy Tale themed bridal showers and weddings. Make them presents for the members of the bridal party or offer them out to the guests of a Cinderella sweet 15/16 birthday bash.

Queen For A Day Sparkling Tiara Hand Mirror Favor from HotRef.com

Candles are a charming touch for any occasion. Why get a simple one when you could put a little nobility and elegance with one of our Queen For A Day Sparkling Tiara Candle Holder favors? Each holder comes in a white resin tiara design, which is accented by dazzling crystal jewels and silver accents.

Queen For A Day Sparkling Tiara Candle Holder from HotRef.com

Now your guests will never lose their place each time they put our Queen For A Day Sparkling Tiara Bookmark Favor to good use. Every chrome metal page clip is topped with a white resin charm shaped like a tiara that’s accented by glistening crystal jewels and silver highlighting.

Queen For A Day Sparkling Tiara Bookmark Favor from HotRef.com

You’ll be able to commemorate the next royal event in style with our Queen For A Day Sparkling Tiara Keychain Favor. From weddings and bridal showers to birthdays or other regal occasions, these key chains are sure to stir hearts.

Queen For A Day Sparkling Tiara Keychain Favor from HotRef.com

Our Queen For A Day Sparkling Tiara Photo Frame Favors are beautiful and the perfect touch for table settings. Every white resin picture frame comes in the shape of a tiara that’s accented by silver highlights and dazzling crystal jewels.

Queen For A Day Sparkling Tiara Photo Frame Favors from HotRef.com

Queen for a Day Set

Queen for a Day Collection is a set of accessories including Cake and Knife ServerPen SetToasting Glasses Set and Guest Book. Perfectly suited for a weddings, sweet sixteens, anniversaries, and all other life-changing events.

Queen for a Day Set from HotRef.com

Princess Collection

Princess collecting is a set of wedding accessories in tones of pink. Ideal for any girl themed event. There are Cake and Knife ServerPen SetToasting Glasses Set and Guest Book. They are great party accessories for princess themed wedding, sweet 15/16 birthday party and more event for girls.

Princess Collection from HotRef.com

Pink Princess Place Card Holder

For your fairytale wedding or big birthday day, pink princess castle place card holders will add a special touch to your enchanted event. Each resin place card holder has a pink castle shaped top highlighted with the word princess and a round pink base with dainty pink floral accents. As your guests arrive they will be greeted with these adorable place card holders that they can later use as a photo holders as well.

Pink Princess Place Card Holder from HotRef.com

Glitter Tiara Stickers

Add a little glitz and glamour to your Princess themed decorations with these Glitter Tiara Stickers. They can be used to adhere to adorn your stationery, favor boxes, milk bottles, favor bags and more favors. They can also be stuck to bedeck your drinks and cupcakes. An elegant and chic way to add glimmer to any party decor.

Glitter Tiara Stickers from HotRef.com


– Amanda

29 Jul 2015 HotRef Features Popular and New Baby Shower Party Favors

HotRef has some amazing baby shower themes perfect for your party. Whether you’re looking at new favors or our popular choices, you’re sure to find something that will be suitable for your event.

PRLogJuly 27, 2015FREMONT, Calif.Finding the right baby shower theme is an important issue for those who are expecting.  HotRef has wonderful themes for you to choose from, both new and popular. The themes can also be used for the birthdays of little kids.

Baby Shower Party Favors from HotRef.com

Baby Shower and Birthday Themes

HotRef also has an array of popular baby shower and birthday themes. Whether you’re getting ready for a new baby or celebrating a little kid, HotRef has favors for your occasion.
1. Your baby or little one is just as cute as a button. Your guests are sure to find these button shaped favors almost as adorable as your child.
2. For a sweet as can bee son or daughter, go with a honey and bee theme. The charming favors are certain to be loved by everyone.  “Sweet As Can Bee” ceramic honey pot with wooden dipper is one of the most popular favors for baby shower.
3. A nautical theme is a good choice for a baby boy. Sailboats and anchors are all wonderful choices for a son who’s captivated by the sea.  Nautical baby shower decorative starter kit really helps you to get a head start on your party.
4. One of our new themes, the jungle theme works for either a girl or boy. The adorable animals for this theme will help you have more fun than a barrel of monkeys.
5. Perhaps your young daughter is a princess. Whether your daughter is a little girl or all grown up, she’ll love a princess theme party.
6. Either a boy or a girl will enjoy the owl theme. These cute woodland creatures are delightful for a baby shower or birthday.
7. We have special themes for a girl that will delight everyone. For girls who enjoy pink, these favors are perfect.
8. HotRef also has special themes for a boy. With blue accents, these favors are not to be ignored for young or old.

New Baby Shower and Birthday Themes

HotRef is excited to announce some new themes in our store. They can work for baby showers and birthdays alike!
1. The tutu cute theme is for a ballerina or princess. This adorable theme for girls has lots of pink and tulle.
2. The new boy baby shower is a little prince. Treat your son like royalty with this special theme.
3. New design for a baby girl shower is little princess. Cute and adorable party favors have princess crown design with “Little Princess” words.  It is also perfect for a little girl birthday.
4. For either a boy or girl, a barbecue party is a great idea. Treat everyone to some delicious food with this theme.

HotRef Coupon

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HotRef’s blog of great favors for you to choose from is a great source of information when you’re trying to find just the right gift for your guests. HotRef also has a party ideas for baby shower and birthday to help you decide on the perfect theme for your occasion. There’s a special category if you just want to look at baby shower favors or if you would like to browse through HotRef’s collection of favors for birthdays. Make sure to make HotRef part of your next party!

10 Jul 2015 “It’s About Time” Baby Shower Timer

It’s about time to celebrate the baby shower in style for your little baby. Looking for some adorable baby shower party favors to adorn the party? Here comes a good way to shop at our HotRef where you can find what you are just looking for. We have made full preparation of some adorable Baby Shower Timer Party Favors for you. Next, let’s provide you with more detailed product information.

Baby Timer Party Favors from HotRef.com

Champagne Bucket Timer

It will be a grand way to count down to the special celebration with your family and friends with this Champagne Bucket Timer. Each nifty timer is fashioned to resemble a bottle of bubbly surrounded by ice cubes while comfortably sitting in an ice bucket, complete with ‘handles’ on each side. This timer can also be baby shower party gift to guests for years to come.

Champagne Bucket Timer from HotRef.com

Teapot Timer

“It’s About Time – Baby Is Brewing” Teapot Timer is a perfect reminder that tells mother it’s the time to give her baby a grand birthday party. Each teapot timer consists of cute little tea kettle which has a timer that twists at the base to countdown any number of intervals starting from one minute to sixty minute.

Add a perfect addition to your tea party with our “Time for Tea” Teapot Timer. Each timer can be set from 1to 60 minutes, making all things in the kitchen an absolute breeze. It’s a good way to remind your guests of event to give them something that can be taken away home as gifts.

Egg Timer 

“About to Hatch” Kitchen Egg Timer is a suitable gift for the mom who is going to give birth to baby. The egg shaped timer twists at the bottom in order to countdown on any interval of time from one minute to 60 minutes. It’s sure to be the focal talk of your special baby shower.

“Time for Baby” Egg Timer is available in blue and pink for boys and girls. Each timer can be set from 1 to 60 minutes. Each timer comes in a clear box with finely cut shred and satin white ribbon.  Includes “Thank you” tag in matching colors with the egg.


– Amanda

19 Jan 2015 Jungle Themed Baby Shower Party Favors from KateAspen
If you are looking for a unique party idea for baby shower, try a jungle themed baby shower party. Invite your party guests and dress themselves just like different kinds of adorable animals. Moreover, adorn your baby shower with Jungle Themed Party Favors to make the event more alive. These Jungle Themed Birthday Party Favors can be versatile for birthday party for little boy.
Jungle Themed Baby Shower & Birthday Party Favors from HotRef.com

“Born to be Wild” Jungle Animal Candles

Looking for a fond way to celebrate the new birth for your little one. Here is an advisable suggestion, holding a baby shower decorated with Jungle Animal Candles is a perfect choice. These candles are available in vivid monkey, zebra, tiger, elephant and more. They can be used as decorative centerpieces as well as give-away gifts to guests for memorable keepsakes for years to come.

“Born To Be Wild” Jungle Themed Favor Box

Welcome the new member to join in your big family with these Jungle Themed Favor Boxes. Adorable design with cute animals like tiger, monkey, elephant and giraffe. Fill them with candies, mints, chocolates or little gadgets to your party guests. They are perfect party favors to fit your jungle themed baby shower, birthday, baby’s Christening or first communion.

“Born To Be Wild” Jungle Animal Place Card/Photo Holders

Make your baby shower more alive by adding more Jungle Animal Place Card/Photo Holders. Available in cute giraffe, elephant, tiger and monkey style. Let these adorable animals direct your party guests to corresponding seats. What an amazing experience!

“Born to be Wild” Jungle Mint Tin

Add more “Born to be Wild” Jungle Mint Tins to satisfy those sweet tooth lovers, especially for young aged guests. Unique design with adorable vivid animals make the favors more than matching themed party favors, but also edible favors. They are perfect for baby shower and birthday.
Have these Jungle Themed Party Favors aroused your interest? Or you wanna get more product information in terms of baby shower? You will get more on our Baby Shower Ideas Blog. Or re-pin some of our Jungle Baby Shower Idea images on Pinterest.
– Amanda
16 Jan 2015 Rubber Ducky Baby Shower and Birthday Party Favors
When I was young, my elder sister and brother would make me happy by showing me little funny gadgets; When I grow up, I usually wonder why these baubles will play an important role in making children laugh. This is because little children will keep curiosity to everything that has bright colors and fantastic appearance in outside world. Do you think these Rubber Ducky Favors will be loved by your little one? “Absolutely yes”! Next let’s strongly recommend popular Rubber Ducky items for you. They can be used as party gifts for both little boys and girls in baby shower and birthday.
Baby Shower Rubber Duck Party Favors from HotRef.com

Rubber Ducky Candle

Enchant your little one and party guests with this Rubber Ducky Candle. Peculiarly design with oh-so-cute yellow rubber ducky with a grand smiling orange beak that will appeal to more children. Ideal addition for baby shower, birthday, first communions and more.
Rubber Ducky Candle from HotRef.com

Rubber Ducky Soap Baby Shower Favors

“Amazing!” Even a soap can be produced into this rubber ducky shape. Rubber Ducky Soap Baby Shower Favors crafted in bright colored yellow and features a clean, fresh scent. Perfectly fit in any occasions like baby shower, birthday for boys and girls. It is also a reminder of your special occasion for little one.
Rubber Ducky Soap Baby Shower Favors from HotRef.com

“My Little Duckling” Baby Duck Photo Frame

Record the growth development during every period of your little one and showcase these precious photo in the “My Little Duckling” Baby Duck Photo Frame. Clear away your book shelf and stock it with these amazing duck photo frame for all to witness. Treat your party guests with this stunning favors as gifts giving for years to come.

Rubber Ducky Personalized Mini Mason Jars

Add a little more edible favors with these Rubber Ducky Personalized Mini Mason Jars to satisfy those little ones who are sweet tooth lovers. Fill them with favorite treats like candy, nuts, chocolates and more yummy bites. Personalize the matching labels that can completely cater to your event theme and customize with your little one’s name as well as date of event for impressing your guests. Perfect give-away gifts for baby shower, birthday and more occasions.
Rubber Ducky Personalized Mini Mason Jars from HotRef.com
We have many baby shower themed party favors. Check out there and select what you want to make a wonderful baby shower.

– Amanda

03 Jan 2011 Quick Tips for a Perfect Baby Shower

A baby shower is always exciting and fun to plan on. The more creative you are with you’re theme, invitations, games, menu and decoration, the more memorable your event would be. You can easily come up with a lovable and sweet if you know when and what to do.

You can give things a head start by fixing up a quick budget. Once you have done that you can plan on the theme. There are numerous options and impressing others is not that hard to do when you have good planning involved. Explore the various themes and you can even mix and match them to come up with something your very own. The invitations, decorations, baby shower giveaways and games would be centered round the choice of theme.

As for the decorations, you can have some baby shower bouquet from artificial materials which can actually add a touch of whimsy to the celebration. There are lots of things to add some glitz to your party starting from beads, soft toys, balloons to streamers and centerpieces. A cake that matches the decor and baby shower favors that complement the central would be just perfect to make your event a roaring success.