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17 Mar 2015 HotRef Features Wedding Themes for 2015 Spring

Spring is nearly here! HotRef.com has great new ideas for your wedding in the spring!

PRLogMarch 17, 2015 – FREMONT, Calif.Spring is coming this week and it’s one of the most popular seasons for weddings! Lots of flowers are blooming, so weddings this time of year are often bright and colorful. HotRef.com lists some typical spring themes below that are wonderful for this spring of year – and has wedding accessories, wedding decorations, and a lot of wedding favors to match your theme!

Flower Wedding Theme
A flower theme fits so well with the spring plants coming into bloom. We’re sure you’ll like our selection of flower ideas!
1. Cherry Blossom – The cherry blossom trees are a sight to see, as their delicate pink flowers litter the ground.
2. Calla Lily – The lily is a sign that spring has definitely arrived and adds an elegant appearance to any event.
3. Rose – Classic and timeless, the rose is a strong symbol of romantic love for anyone who uses it at their wedding.
4. Daisy – Daisies are flowers that remind us of the sun with their long petals and big disk, they add a happy presence for you.
5. Orchid – Exquisite and rare, the orchid flower is notorious for being difficult to grow, but well worth the extra effort.
6. Garden Flowers – New from Kate Aspen, the botanical wildflowers are going to be a great theme for those of you who can’t pick just one!

Insect Wedding Theme
Insects might not be the first wedding theme your mind goes to, but there are plenty of adorable themes around them and lots of great favors too!
1. Ladybug – The ladybug is a cute addition to your wedding, and the red and black colors make it easy to blend in!
2. Bees & Honey – If you’re looking for a theme that’s sweet as can “bee”, look no further than our bee and honey collection!
3. Butterfly – Another symbol that spring has finally arrived, butterflies are a symbol of beauty and grace.

Animal Wedding Theme
If insects are not to your taste, there are other animals that make for great wedding themes! Especially in the spring, you’re sure to find an animal you adore!
1. Lovebirds – These birds always come in pairs and can be seen nestling close to each other as spring arrives.
2. Peacock – The peacock’s gorgeous feathers are hard to resist when considering themes for a stylish wedding!

If none of these quite tickled your fancy, do not forget about popular green favors.  Garden favors such as flower pots, bud vases and watering cans are all perfect for spring weddings! Check out wedding inspiration to get ideas about wedding theme.  Get more wedding favor ideas to help you giveaway gifts.

As a special gift to you, HotRef has a coupon code AYT82 that starts on spring date, March 20th, 2015 and good until March 29th, 2015  which will give you 5% off everything on our already low prices, no minimum order needed!  Be sure to visit and repin HotRef’s Pintrest board.

04 Mar 2015 Introducing Spring Wedding Favors

Spring is a hopeful season that will come soon on March 20th, 2015. Everything will embark on a new starting point. Flowers begin to come out; lovers fall in love with each other; children grow up quickly. Everyone places his hope on spring and expects the dream will come true. A lot of garden parties will be held in spring, garden wedding, garden bridal shower, garden birthday parties…… Here we HotRef introduces you some best sellers for Spring Wedding Favors.

Green Wedding Favors

Green is the primary color that makes everything animated. If you plan to hold a spring themed celebration, Green Wedding Favors are necessities in your celebrations. Add a touch of green to highlight your spring themed event. Your guests are sure to be pleased to appreciate.

Welcome your guests by giving guidance on seating arrangement with this Topiary Place Card Holder, which can also be used as photo holder.

Two Peas in a Pod – Ceramic Salt & Pepper Shakers are cute party favors that all your guests will love! Treat your guests with these give-away gifts for appreciating their attendance to your events.

If you don’t like pea shaped salt shaker. This “The Perfect Pair” Ceramic Pear Salt & Pepper Shaker may arouse your interest. Your guests will be pleased to accept this considerate and practical gifts you select for them.

Spice up romantic and joyful atmosphere by these Two Peas in a Pod Collection Candles. They can also be attending gifts to guests after the party is over.

Spring Wedding Candle Favors

An increasing number of people is inclined to holding a spring wedding. Because of the warm weather and implied meaning for lucky wedding. We strongly recommend Spring Wedding Candle Favors as follows.

It’s a great idea to send your guests with this Floral Spring Theme Votive Candle Holder. They will put these candles into use in daily life and treasure them as memorable keepsakes for years to come.

Beautiful Orchid Tealight Holder as it is. You will see the orchid included in the tealight holder every time when you light on the candle.

Show your sweet love with these “Love Birds” White Bird Tea Light Candles for all to witness your love story.

Amazing candle favors of this Cherry Blossom Design Cake Candle Favor! It must leave a deep impression for guests with its unique design and nice look.

Celebrate your special day with the Pure Beeswax Candles, which symbolize your love will be sweet as honey.

Calla lily is also very popular wedding theme at spring. Stunning calla lily design candle favors is elegant and pretty to decor your wedding.

– Amanda

29 Mar 2014 HotRef Press Release about Spring Wedding Favors

HotRef Features Premium Spring Wedding Favors From Popular Vendors

HotRef introduces our latest collection of premium Spring Wedding Favors from popular vendors such as Kate Aspen, Fashioncraft, Event Blossom and Wedding Star. Picking the right favor can seem like an overwhelming and daunting task but with a little help and clarity, the decision should be a piece of cake.
Green Wedding Ideas for Spring from hotref.com
PRLog (Press Release)Mar. 24, 2014FREMONT, Calif.Favors are a way to thank guests for celebrating your joyous occasion and showing appreciation for their attendance.  At HotRef, we are dedicated to providing quality favors, that will not only impress guests, but provide them with lasting memories of your event.

Planning a wedding, or any event, is a hard task to do, but making sure every detail is perfect is nearly impossible.  Our wedding blog features ideas and inspiration on how you can plan your events without stressing over every detail.  Each of our premium designers and vendors, create favors that are contemporary and unique for your Spring Wedding.  Using some of today’s popular event themes, our favors can be used for Wedding & Bridal Shower, Baby Showers, and Business Events.

People run into a few dilemmas when choosing favors; either they love everything they see, they don’t like anything they see, or they don’t know what favor will pair well with their event theme.  Our more popular vendors, such as Kate Aspen, offer personalized design favors that you can tailor to suit your event.  Personalized favors are great if you can’t find that one perfect favor or if you want something unique, just like your event.

Brides use different sources to find inspiration when planning for their wedding, and bridal shower.  They’ll search high and low for ideas to help make planning a breeze.  Our Pinterest page features over 100 different idea boards to help plan your events. Look to our Spring Wedding favors for inspiration on planning your wedding.

Spring Wedding favors include flowers, insects, green themed favors, and much more.  Flowers are a popular detail that a bride will include in her wedding.  Our Spring Flower Wedding favors include roses, calla lilies, cherry blossoms and daisies.  Many of these might even be a feature flower at her wedding.  Our favor idea blog will also help you to find what we have to fit your theme wedding.

Spring flowers blossom and bloom with the help of insects.  Butterflies, ladybugs and bees are seen more frequently during Spring time because they’re helping to pollinate flowers.  All of our insects are featured in different beautiful designs for your wedding favors.

Our team of experts and specialists can help you select the right favor for your event.


— End —

17 Mar 2014 Introduce Spring Green Wedding Favors

Spring brides, rejoice! You are marrying at one of the most beautiful times of the year and soon, our Spring Green Wedding Favors come in the season!

Spring Green Wedding Favors from HotRef.com

Unique Topiary Place Card Holders

Put a spin on your wedding reception, rehearsal dinner or banquet with the Unique Heart Design Topiary Place Card Holder, “Evergreen” Window Planter Place Card/Photo Holder and Topiary Place Card Holder / Photo Holder. For your spring/green wedding, this topiary place card holder are sure to be a delightful addition on you table.

Unique Heart Design Topiary Place Card Holder
Topiary Place Card Holder / Photo Holder

Spring Green Wedding Candle Holder

An elegant way to celebrate your big day for the season with the Botanical Garden Votive Candle Holders and Calla Lily Design Candle Favors. You can use them to hold your spring or flower scented candles and your regular candles. Just the perfect holder that fitting the spring season nicely.

Botanical Garden Votive Candle Holders
Calla Lily Design Candle Favors

Two peas in a pod collection

Not just for baby shower, our tow peas in a pod collection will put a big smile on your wedding guests face with’s cuteness. Choose what your like from Two Peas in a Pod – Ceramic Salt & Pepper Shakers and Two Peas in a Pod Collection Candle Favors. Each favor is out of two realistic pea-design, and peeking out of a snuggly green wax pea pod. A lovely green addition to your spring wedding!

Two Peas in a Pod Collection Candle Favors
Two Peas in a Pod - Ceramic Salt & Pepper Shakers
If you like what you’ve seen so far, please check our more Spring wedding themes at Pinterest of HotRef.com