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22 Jan 2011 Monogrammed Jewelry Pouch

Personalized bridesmaid gifts are the rage these days and if you are looking for something stylish and chic to give your fabulous friends, then go with the Monogrammed Jewelry Pouch. The elegant pouch is extremely functional with 8 pockets to hold earrings, bracelets, charms, necklaces, and rings.

The option of getting a monogram of your choice embroidered on the pouch is actually a great way to personalize the bridal shower favors. The Cosmopolitan” jewelry pouch is lined with luxurious pink satin for that touch of extravagance for your jewels and the outside is made from easy-to-clean black polyester.

This compact pouch is sure to become your bridesmaids’ best friend. Additionally personalizing any bridal shower favor can make it extraordinary. Your friends will feel special because you went the extra mile to make the items unique.

20 Jan 2011 Luminous Mini Lantern Favors – Too Good to Resist

Weddings are so oh so important and call for so much planning ahead! A truly romantic affair, you can actually make it into a grand event by choosing the right theme, venue, menu and wedding favors. Mini lanterns are such a perfect way of decorating any wedding and can create a subtle romantic atmosphere. They add mystery and warmth to your table decor, while impressing your guests with their substance and thoughtfulness.

Mini lantern favors are charming and practical and make excellent gifts for your guests. You can use them to create a cozy setting for your guests and let them take these luminous mini lanterns home with them. Your guests will smile with memories of your special day each time they light these lovely candle lanterns.

These aluminum lanterns stand 5″ high with a removable lid that makes replacing tea light easy. You can add a personal touch by attaching a personalized tag to them. Say thank you with style and light up your evening wedding with romantic candle lights!

20 Jan 2011 Flip Flop Pedicure Sets – Practical and Chic Favors

Are you looking for some practical bridal shower favors that would leave your guests raving about your event? Then look no further than a flip flop pedicure set. These are the most ideal favors that can easily commemorate the event. These sets come in an ultra-chic pink and black polka design.

The stylish case to reveal the pedicure essentials, all made of sturdy stainless steel: a nail file, scissors, clippers, and cuticle instrument. On one side these favors are very practical and are nicely decorated in sweet black polka dots on a vivid field of hot pink There is really no better way to say “thank you” to your guests for attending your event.

Online gift stores are a great starting point for browsing through a range of functional and stylish bridal shower favors. Present your guests with cute souvenirs which would be highly appreciated and make your event memorable.

16 Jan 2011 Chic Manicure Set Favors
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Having a bridal shower and looking for some unique bridesmaid gifts. You can try out stylish manicure sets that can work wonders with your guests. The ‘Pink Polka Purse’ Manicure Set catches the fancy of any woman and is sure to be a hit with your bridesmaids.

But apart from being just right for bridal showers, these also make excellent favors for weddings or girls’ night out parties. These manicure set favors can be placed on reception tables for a visually stunning effect. A unique way of showing your gratitude to your female guests at a wedding is with the ‘Pink Polka Purse’ Manicure Set favor.

These manicure sets are practical and at the same time are portable and good looking so it can be used as a decorative touch when not being used. All items necessary for manicure like nail clips, scissors, clippers and tweezers are included in this set and are made from high quality stainless steel. Choose these unique manicure set favors to add a chic touch to any event.

14 Jan 2011 Modern Clothing Styles – Tips and Trends
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Modern clothing styles for men, women and children are always in sync with the tradition and cultures of a particular geographical location. They can range from the very mundane casual outerwear to the more elaborate and extravagant haute couture. You can buy decent clothing from a local store or an online store which stocks up on low cost branded apparel.

The internet has long since been the favorite haunt of the well-informed and budget shopper. For casual wear, modern clothing styles include denims which are either dark hued or faded with T-shirts. These can be paired with Khaki trousers, shorts and six pocket trousers. Dressing up in the latest style of clothing is what we all want to do.

Shopping for the latest trends in fashion is not too difficult these days, especially with the advent of the internet. Whether looking for sweater dresses, boots, skirts, trousers, shirts, jumpers, and any of the latest fashion items, you can find a good bargain online.

03 Jan 2011 Fun Bridal Shower Game Ideas

Bridal showers are so much fun and everything from decoration ideas, bridal shower favors to the perfect chicken salad recipe and games need to be chosen in a way that can make the event memorable. So apart from choosing the theme and the venue for your wedding shower, have a few games that can imbibe a spirit of playfulness and at the same time entertain your guests.

One of the most popular games played at a bridal shower is the toilet paper wedding dress. Here the guests are divided into teams of three and each team is given four rolls of white toilet paper to make a wedding dress out of it. Another fun way to engage your guests can be to have them talk without using wedding related words.

You can also plan on a game which involves dividing the guests into teams of two or three. Provide each team a list of items to be found in their purses. Each item is assigned a certain number of points. There are endless numbers of options when it comes to planning on these games. You do not have to spend a fortune on getting supplies for these nor have to think too hard to hold games that are fun and entertaining.

03 Jan 2011 Wedding Favors – Making the Right Choice

Wedding favors are traditionally believed to bring good luck to the recipients. Most of the cultures in the world follow the tradition of giving out small gifts to their guests as a note of appreciation. But the trick lies in picking the right wedding favor that would leave your guests enthralled.

Traditionally sugar coated almonds and candies were often and most commonly used for favors. But with more and more people choosing themed weddings, the concept of wedding favors have also undergone a sea of change. Now it is quite common to select favors that go along with the theme of the wedding. If you have a seasonal wedding, you may want to choose a favor depending on the season for both consistency and convenience.

There are several factors that come into play while choosing wedding favors. You can decide on personalized favors that have the bride and groom’s names and date of the wedding. These would be loved by your guests and be a memento of your great day. The options and choices in wedding favors are endless. Pick something simple, beautiful and practical based on your guests’ choice and your budget.

03 Jan 2011 Quick Tips for a Perfect Baby Shower

A baby shower is always exciting and fun to plan on. The more creative you are with you’re theme, invitations, games, menu and decoration, the more memorable your event would be. You can easily come up with a lovable and sweet if you know when and what to do.

You can give things a head start by fixing up a quick budget. Once you have done that you can plan on the theme. There are numerous options and impressing others is not that hard to do when you have good planning involved. Explore the various themes and you can even mix and match them to come up with something your very own. The invitations, decorations, baby shower giveaways and games would be centered round the choice of theme.

As for the decorations, you can have some baby shower bouquet from artificial materials which can actually add a touch of whimsy to the celebration. There are lots of things to add some glitz to your party starting from beads, soft toys, balloons to streamers and centerpieces. A cake that matches the decor and baby shower favors that complement the central would be just perfect to make your event a roaring success.

01 Jan 2011 Dressing Up for a Garden Party
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Garden parties are always popular, more specifically in summer and spring. These parties are a lovely way to enjoy the weather and revel in the warmth of nature. Whether you have been invited to an outdoor engagement party, an afternoon brunch or a garden theme wedding, you would need to dress up in a way that keeps you cool and still exude style and elegance.

When dressing for a garden party, the most important factor that you should consider is the weather. Light and flowing outerwear in breathable fabrics are a good choice if the weather is warm. Comfortable and easy to wear dresses are the best choices. Modern fashion trends focuses more on comfort and practicality, and any color or pattern is acceptable.

For parties where a dressier look is necessary, a linen shirt or dress with a short-sleeved jacket or sweater would be a great fit. Classic cuts, floral designs and a fitted bodice and flowing skirt are all time favorites for parties with a garden theme. Light and pastel shades are the best, though if the party has a specific theme, it is a good idea to dress according to it.

01 Jan 2011 The Dressy Casual Style
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Have you ever been invited to an occasion where the dress code specified was dressy casual? Wondering what could that mean? It just means that you have to dress in an assertive way but do not have to necessarily abide by any stringent rules. The degree of formality should decide what kind of dress you would have to choose. The main idea here is to make you feel comfortable and at the same time maintain a level of professionalism.

Casual clothing comprises of T-shirts, shorts, jeans while formal wear includes stiffer work shirts and trousers or skirts. A dressy casual code for men would mean khakis, chinos and dress pants paired with polo shirts, turtlenecks, button down shirts with or without jacket. If you want to move more towards the dressier style, richer fabrics would be a better choice.

For women, there are lots of creative options—long or short skirts, jeans with a dressy top or a satin blouse. Cardigans, sweaters or jackets can also be added to complete the look and accessories like bags, jewelry should be in tune with the ensemble. There are choices galore to take your pick from and go with something that brings out your personality the best!