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31 Jul 2014 Introduce New Glass Coaster Wedding Favors
There is no doubt that beach wedding will become the main topic during hot summer. Any special and cute ornamentations or favors can be used to bedeck wedding ceremony. If you are interested in these favors, here we will introduce you some items at for your options.
Coasters Wedding Favors from

Vintage Window Love Themed Glass Coasters

Let your guests share your sweet happiness with this Vintage Window Love Themed Glass Coasters. Each square comes in one letter, just like two windows, which adds more romantic elements to the design. It is also versatile for christening, religious events and other party favors.
Vintage Window Love Themed Glass Coasters from

Starfish design glass coaster set

Nothing can be more suitable than Starfish design glass coaster set to adorn a beach party. Delicate design of lovely starfish with a sandy grain background. It is sure to arouse guests’ attention at the first sight. Versatile for any beach birthday party, beach wedding, and any other beach themed parties.
Starfish design glass coaster set from

Flip Flop design glass coaster set

With the fierce hit by high temperature in hot summer, wearing flip flop will always bring a sense of cool for us. The same as beach theme parties, decorate the party with this Flip Flop design glass coaster set will take away guests’ impatience, and give them a great sense at ease.
Flip Flop design glass coaster set from

A Perfect Pair Beach theme glass coasters

In order to show your great appreciation to your guests’ attendance. A Perfect Pair Beach theme glass coasters are perfectly illustrated to show your gratitude by you couple to guests. These are great as favors to wedding or any other anniversaries.
A Perfect Pair Beach theme glass coasters from

Love on the Beach glass coasters

Show your guests how blessed you are in this special day and share your happiness with your guests through this Love on the Beach glass coasters. On such a capacious beach reads obvious words of “LOVE”, and an interlocked hearts that represents the everlasting love between the couples. What a romantic picture it is! Versatile for table ornamentations in wedding ceremony or give-away gifts for guests.
Love on the Beach glass coasters from
28 Jul 2014 BBQ Sets for Outdoor Party
Nothing can be more exciting than several close friends get together to have a BBQ party. Versatile for birthday, outdoor sports party or any other anniversaries. Here we recommend some popular BBQ sets at
BBQ Set from

Novelty 5 Piece BBQ Tools in Black Golf Bag and Golf Grips

Holding a BBQ party with golf in these Novelty 5 Piece BBQ Tools in Black Golf Bag and Golf Grips is a wonderful idea. Each set concludes 5 BBQ tools with golf grip handles. It is perfect for showers, birthdays and other anniversaries and can be sent as a wedding or party gift.
Novelty 5 Piece BBQ Tools in Black Golf Bag and Golf Grips from

BBQ Golf Set

Sending BBQ Golf Set as a gift for staffs in corporate celebration may be a great encouragement or motivation for them. Each set consists of stainless tongs, spatula, brush and fork. These sets are perfect gifts for making employees feel motivated towards daily work.
BBQ Golf Set from

Hunt Valley™ Camo BBQ Set

Completed modern Camouflage pattern and design from Leed’s. Each set includes spatula, fork, tongs, and camouflage carrying case with handle. Nothing can be more enjoyable than have a BBQ with this Hunt Valley™ Camo BBQ Set.
Hunt Valley™ Camo BBQ Set from

Grill Master Set

Take a holiday with your family members in this Grill Master Set will be a cheerful thing. Each set consists of 13 pieces, which comprises spatula, tongs, knife, fork, four skewers, and four corn holders. Another 1 piece is gift box. It is also perfect for monthly gift for employees.
Grill Master Set from

Grill Master 3pc BBQ Set

Sending a considerate gift to staffs in year celebration with Grill Master 3pc BBQ Set in order to show thank you for their hard working in the whole year round. This set concludes steel tongs, a BBQ fork, and a spatula. The employees will feel motivated when they receive such a considerate present.
Grill Master 3pc BBQ Set from
27 Jul 2014 Summer Perfume Brings You to Destination U.S.
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Ahhh…summer travel fun. ?That’s something we all look forward to! ?Time off means plenty of hours to enjoy new adventures at home and overseas; but what if you can’t take that American vacation this year? ?Don’t be disappointed. ?We’ll take you there – through fragrance, anyway – with a few of our favorite scents inspired by fabulous, famous cities abroad. ?So put your tray table back and get ready for takeoff.

American Dream” is deeply rooted in those minds who own great ambition and dreams, and USA is always one of the world’s most famous tourist resorts. ?Will you be excited and cheerful if I tell you that you can feel it by another way without costing more money or tickets? ?Designed by American Beauty Perfumes, American Dream is a fresh, watery green scent with notes of jasmine and oak moss, perfect to be applied in daytime. ?Once smelling it, you’ll know why U.S. is so fascinating to thousands of people. ?Otherwise, America by Perry Ellis is also nice try, a mixture of scents that are reminiscent of flowers found across the country.

Notable for its place as the home of the USA entertainment industry, Hollywood is always entertaining where you can visit Grauman’s Chinese Theater and the Walk of Fame along world-renowned Hollywood Boulevard, visit the Sunset Strip, see the famous landmark sign, and shop along Rodeo Drive. ?The outdoors is very in here. To experience the essence, aromatically anyway, Hollywood by Fred Hayman has you covered. ?Subtle but noticeable, Hollywood is warm, yet crisp and fruity, sure to attract glances like a star without leaving an overpowering aroma behind.

For glamour girls, there’s no place like home – we mean a home in Beverly Hills, of course. ?The famous zip code is known not just for the megastars in its orbit but also for the palaces they dwell in. ?No one epitomizes that more than the Spelling family, so their Giorgio Beverly Hills 90210 perfume with its chic citrus notes is sure to capture the scent of this lavish place best.

Another attractive place in California is Malibu, a wonderful scenery spot with beautiful coastline, rugged mountains, wooded canyons and sheltered coves. Enthusiastic people, sunny beach, and a boisterous nightlife lead to tons of fun and sun. ?Designed for Elegant Nights, Malibu Night by Pamela Anderson personifies the city with its flirty blend of pomegranate, chocolate persimmon, greens, black orchid, lotus, champaca, vanilla violet, mahogany wood, patchouli and amber, a sexy and indulgent scent for a night on the town.


26 Jul 2014 Summer Sale at
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25 Jul 2014 Introduce Beach Wedding Favors: Sand Favors & Deck Chair
Nothing can be enjoyable except taking a bath in the sunshine of beach. With the arrival of hot summer, beach wedding becomes more and more popular and more couples start making preparation for wedding. Beach wedding includes a variety of favors like flip flop wedding favors, nautical wedding favors, hand fan wedding favors and ice cream wedding favors in Summer Wedding Favors and starfish wedding favors, seashell wedding favors and beach wedding favors in Starfish, Seashell and Beach Themed Wedding Favors. Today, we would like to introduce you beach sand favors and deck chair at

Beach Sand Favors

Wedding ceremony will be monotonous without this “Seaside” Sand and Shell-Filled Globe Bottle Stopper. There are sands at the top of stopper. Let your guests take this practical gift home as a keepsake so that they will always remember they had attended a wedding ceremony just like that were held on the beach. Add more romantic elements to this Sand and Seashell Tealight Holder. It will just be like holding a wedding on the beach. Light on the candles without any lights, bride and bridegroom embrace with each other under this romantic atmosphere. What a beautiful picture! This candle holder can be also taken home by guests for a table decoration. “By the Shore” Sand Dollar Coaster is another considerate gift, as well as a decoration. Let your guests leave a profound impression when they rest the drinks on this coast. Versatile for summer bridal shower, birthdays and other tropical occasions.
Beach Wedding Favors from

Beach Deck Chair

Laying on the chair enjoys the sun bath may be a nice thing. Wooden Deck Chair Candle Holders are funny and practical gifts which will be widely used in wedding ceremony. Versatile for holding candies, candles and name cards. Adirondack Chair Place Card Holder will always remember your special day. It is perfect for bridal shower, wedding, sweet sisteen, anniversaries, birthday and other celebrations. Keep your memory linger over the moment that you are unforgettable so that put your significant photos into “Beach Memories” Miniature Adirondack Chair Place Card Holder. It can be held the photo of bridal and bridegroom on guests’ tables so that let they know you. Adirondack Place Card Frame is another frame holder provided by FashionCraft, which is similar to previous one.
Beach Deck Chair from
22 Jul 2014 Tea Party Favors from EventBlossom
With the arrival of hot summer, an increasing number of people would like to get together to join in the tea party. Not only for gathering, but also for resistance of high temperature. Here we make a recommendation on tea party favors at for your reference.
Tea Party Favors from

“It’s Tea Time!” Porcelain Teapot Dish

“It’s Tea Time!” Porcelain Teapot Dish can be given as a practical gift after tea party. Versatile for a candy dish, soap dish, spoon rest, tea bag caddy or butter dish. This teapot shaped dish are packed in a clear box with white satin bow and there reads “It’s Tea Time” on a tea themed setting. It is perfect for tea parties, birthday and showers.

Teapot Place Card Favor Boxes with Designer Place Cards

Make your birthday, baby shower or tea party more beautiful with these Teapot Place Card Favor Boxes with Designer Place Cards. They are usually used for seating guidance or expressing gratitude to guests for attending. These place cards favor boxes can be applied both under casual or formal occasions.
Teapot Place Card Favor Boxes with Designer Place Cards from

Teapot Tape Measure with “It’s Tea Time!” Tag

This Teapot Tape Measure with “It’s Tea Time!” Tag is sure to be favored by ladies. Because it is not only a keychain, but also a convenient tape measure. They can get scattered keys together with this keychain. And it is packed in a clear box with a white satin and there reads “It’s Tea Time” on the label. It is also perfect for birthdays and bridal shower.
Teapot Tape Measure with

“Time for Tea” Teapot Timer

“Time for Tea” Teapot Timer is a perfect favor which is completed with tea party. Each teapot is with a timer. In addition, you can add some personalized and special labels according to your special taste so that your friends will always remember the tea party sharing a happy time with you.
20 Jul 2014 Promotional Products for Business Events carries more than just favors for weddings and parties, we also carry corporate or business gifts as well. If you need to celebrate company event or trade show, let us give you a few tips on what items are sure to be a hit for your event. All of our promotional products can be customized, in no particular order here are some of the top products we recommend.

Best Sale Corporate Gifts for Business Events

Companies often hold some parties and give several business gifts for staffs in order to let them keep a positive and optimistic attitude towards daily work. We are now making a recommendation on several best sale products for your reference. The items such as bottle opener credit card opener, padfolio, bottle, pens, tote bag cooler are the best sellers. You may select some as you like according to your special taste.
Best Sale Corporate Gifts for Business Events from

Credit Card Size Bottle Opener

Credit Card Size Bottle Opener is our top selling corporate gift. With its sleek look and convenient size, this bottle opener will be a popular gift and a hit for your staff. It is the most popular item form Leed’s and can be imprinted with company logo and name. This gift would be great for any company, it can be a small token of appreciation to your staff.
Credit Card Size Bottle Opener from

Stationery: Padfolio and Journalbook

Stratford Zippered Padfolio is the most popular promotional product for corporate gifts because of its convenience and versatility. Employee can use them to take notes during meetings or just scribbling down ideas for a conference. The convenient elastic loop makes it easy to jot down notes without having to dig for a pen.. There are many choices for stationery at HotRef, like padfolio, portfolio, journalbook and writing pad. Leather padfolio or recycle jounalbook can be deboss with company logo and name.
Stratford Zippered Padfolio from

Promotioal Products: Drinkware

Hydracoach BPA Free Sport Bottle important to get those 8 cups of water a day. It features double wall construction as well as an easy push button to lock and unlock the cap. This gift is great for active companies or companies that promote healthy living. Your staff members will thank you on those hot days for a water bottle. Interested in a different style or design? With our huge selection of drinkware, such as sport bottle, insulated bottle, tumbler, mug and more, you can be sure to find one that’s right for your company with your logo and company name on it.
Hydracoach BPA Free Sport Bottle from

Promotional Products: Pens

Twists or SoHo Roller Balls, are a great corporate gift because of their size. They’re small and light weight making them easy to carry around, thus helping to promote your company. Besides, everyone is always looking for a pen since they misplaced theirs. There are two types of materials for pen: plastic pen and metal pen, which can be imprinted with different colors. Scripto and Balmain we carry are great brands for pens.
SoHo Roller Ball from

Customized Tote Bag

Tote bags have been around since the 1940s and was made popular by L.L. Bean’s Boat Bag in 1944. Now in days you can find them anywhere and everywhere, and they come in all shapes and sizes. It’s hard not to like them, they’re so versatile and useful. Recently on our website, we added more tote bags to our already huge selection of tote bags. If you want a quick glance of what tote bags we carry visit our Pinterest board of Tote bags. For an explanation of the types of totes bags we carry, go to and read tote bag blog. For detailed information you can always visit our website and search for Tote Bag.
Customized Tote Bag from

Most Popular Cooler for 2014 Summer

With the arrival of hot summer, foods are easy to go bad, thus in order to freshly and perfectly protect foods from spoiled, cooler becomes more and more popular in the market. Now here we recommend you various kinds of different coolers at These coolers can be available or regarded as the corporate gifts which are commonly used at school, the office, picnics and the beach. There are many different types available, cooler chair, music cooler, rolling cooler and lunch cooler.
coolers from

Business Cases: Computer Backpack and Duffel

We know that when some jobs call for extensive traveling and other jobs require you to carry around your whole work life. For these situations, we carry plenty of business cases such as computer backpacks, briefs, duffels, and wheeled business cases. The Zoom™ Power2Go Backpack And Zoom™ Energy Bar Pro is a great for traveling employees. The backpack is ideal for carrying around large laptops or padfolios. While the Zoom Energy Bar Pro will keep your laptop powered and ready to go.
business cases from

Housewares: Wine and Cheese Collection

Houseware products are a great way to promote your business, while allowing the recipient to get the most use from these products. A helpful tip is choosing promotional items that are functional and practical since they will be used over and over again. Our Housewares include wine and cheese collection, cutlery, food storage and utensils. The wine collection is wide enough to allow for multiple types of wine opener or wine tote to be showcased.
Housewares from

Health & Wellness Products for You and Your Family

Do you want health and wellness for you and your family? Whatever the combination of people in your family, you no doubt share the goal that all families have in common. To promote health and wellness for all the member of your family, hear is our chosen collection of Health & Wellness Products for You and Your Family for everyone from the young and the elderly members of your busy family.
Health & Wellness from

Promotional Travel Gifts

Feed the wanderlust of your favourite travellers with these affordable Promotional Travel Gifts sure to inspire and improve that next trip. Travel in style and save space, from luggage tag to book light, here is a collection of gifts they will appreciate and find interesting as well as practical during travelling.
luggage tag from

Promotional Tradeshow Giveaway Ideas

In any industry, tradeshow is a great way to network and promote your business. Promotional giveaways are the easiest way to gain potential customers as well as get your business noticed. At, we have so many different options for promotional giveaways.
At, we offer durable and affordable promotional products that won’t lack in the quality. Popular promotional tradeshow giveaway items are ones that potential customers can use over and over again. Offering more than just a onetime use feature, giveaway items are ones that clients continually use long after the trade show has ended. With the start of the tradeshow season approaching, these are some of our more popular trade show giveaways products.
tradeshow giveaway from
18 Jul 2014 Introduce New Nautical Anchor Wedding Party Favors
Decorate your wedding with these nautical themed touches so that let your guests feel like they were sailing on the sea. What an exciting trip it is! And it is sure to leave a profound impression to guests. If you are interested in nautical style ornament, we will make a propositional recommendation for you at Here list numerous kinds of nautical themed items for your selection.

“Nautical” Anchor Bottle Stopper

This Nautical Anchor Bottle Stopper is sure to be popular among guests due to its fashionable design. A little silver anchor with a rope encircled on the cork stopper. In addition, it is packed by a delicate package with intricate ropes which correspond to the anchor design. The guests will trace back to the recall and remember the special day.

“Anchor” Nautical Theme Brushed-Metal Bookmark

“Anchor” Nautical-Theme Brushed-Metal Book Mark can be sent as a wedding give-away gift for guests. A ribbon is tie up on the top of the anchor. Plus, this bookmark is packed with a delicate blue striped package. You can add personalized touches on package, such as your special date, let your guests remember it forever. The guests will insert the book mark into his favorable books.

“Anchors Away” Muslin Coasters

“Anchors Away” Muslin Coasters will be a practical tool either in wedding or at home. The pattern is anchor and the material is muslin which is good for absorbing moisture. There are two colors for your selection brown and navy blue. Navy blue is more popular than brown color because it puts more emphasis on nautical theme wedding.

Ocean Themed Anchor Key Chain Favor

In order to let your guests remember your splendid and special wedding ceremony. Ocean Themed Anchor Key Chain Favor may help you to reach the purpose. It is perfect for beach wedding, party, seaside affair and so forth. The pattern of anchor will bring you into a trip that you are sailing on the sea and enjoy the summer time.
Ocean Themed Anchor Key Chain Favor from

Anchor Place Card holder

Silver Anchor-Topped Kissing Bell is favored by many customers due to its special design. The anchor is on the top of bell. It can be held cards to show guests the right seats. Nautical Anchor Place Card/Photo Holder is another kind of nautical themed item but with the same pattern anchor. And it is also used to hold photos or special picture.
Silver Anchor-Topped Kissing Bell from
Nautical Anchor Place Card/Photo Holder from
If you have more interested in nautical themed wedding decoration, there are more anchor favors introduced in our Hotref blog. Welcome to log in our blog to get more information.
16 Jul 2014 Introduce New Wedding Accessories from Cassiani Collection
Wedding theme can be divided into many kinds. Beach wedding, Eiffel Tower wedding, FairyTale wedding and Love wedding are the most popular themes that are favored by most people. Recently, we have uploaded these new wedding accessories that include guest book, pen set, flute set, cake server set at for your reference.

Beach Wedding Accessories

With the arrival of hot summer, beach wedding may become more and more popular. Beach Theme Bridal Wedding Accessories Set add many cool elements with ocean, seashell to the beach themed wedding. It includes two toasting glasses, guest book, cake and knife set, pen set which become the most indispensable things in wedding ceremony.
Beach Theme Bridal Wedding Accessories Set from
Starfish Design Beach Wedding Accessory Set makes your wedding more delicate and elegant. Each set consists of a guest book, pen set, a set of cake and knife servers and a set of exquisite toasting glasses. Light blue and white become its primary colors, each set of components are decorated with starfishes which are sure to be loved by you.
Starfish Design Beach Wedding Accessory Set from
Another kind of beach wedding is Oceans Of Love Design Wedding Accessory Set. It comprises 7 pieces, a book provided for guests to sign names, pen set, cake and knife server set and toasting glasses set which are all bedecked with starfishes and dolphins.
Oceans Of Love Design Wedding Accessory Set from

Eiffel Tower Wedding Accessories

Decorating wedding ceremony with these Eiffel Tower Wedding Accessories will be romantic. Eiffel Tower Wedding Accessories can be divided into two kinds Elegant White Paris Collection 7 PC Eiffel Tower Wedding Accessory Set and Stunning Silver Paris Collection 7 PC Wedding Accessory Set. Each set consists of 7 components. They are guest signing book, toasting glass set, cake and knife server and resin pen holder with pen. They are sure to add more romantic atmosphere for the wedding ceremony.
Elegant White Paris Collection 7 PC Eiffel Tower Wedding Accessory Set from
Stunning Silver Paris Collection 7 PC Wedding Accessory Set from

FairyTale Wedding Accessories

The composition of picture in Knight in Shinning Armor 7 PC Wedding Accessory Set is full of mystery and romance. We can see that the knight embraces a girl riding a horse with the background of castle. It must be that the knight and the girl are a couple of lovers, which is best for the wedding theme decoration. It contains a guest signing book, a set of 2 toasting flutes, a set of a cake and knife server and a resin pen holder with pen. They will become your best choice.
Knight in Shinning Armor 7 PC Wedding Accessory Set from
Adorned your wedding with this Elegant Silver Coach Design 7 PC Wedding Accessory Set will be your optimal selection. It also includes guest signing book, two toasting flutes, a set of cake and knife server and a resin pen holder with pen. Fairytale wedding accessories will bring your wedding into a dreamlike feeling.
Elegant Silver Coach Design 7 PC Wedding Accessory Set from

Love Wedding Accessories

Lovebirds Collection 7 PC Wedding Accessory Set is perfect for wedding decoration. A couple of love birds symbolize bridegroom and bride. It contains a guest signing book, two toasting glasses, a set of cake and knife server and a resin pen holder with pen. We believe you are sure to love them.
Lovebirds Collection 7 PC Wedding Accessory Set from
14 Jul 2014 New Kissing Bell Wedding Favors from KateAspen
The ring of happiness has been knocked! Let the whole wedding ceremony be full of kissing bells designed decorations which may increase the atmosphere. Here are many different kinds of kissing bells with special and personalized patterns at for your reference and selection.
kissing bell from

Heavenly Cross Kissing Bell (Set of 24)

Your wedding ceremony will be religious if decorating with this Heavenly Cross Kissing Bell. Let your guests feel your devout belief to love. This heavenly kissing bell is used to hold place cards with guests’ names or table numbers in order to guide guests to the right seat. It can be taken home by guests as a give-away gift or collect as a keepsake as well.
Heavenly Cross Kissing Bell from

Fleur de Lis Kissing Bell Place Card/Photo Holder

Fleur de Lis Kissing Bell Place Card/Photo Holder is perfect for table decoration in wedding. This is one of the functions. What’s more, it can be widely used to show the seats for guests. Last, it can be kept as a souvenir for guests so that they will never forget the special day.
Fleur de Lis Kissing Bell Place Card/Photo Holder from

Silver Anchor-Topped Kissing Bell

Silver Anchor-Topped Kissing Bell may become the best choice for you to adorn your wedding ceremony with a nautical themed favors. You can make it as a guidance to show the guests where are the seats or send it as a give-away gift. Plus, you may write some special touches or whatever you want to your guests if you would like to express your thank-you for their attendance.
Silver Anchor-Topped Kissing Bell from

Personalized Keepsake Kissing Bells

Personalized Keepsake Kissing Bells are full of personalized elements. If you want the guests to remember your special wedding date forever, you could choice a design with the upper-case of you and your beloved and don’t forget to show your date to your guests!
Personalized Keepsake Kissing Bells from

With this Ring Diamond Ring Kissing Bells

Diamond represents everlasting love. With this Ring Diamond Ring Kissing Bells symbolize the sweet love lasts long forever until the seas dry up and the rocks crumble. These also can be used as a guidance to show the table number and a take-away gift for guests.
With this Ring Diamond Ring Kissing Bells from