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03 Sep 2014 Fall Leaf Theme Wedding Favors from Different Vendors
Just like the seasons that change, seasonal wedding favors change as well. Summer themes like nautical and beach favors transition fall themes like rustic, vintage or leaf designed favors. Fall wedding favors come in a variety of styles and designs; while searching for Fall Wedding Favors, there can be several ways to filter through results.
If a bride is certain on what type of favor she is looking for, it will make the decision process easier and faster for her; however, this is not the case for all brides. For brides who don’t are uncertain of what favors to select there a few ways to narrow down a favor. A few filter ideas to help narrow the search are; favor theme, favor style and favor designer. This can help narrow down the hundreds of potential favor results to one particular favor.
When deciding to use favor designer as a filter for wedding favor searches; there are several popular favor designers that come into mind. Get familiar with some of today’s popular wedding favor vendors and see if their designs at

KateAspen Fall Leaf Theme Wedding Favors

KateAspen is one of the popular vendors among the wedding community. Their favors feature adorable stylish designs, and feature a variety of favor styles. From coasters, place card holders, bookmarks, bottle stoppers, bath soaps, favor boxes to much more. The Fall Impressions Glass Photo Coasters can match any wedding theme and can also be used as a place card holder as well. The Fall Leaf Copper-Finish Bottle Stopper is a customer favorite, and will be a personal favorite as well. Besides fall leaves, KateAspen also has a few favors that feature pine cone designed favors; a natural rustic themed favor.
KateAspen fall wedding favors from

FashionCraft Fall Leaf Theme Wedding Favors

Another popular vendor that also features amazing favors is FashionCraft. Their fall favors feature bright autumn fall leaf colors. One of their most popular favors is the Fall Leaf Candy Dishes, this is a customer favorite. These adorable dishes can be used at the wedding as reception decorations or take home favors. Surprise wedding guests with these Fall Leaf Box Favors filled with favor trinkets and treats; a great token of appreciation for their attendance to the wedding. FashionCraft also features pine cone designed favors as well, in addition to their fall leaf designed favors.
FashionCraft fall wedding favors from

EventBlossom Fall Leaf Theme Wedding Favors

Event Blossom is the leading vendor in personalized and blank wedding favors. Blank wedding favors offer brides the opportunity to create customized wedding favors for their special day. Personalized favors give brides the chance to add a little extra something to that particular favor. A great example of personalized fall favors is the Fall for Love Leaf Acrylic Favor Boxes. Brides can customize the labels with something unique and use the leaf shaped favor boxes to give to guests. Double duty favors, like the Fall Leaf Place Card Favor Boxes, is an excellent choice for inexpensive favors. Choosing double duty favors is a great tip for favor searching, especially if there is a budget to mindful of.
EventBlossom fall wedding favor from

Cassiani Collection Fall Leaf Theme Wedding Favors

Cassiani Collection features fall leaf favors with a pop of bright colors, as well as a matching wedding accessories to create a cohesive appearance. Dazzle guests with the Autumn themed wine stopper favor, a perfect fall themed favor. The matching place card holder will look stunning on reception tables that use autumn colors. Guests will be amazed at how every detail perfectly matches each other, details like this will make any wedding a memorable one.
Cassiani Collection fall wedding favor from

Artisano Designs Fall Leaf Theme Wedding Favors

Artisano Designs uses a neutral brown color to create their fall leaf themed favors. A wonderful way to incorporate fall leaf favors with any wedding color theme. Their Fall Leaf Bottle Stopper features a copper colored stopper and design, this can also be used for a rustic or vintage theme as well. The “Fall in Love” Tea Light Candle Holder is a romantically designed candle that guests will fall in love with. Place a few of these candle holders at the reception tables to create a romantic ambiance. For brides who want a fall theme, consider “fall in love” as a whimsical and romantic theme.
fall wedding favors from

WeddingStar Fall Leaf Theme Wedding Favors

When considering wedding favors, WeddingStar is another great vendor that features fall themed favors. Their favor designs and themes are just as magnificent as the other designers. The Fall Leaf Wine Bottle Stopper features a chrome colored stopper and leaf that will match any wedding colors. Use these for the reception tables as bottle stoppers and guests can take home these favors after the reception. Decorate reception tables with these incredibly adorable Metal Fall Leaf Shaped Card Holders. Their whimsical design adds the ideal fall detail to reception tables while it’s neutral color will blend well with any wedding colors.
fall wedding favor from
Not every bride may appreciate the fall leaf as their wedding favor. For those brides, consider shopping for favors through other fall favor themes like rustic or vintage themed favors; she may also consider the most popular theme, Halloween.
More Fall Wedding Favors are showcased on Pinterest. Welcome to re-pin our pictures on Pinterest if you are interested.
15 Aug 2014 Introduce 5 Vintage Theme Wedding Party Coasters
Don’t neglect the importance that glass coasters play in wedding, bridal shower, baby shower, birthday and any other party events. Although they are small and tiny, they may play a decisive part on whether your event is good or not. If you are now planning a vintage wedding, here we make a recommendation on Vintage Theme Coaster. It is usually versatile for fall vintage wedding.
Vintage Theme Coaster from

Vintage Design Lace-Like Felt Coaster

Something that is made of lace usually gives us a sense of dignity. Vintage Design Lace-Like Felt Coaster Sets comprise 4 coasters 2 in black felt and 2 in white felt. The material of felt will quickly absorb moisture so that protects the furniture from being damaged. In contrast, Square Felt Coaster Sets are similar to above-mentioned one, just different shapes.
Vintage Design Lace-Like Felt Coaster Sets from

Vintage Bride and Groom Photo Coaster

Sweet love is full of your house even manifests on these small and tiny Vintage Glass Photo Coasters. Bride and groom are hand-in-hand, walk towards their new life in future. Does it give you a sense of happiness for their everlasting love. Are you eager to find love like them?
Vintage Glass Photo Coasters from

Vintage Floral Design Photo Coaster

Floral design favors usually endow us with a sunny mood. Without exception for these Vintage Floral Design Glass Photo Coasters, often bringing an active life attitude during dinner time. It is not only versatile for practical use, but also a beautiful decoration piece.
Vintage Floral Design Glass Photo Coasters from

Vintage Design Coaster

How do you think about for a pocket watch? It must bring you back to your early period with these Vintage Design Coaster Sets. These coaster sets along with the pattern of a pearl necklace, flower and a pocket watch under the foil of lace background. The whole picture gives a vintage style, just seems come back to previous special day when worth recalling.
Vintage Design Coaster Sets from

Vintage Paris Themed Coaster

Let your dream start in France where almost everyone is hungry to visit. Vintage Paris Themed Coaster Sets may satisfy your needs and make your dream come true. This coaster features the design of Eiffel Tower which can be appreciated everyday if you choose it as your coaster. Do you want to have a try?
Vintage Paris Themed Coaster Sets from

Vintage Window Love Themed Glass Coaster

Vintage Window Love Themed Glass Coasters are romantic favors that are perfectly used in wedding or bridal shower. We have introduced these favors in Hotref blog. Welcome to get more detailed information!
Vintage Window Love Themed Glass Coasters from
At last, a variety of Coaster Favors are showcased on our Pinterest site, pin it now if you are interested.
31 Jul 2014 Introduce New Glass Coaster Wedding Favors
There is no doubt that beach wedding will become the main topic during hot summer. Any special and cute ornamentations or favors can be used to bedeck wedding ceremony. If you are interested in these favors, here we will introduce you some items at for your options.
Coasters Wedding Favors from

Vintage Window Love Themed Glass Coasters

Let your guests share your sweet happiness with this Vintage Window Love Themed Glass Coasters. Each square comes in one letter, just like two windows, which adds more romantic elements to the design. It is also versatile for christening, religious events and other party favors.
Vintage Window Love Themed Glass Coasters from

Starfish design glass coaster set

Nothing can be more suitable than Starfish design glass coaster set to adorn a beach party. Delicate design of lovely starfish with a sandy grain background. It is sure to arouse guests’ attention at the first sight. Versatile for any beach birthday party, beach wedding, and any other beach themed parties.
Starfish design glass coaster set from

Flip Flop design glass coaster set

With the fierce hit by high temperature in hot summer, wearing flip flop will always bring a sense of cool for us. The same as beach theme parties, decorate the party with this Flip Flop design glass coaster set will take away guests’ impatience, and give them a great sense at ease.
Flip Flop design glass coaster set from

A Perfect Pair Beach theme glass coasters

In order to show your great appreciation to your guests’ attendance. A Perfect Pair Beach theme glass coasters are perfectly illustrated to show your gratitude by you couple to guests. These are great as favors to wedding or any other anniversaries.
A Perfect Pair Beach theme glass coasters from

Love on the Beach glass coasters

Show your guests how blessed you are in this special day and share your happiness with your guests through this Love on the Beach glass coasters. On such a capacious beach reads obvious words of “LOVE”, and an interlocked hearts that represents the everlasting love between the couples. What a romantic picture it is! Versatile for table ornamentations in wedding ceremony or give-away gifts for guests.
Love on the Beach glass coasters from
18 Jul 2014 Introduce New Nautical Anchor Wedding Party Favors
Decorate your wedding with these nautical themed touches so that let your guests feel like they were sailing on the sea. What an exciting trip it is! And it is sure to leave a profound impression to guests. If you are interested in nautical style ornament, we will make a propositional recommendation for you at Here list numerous kinds of nautical themed items for your selection.

“Nautical” Anchor Bottle Stopper

This Nautical Anchor Bottle Stopper is sure to be popular among guests due to its fashionable design. A little silver anchor with a rope encircled on the cork stopper. In addition, it is packed by a delicate package with intricate ropes which correspond to the anchor design. The guests will trace back to the recall and remember the special day.

“Anchor” Nautical Theme Brushed-Metal Bookmark

“Anchor” Nautical-Theme Brushed-Metal Book Mark can be sent as a wedding give-away gift for guests. A ribbon is tie up on the top of the anchor. Plus, this bookmark is packed with a delicate blue striped package. You can add personalized touches on package, such as your special date, let your guests remember it forever. The guests will insert the book mark into his favorable books.

“Anchors Away” Muslin Coasters

“Anchors Away” Muslin Coasters will be a practical tool either in wedding or at home. The pattern is anchor and the material is muslin which is good for absorbing moisture. There are two colors for your selection brown and navy blue. Navy blue is more popular than brown color because it puts more emphasis on nautical theme wedding.

Ocean Themed Anchor Key Chain Favor

In order to let your guests remember your splendid and special wedding ceremony. Ocean Themed Anchor Key Chain Favor may help you to reach the purpose. It is perfect for beach wedding, party, seaside affair and so forth. The pattern of anchor will bring you into a trip that you are sailing on the sea and enjoy the summer time.
Ocean Themed Anchor Key Chain Favor from

Anchor Place Card holder

Silver Anchor-Topped Kissing Bell is favored by many customers due to its special design. The anchor is on the top of bell. It can be held cards to show guests the right seats. Nautical Anchor Place Card/Photo Holder is another kind of nautical themed item but with the same pattern anchor. And it is also used to hold photos or special picture.
Silver Anchor-Topped Kissing Bell from
Nautical Anchor Place Card/Photo Holder from
If you have more interested in nautical themed wedding decoration, there are more anchor favors introduced in our Hotref blog. Welcome to log in our blog to get more information.
15 Sep 2013 Chalkboard Wedding favors

Fall in Love with Creative Chalkboard Wedding Ideas? Or Entertain your guests before while they sit and wait for the ceremony to begin? We get this inspirational Chalkboard Theme Favors to make your creation sparkle.

Chalkboard Frosted-Glass Tealight Holder

Try a fun chalkboard party for your next birthday and give your guests this unique Chalkboard Frosted-Glass Tealight Holder. The unique chalkboard band along the side of the tealight holder can be used to host a plethora of messages, giving these holders a limitless amount of possibilities.

Chalkboard Square Black Frame

A rustic bridal shower or anniversary celebration! We can’t get enough of Chalkboard love theme with this Chalkboard Square Black Frame. Each square black frame features a chalkboard surface, a black back and stand, and a white insert with a pink and black heart graphic. Have fun with your Chalkboard!/tr>

Chalkboard Glass and Cork Favor Jars

It’s no doubt that love is sweet, so why not get a candy theme party with this Chalkboard Glass and Cork Favor Jars to honor true love and friendship. You can use them to direct loved ones to their seats, or fill them with small candies, mints, chocolate, or other tiny trinkets, and they’ll be a memorable little gift for the guests to take home.

“Sip and Scribble” Chalkboard Coasters

Chalk up this trendly “Sip and Scribble” Chalkboard Coasters wedding favor to fabulous design! Each coaster features a real chalkboard surface that your guests can write and draw on when they’re not occupied by drinks. A scroll highlight decorates the outside border of each coaster.

Blackboard Design Coaster Sets

Youll be amazed at the this lovely Blackboard Design Coaster Sets created at your tables by simply scatter. Each coaster features a white border with a curly cue in each corner and the center of the coaster can be used as a chalkboard for seating assignments or special messages.

If you like what you’ve seen so far, please check our more Chalkboard Favors at Hotref of
15 Aug 2013 Coaster Wedding Favors
We have some new product coasters coming. Black and white glass coaster and photo coaster, elephant design coaster and chalkboard coaster. They are great gifts for your black and white color theme wedding, Indian theme wedding, and any special event.

Blackboard Design Coaster Sets

 Blackboard Design Coaster Sets

Bling Blackboard Design Coaster Sets

With white chalk and blackboard glass coaster to make your wedding fun!  The blackboard will bring your guests back to their childhood or just brings out their creative side.  Everyone can write or draw something on the blackboard.  The blackboard coaster can be place card favor you can write table and name on, and also perfect for keeping track of whose glass is. Each coaster has a white border with a curly cue design in the corners and rubber feet on the bottom which can give the coasters non-slip functionality. Two black glass coasters are packaged in a clear display box with a “For You” tag.

Black and White Hampton Links Design Coaster Sets

Black and White Hampton Links Design Coaster Sets

Black and White Hampton Links Design Coaster Sets

Sensational favors are right here with the black and white Hampton links design coaster sets.  White and black color is a classic color combination and great for white and black theme wedding.  Each glass coaster has a black background with a bold Hampton links pattern in white and rubber feet on the bottom. Two black and white glass coasters are wrapped in clear box with “For You” tag.

Elephant Design Coaster Sets

Elephant Design Coaster Sets

Elephant Design Coaster Sets

The elephant’s trunk is swung up high for the best luck in Indian. Red color is symbolized prosperity, fertility and more in Asian. In their honor, the elephant design red glass coaster brings all of these good fortune symbols together for this useful and decorative favor.  With this good fortune favors, we are sure that you and your guests will memorize this special day – lucky day! The coaster has a traditional rich red color at frame boarder with an Indian “svati” link pattern.  An elephant in costume with red headdress and rug with gold tassels is at the center which is a diamond shape and white background.  Two elephant design glass coaster set is packaged in clear box with “For You” tag.

Black and White Geometric Pattern Photo Coaster Sets

Black and White Hampton Links Design Coaster Sets

Black and White Geometric Pattern Photo Coaster Sets

Black and white glass photo coaster with geometric pattern design is a classic favor.  The glass coaster can hold a cup and 2” x 3” photo. Each coaster has a black background with a bold geometric pattern in white.  Two black and white geometric pattern photo coasters are wrapped in clear box.
If you need to look more coasters, check out our Coaster Favors at Pinterest of
19 Jul 2013 New Products: Love Frosted Glass Coasters
Summer is the season for weddings and we have some beautiful glass coasters to help you celebrate yours! Complete with flourishing and floral designs, these frosted glass coasters will be perfect for highlighting any romantic occasion. Look for more new floral items at our site: new products

Endless Love Frosted Glass Photo Coasters

Endless Love Frosted Glass Photo Coasters

Endless Love Frosted Glass Photo Coasters

Tell the world that your true love is infinite and everlasting with these stunning Endless Love frosted glass photo coasters. The frame border of each glass coaster is elegantly decorated in a black design with vines, flowers, a love knot, and the words “Endless Love”. This pretty pair of glass photo coasters will be a romantic touch for your summer wedding, bridal shower, or anniversary.

Floral LOVE Frosted Glass Coaster Sets

Floral LOVE Frosted Glass Coaster Set

Floral LOVE Frosted Glass Coaster Set

Fill the beautiful wedding with a lot of heart and give your guests an attractive way to rest their drinks with our Floral LOVE Frosted Glass Coaster Sets. Decorated in a truly unique black floral flourish design with the word LOVE vertically displayed on the side, these gorgeous coasters are eye-catching. Our frosted glass coasters will be quite the elegant accent on an anniversary or bridal shower.
For more frosted glass coasters, check out our website,, and you’ll find lots of unique and beautiful favors.