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05 Mar 2015 Cherry Blossom Wedding Theme

We will be aware of the arrival of spring as soon as cherry blossom comes into flowers. Nowadays, a common trend of spring wedding theme is to decorate the party into an elegant cherry blossom style. Because Cherry Blossom Wedding Theme gives a fresh, pure and very romantic atmosphere to the event. We HotRef has more new cherry blossom wedding accessories and other fabulous wedding favors for your reference.

Wedding Accessories

As beautiful as they look, wedding accessories are the focal points that reflect the theme of your event. Cherry Blossom Guest Book for recording the names of attending guests. Cherry Blossom Pen Set is for guests to sign their names.

The participation of flower girl is sure to be a flesh point in your wedding. Flower girls scatter flower from Cherry Blossom Flower Girl Basket for the best wishes to the newly married couple. Unique design for this Cherry Blossom Square Ring Pillow that comes with a pocket for storing engagement ring.

Fill each package with 135 of these Silk Cherry Blossom Petal Tosses and send them as gift-givings for guests, which means good luck and best wishes.

Embellish your party favors with this Sugared Cherry Blossom Spray to make your event more romantic and impressive. It is sure to leave a deep impression for guests for years to come.

Cherry Blossom Place Card

Welcome your attending guests in a special way by informing them of the seating arrangement inserted in the Cherry Blossom Place Card Favor Boxes. The matching cherry blossom place cards are included.

Cherry Blossom Wedding Favors

Wedding party favors play a very important part in reflecting the theme of your party. Favors that are suitable for cherry blossom theme are candle, coaster, chopsticks, hand fan. Cherry Blossom Wedding Favors can be used as attending gifts for guests to take away home.

Cherry Blossom Personalized Favors

Wanna a party that can show off your personality? Personalized favors refer to those party favors can be customized with your personal information. The following items showed in pictures are candle tin, hand cream, candy jar, lip balm, mint tin, and lollipop. Hurry up to pick out some favorite Cherry Blossom Personalized Favors as sweet reminder of memorable keepsakes for guests.

Cherry Blossom Personalized Labels

Personalized labels can be added with your names, event date or other personal message. These Cherry Blossom Personalized Labels in round and square shapes can be used to adhere to any favors like favor box, favor bag, favor container and more favors with your choice.

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10 Apr 2014 Cherry Blossom Wedding Favors

Nothing says spring has sprung like the beautiful blooms of the cherry tree. Planning a beautiful cherry blossom themed wedding? When it come to decorations, favors, and details, the options are endless. We are trying to make it easy for your to choose the right one for your special occasion, take a look at our Cherry Blossom Wedding Favors, you are guaranteed to get some inspirational ideas.

Cherry Blossom Wedding Favors from

Cherry Blossom Place Card Favor Boxes with Designer Place Cards

Celebrate a spring wedding with cherry blossom love wedding party supplies for a wedding reception, rehearsal dinner or bridal shower. There are so many ways to pull the cherry blossom theme into your big day, table centerpieces, seat assignments and favors with cherry blossom detail. See Cherry blossoms bloom at every place setting with sweets with this Cherry Blossom Place Card Favor Boxes with Designer Place Cards. With delicate spring of Pink blossoms design and favor box holding sweet treat for the guests coming to share this very special moment with you. Make a delightful and eco-friendly gift for seat assignments with the Cherry Blossom Inspired Plantable Seed Place Cards. Everyone would love this brilliant wedding favor.

Cherry Blossom Place Card Favor Boxes with Designer Place Cards
Cherry Blossom Inspired Plantable Seed Place Cards

Cherry Blossom Design Cake Candle Favor

As the sign of good fortune, an emblem of love and affection and a treasured harbinger of spring, there’s no wonder that favors with delicate pink cherry blossoms are never out of time. Light a sparkle of love with the Cherry Blossom Design Cake Candle Favor, or arrange your seat assignment with the Cherry blossom wedding cake place card holder. And You and your bridesmaid will find this “Cherry Blossoms” Flower Tea Lights a pretty and heartfelt one for your girls’ party. Cherry blossom is always a delightful reminder of spring. Bring some good fortune to the guests with these Cherry Blossom Personalized Round Travel Candle Tins as wedding or party favors, and put a finishing touch on your special occasion.

Cherry Blossom Design Cake Candle Favor

Cherry Blossom Hand Fans

If spring comes, can summer be far behind? If you happen to be the big fan of Cherry blossom or Asian inspired favors, it’s the beautiful and practical item you never want to miss. summon the sweet smell of spring with the cheerful pink cherry blossom designed Cherry Blossom Hand Fans and Cherry Blossom Silk Fans”. Versatile wedding favors that will keep guests cool at your outdoor spring wedding, summer wedding, Asian wedding, or bridal shower. Natural hand fans with bamboo rin are a beautiful favor idea.

Cherry Blossom Hand Fans

Cherry Blossom Flower Girl Basket

Celebrate love with a hint of Japanese tradition With Cherry Blossom wedding accessories. Cherry Blossom Traditional Guest Book, Cherry Blossom Pen Set, and Cherry Blossom Square Ring Pillow, all the little things will refine your setting and soft your atmosphere. And add some extra sweet accents to your special occasion with the Cherry Blossom Flower Girl Basket. Hand crafted with refined white linen and lovely cherry blossom brances for decoration, no one says elegant as this girl basket. For an additional romantic feel, these Silk Cherry Blossom Petal Toss makes a perfect additions to spring wedding and garden wedding favors.

Cherry Blossom Flower Girl Basket
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